Painful Uploads

I had to go upload the SSRLP again yesterday.

It was a messed up situation. The contact at the firm who contracted me said I needed to upload the SSRLP stuff to an FTP site (for those who are curious, ala CalliopesPen et. al, that stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a method of moving chunks of data across computer networks). But the site she cited (no pun intended) wasn’t the the same site the IT contact gave me. So I uploaded to the site which had my folder on it. And it was the wrong one, of course.

So off to a high-speed connection I went. That is, the public library, which is convenient and nice and free. All things I adore.

Problem is, the bandwidth on the FTP site I was supposed to use ain’t near as high as the one to which I’d already uploaded. And copying from one to another is verboten for some reason. So I struggled for more than two hours to get that puppy back up there in the right location. They have it, but I left the library with a migraine and sore jaw muscles from grinding my teeth. AARRRGH!

Meanwhile, my wife had to pitch in and help by taking over. Not only was the site slow, it timed out easily, so I had to upload  O. M. G.

Well, it’s finally up there. So even though it was finished, I guess now it’s really finished.

I don’t have a good reason for not telling you about it now. I just feel uncomfortable, like I might be violating a confidentiality agreement. Which I don’t have. So I suppose before very long I’m going to have to bust out with the ‘fess up. Bear with me while I muster the nerve.

The hard part’s over. I hope. Now I can sorta celebrate. I guess I should really get to that point sooner than later, shouldn’t I?

Anyway, not much else happened yesterday. The agony of upload and migraine proved too much for me, and the job search languished undone. I’ll have to hop back on that today.

Hope you’re all well. God bless and I can’t wait to be back to you full-time with my own connection soon.



7 thoughts on “Painful Uploads

  1. You should celebrate! You did a hard thing you weren’t sure you could do, and while I understand your anxiety, I still hope you can spare an attaboy for yourself. Congratulations. 🙂

    Thank you sweetie. You’re a doll. 🙂

  2. It’s weird; in all my years of IT studies, I always thought FTP stood for Franklin Timothy Pinkerton. Apparently Frankie was a shameless self-promoter.

    Yeah, I guess he was. Never heard of him myself.

  3. There is little more frustrating than a technical problem. With people you can beg, threaten, or bribe them into submission. Computers won’t be swayed. They always do things their way.

    True enough, true enough … still, computers and I used to get along so well. Now they’re bitches. 😉

  4. Hoping all is well and that you get your connection back soon…I know our library isn’t the best connectivity plus they are cutting back hours due to the economy.

    Ours cuts hours in the winter normally. I hope the economy doesn’t mean that’s going to be even SHORTER now though. Thank you Jaymie. It might be a while. 🙂

  5. Ugh…what a pain in the butt!! Well, at least it’s done now. Hate technical glitches!!!!

    Well, I HOPE it was a glitch. I suspect the site’s just slower. And yes, at least it’s done. 🙂

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