Updates and Such

So, I told you all yesterday I finally finished the Super-Secret Real-Life Project (SSRLP).

With that off my plate, I can now do some other stuff. One is blogging on a semi-consistent basis. I hope to revive this thing as much as possible, but there are still some requirements for patience from all of you. For one thing, I still don’t have Internet access except through public channels. I’ll leave that to your imagination. What it means is, my wife and I have one computer which can consistently get on the Internet, and she has a lot to do each and every day. Another thing it means is, I might not be around to comment on YOUR blogs as much as I used to be. I’m sorry about that, everyone. I’m trying to at least READ your blogs, but commenting takes a LOT longer than it used to and I just can’t spend that much time doing it anymore. I’ll try, but no promises. So I’ll get on when I can and update when possible, but the job search thing has to take priority.

Yes, the job situation hasn’t changed. I still don’t have work. And now that the SSRLP is over, I have to look for one with every ounce of energy with which I dedicated myself to the SSRLP. Keep prayin’, y’all. We need all we can get.

My beloved remains confident we’ll be okay, but I have doubts. I know the economy is supposedly improving but I find that to be a crock. In my experience, things haven’t changed much in the last fifteen months and until and unless I see a change, I won’t consider it “better”. That’s just me maybe.

As for writing – well, let’s just say the SSRLP was sort of writing. Not what I wanted to do but something I could do. It’s better than nothing. So, when I think I can spill the gory details, I will. I’m not sure I can’t now, but I have to clarify a few things first. Then I’ll dish. Promise.

Football – well, I watched the Pro Bowl this last weekend. That was sort of like the world championship of flag football in a lot of ways. The AFC took the trophy and they will likely have their representative raising the Lombardi trophy also. Not my choice, but my prediction.

And other than that, there’s been nothing to report. A  lot of butt-in-chair time. A lot of stress. A lot of complaining and drinking coffee. OH, and we got an emergency extension for the unemployment benefits with nothing but a phone call, which was awesome. God is good! We’ll survive another couple of months before the hammer falls, at least.

There’s been a lot of spiritual growth. I’ve spent a lot of time in prayer. My buddy Raga did something awesome for us. We’re all joy and aglow with happy right now. So, that’s that.

How’s it by all of you?


12 thoughts on “Updates and Such

  1. I’m still trying to figure out what this super secret project is. Hmm… It involves writing… sort of… You were writing letters to girlie magazines depicting adult situations in hopes that they would be published. I’ve heard that girlie magazines pay for those “stories.” But because it was “sort of writing” you weren’t actually writing the stories, you were researching by acting out the scenes to enable you to depict them in your writing more accurately.

    You know, that’s not a bad idea. I might just … investigate this. 😉

    Your lack of internet access is kind of like a blackout. People, when not encumbered by electronic gadgetry, have a habit of, you know, wink wink nudge nudge. After the massive blackout of 2003, there was a brief baby boom nine months later.
    So, get off the computer, and start calling the stork.

    After the big blackout in 1977? ’78? there was a HUGE baby boom. And as much as I’d love to, you know, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, well … there’s two of us involved and I’ll just … leave it at that. 😉

  2. WIGSF, they’re probably tired of calling the stork. They haven’t had internet in two weeks!

    …and counting. NO sign of that improving. *Sigh*

    Knyt, this feels like the beginning of a time of answered prayers. Yay for unemployment extensions! And finished SSRLPs! And having enough of an internet connection to look for a job!

    Well … it’s not THAT much a time of answered prayer, dolly. 😉 Yes, we have been blessed a couple of times over now. And we’re very grateful for that. But we’re not even CLOSE to out of the woods, and looking for a job on someone else’s connection sucks. Period. Still, it’s better than total isolation and carrier pigeons, right? 🙂

  3. Hooray that the slurp is done! Errr… SSRLP. Double hooray for the unemployment extension. Give yourself a day or so to recoup from and enjoy the accomplishment of getting the slurp done and then dive back into the never ending depths of jub hunting.

    Well, I can’t really do a TON on the job hunt thing. I do what I can but I did take the balance of the weekend off and just destress. Nice.

    Heyyyyyyy! How did you get to watch the Pro Bowl if it was on ESPN and you guys don’t have Cable / Internet?? I’m jealous!

    All kidding aside, glad to have you back.

    Thanks. I’ll be as “back” as possible. 🙂

  4. I’m guessing you got my snail mail?

    Not yet you AWESOMENESS you, but we’ll be looking out for it. God bless you sweetie.

  5. Glad you got the extension and you know sometimes when we aren’t looking for things we find them so maybe that job is just around the corner.

    Who knows? I just keep prayin’ and hangin’ on. What else is there, right? 🙂

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