Sorry, Gang…

I’m sorry everyone, the connection was pretty spotty last night and I didn’t get a post written. Besides, I had the job search thing happening and it took me a LOT longer in our current state than I’m used to.

I’ll try to have something more tomorrow for ya.

How’s it going with all of you? Few commenters yesterday, understandably, but sound off now and lemme know you’re there, willya?


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13 thoughts on “Sorry, Gang…

  1. Did you really write this post or did your wife write this post accidentally on your blog? You have me so confused now. AAAAGGGGGHHHH!

    Can you be sure it was an accident even on YOUR blog? HMMMM?

      • Well, he’s already been posing as you online. Maybe he poses as you offline as well. I have a feeling DarcKnyt goes out in public wearing your clothes.

        No, but that might’ve been me posting as her to respond to you before responding to your response as me. How can you know? How, I asks?

  2. We are here, we are here, we are here….(screamed out in tiny little voices).

    Oh, thank goodness. Horton — or at least someone as BIG as an elephant — hears those Whos. πŸ™‚

  3. I was gonna post a long chatty comment or email yesterday, but I didn’t want to crowd your limited bandwidth even further. πŸ™‚

    Ah, well, thank you JES, and a comment or email from you would be well worth the bandwidth requirement. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m here. I’ve been more cranky and less commenty of late. Hope things will smooth out for you soon. You don’t need to apologize, you know. Take care.

    Thanks, Marta. I hope they smooth out for YOU, too. πŸ™‚ I’m glad to know you’re there.

  5. Things get slow sometimes..makes you appreciate when you have juicy stuff to write about….finished Under the Dome by SK…highly recommend…would be a great score at the brary’…zman sends

    Thanks for the read recommendation, Steve. I’ll see if I can find it at the ‘brary, but I don’t think it’ll be there for a while. πŸ™‚

  6. You and Linda must have collaborated on blog topics today. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I told her I’d visit someone from her blogroll that I hadn’t gone to before and here I am.

    Nah, we probably just hit the same resonance cycle this time around. And welcome! I’m happy you stopped by!

  7. I’m still here. I’m fine. Eating a veggie wrap for lunch. Eggplant, falafel, tabouli, tahini, all my favourites. And that’s the headline news for the day. Take care!

    Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better! And that lunch sounds pretty awesome to me. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sounding off.

  8. This week the missus and I missed tons of work because they canceled school for the kid due to inclement weather.

    We had a spate of that too, but things’re better now. Warmer anyway.

    The woman I loaned rent money to (I am a sap I know) moved out anyway. I wonder if I will get paid back…

    Don’t hold your breath.

    My wife ran over a screw and when we took the flat to get fixed we found that there were another 1,500 of repairs that needed to be done,

    Ouch. Cars … can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

    If not for my writing being so much fun this week I do not know what I might have done.

    Well, here’s hoping things get better, Al, and thanks for stopping by to let me know you’re there.

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