Found a Game I Like … Finally!

A while back – I can’t remember when, exactly – I discovered a game called Spore. It hadn’t been released yet when I found out about it. I did a search on games which were sort of like SimCity(tm) but with a more galactic setting. Spore is what came up during that search.

Spore essentially lets you create a tiny creature and begin to evolve and socialize it through yet another online expansion of the game’s universe.

Well, years rolled by and I sort of forgot about Spore for a while. Then my wife installed a SimCity game pack on our shared computer, and it came with a creature creator from the game. You could make and manipulate the creature anyway you’d like with a very limited set of items provided, just to let you get a feel for the game.

My son was instantly hooked. Of course, I can’t risk letting a child play on my one last functional computer capable of doing the things we need done, so I couldn’t let him play it much. And my daughter, three and a half years younger, can’t be allowed anywhere NEAR that PC. So they didn’t get to play much.

Then, one day a few months ago, we found a used and inexpensive copy of a game called Spore Hero for the Wii. It allows you to play through a microverse wherein you create your little spore creature and solve puzzles or win combat to gain more and more advanced bits and parts to evolve the “hero” so it can save the planet from the evil spore creature (both are alien to the little planet they’re playing on).

They LOVE it. They’re burning through one game after another as they work to complete the challenges in shorter and shorter times. And I have to say, I love it too.

I have to look it up to see whether Spore for the PC can be played without the online component, but if it can, it’s going on my must-have list. If not, well … maybe I’ll discuss how I feel about online games in a different post (though you can probably search the archives here to find it if you’re interested).

Anyway, anyone played this game? What did you think? Did you play with or without going online? I’m sort of excited because I really don’t like games too much; they tend to be too hard for me, so finding one I love is big news for me. 🙂



12 thoughts on “Found a Game I Like … Finally!

  1. It’s no Black & White.

    If you aren’t familiar, Black & White like a SimCity or Civilization except that you are a god and the people worship you and stuff like that.

    I had one called Populace sort of like this. I enjoyed it but didn’t get far. And I’ve never even HEARD of this one, so maybe it’s not so good?

  2. That’s excellent (: It’s nice to have a game you enjoy playing just to have some meaningless fun.

    Well… I guess that will depend on the level of frustration it provides. I about yanked my hair with Battlefield 2 and the Star Wars version of BF2. *Sigh*

    I haven’t played it on PC, I’ve been considering picking it up for my DS. One of the guys I work with has it for PC, and he and the wife play it, and they don’t have the internet, so I would assume you don’t need to go online. You can probably just play the game through offline, but the online would give you more interaction, and ultimately more re playability, because you can play in many more scenarios, and with others. I’ll double check when I get to work tonight though, I know we have a copy of it sitting on the shelf, I look at it from time to time.

    Please do let me know! Shoot me an email with the Contact page here if you’d like and let me know. I don’t want to drop the (many, many) nickels if I can’t do much without going online. Thanks!

  3. I too have only a few games that I like and can actually play. Not like Hubby and Son who have about every game imaginable for XBox 360 and it’s predecessors. I have attempted games they have and I fail miserably. Too many buttons to push at the same time while keeping an eye on the gameplay.

    I know! NIGHTMARISH! This is one advantage of the Wii — not so many buttons. At least, that’s what I THOUGHT. Then I find out you have to press buttons AND move around just so! ARRGH!!

    I tend more to civilized games on the computer such as poker. Love to play Texas Hold Em – not for real money of course. Just more my speed. Also like puzzle games for the PC.

    You got to know when to hold ’em … know when to fold ’em. 😉

  4. I remember when that came out. I coveted it for a while, then forgot about it. Now that you’ve reminded me I covet it again. Looks fun.

    Yeah. The pared-down Wii version’s fun, that’s for sure. It’s just more my speed than most other games (see Delaney’s comments below!), and I get too bored with crap like The Sims. Nice medium, maybe, and Onyx’s comments give me some hope I can have my cake OFFLINE. 🙂

  5. I don’t have any video games at home. I do play Wii at a friends’ house, mainly Mario-related games and the Wii fit challenges. Spore sounds like fun. The dangerous thing about playing Wii games only once in a while is that I’m actually not fit enough for them. Last time I indulged in too much sword-dueling and my arm was sore for a week.

    I do that when I bowl on Wii. The Spore game isn’t too demanding; shake the remote, or the nunchuk, but nothing as vigorous as the sports games can be. We’ve pretty much figured out how to make the Wii work without breaking a sweat. 🙂

  6. I never got into the whole SimCity thing. I like puzzle games and that’s about it. I had a game called Jewels of the Oracle years and years ago that I loved. My brother said it just made him want to kill things…maybe that’s why he’s in the army…but I thought it was very relaxing. I don’t know if they make it for newer computers. Games like that are very hard to find so if you know of any, please share cuz I need to waste more time on the computer.

    Oh yeah, time wasting is KEY. You should try doing it with no job. It’s even MORE … wasteful. 😉 I’ve never heard of JotO. I’ll have to Google it and see what I find. Thanks.

  7. Oh man, Spore… I read a lot about it before it came out. “Years in the making,” all that, and it was invented by the same guy who invented SimCity, SimEarth, SimAnt, The Sims — all these games whose design seems decidedly un-game-like. (“What do you mean, there’s no way to win?!?”) He and the game were actually profiled in The New Yorker — not a source of gaming news which normally springs to mind.

    Yeah, I followed it for a while too before its release. I initially did searches for games like SimCity for galactic development. I found Spore’s press releases and game site news bits. Interesting.

    So when I first heard about Spore my gaming mouth was watering. (Ditto The Missus, an even bigger gamer than me.) The interest was fueled by a favorite (gaming) nephew’s feeding me news bits as he came across them.


    But then when it finally came out, I’d almost completely sworn off computer games. And “gone Linux.”

    Ah, well. Something gained, something lost, right?

    My understanding is that you can do without the online piece. Having it doubles or triples or septuples your pleasure, supposedly, because you can import the creatures created by other people into your world and watch the whole lot of them interact, evolve, eat each other, whatever. But entirely optional.

    That would be completely awesome. If there’s any way to verify that for certain, please do let me know. I’m VERY interested. I mean, heck — I just got paid for my book, right? Why not live a little? 😉

  8. My husband loves that one! We got one for our teenage nephew and he loves it too. I’m pretty sure they can play it offline.

    Yes indeed. 🙂 I played a big portion of the night away, all offline. 🙂

  9. Now, see, I like Scrabble and Clue.

    I lose at Scrabble, EVERY.TIME. Yeah, maybe that’s a sign I should give this writing thing up, eh? I loved Clue. Is there a PC or Wii version?

    But I’m all for fun and I’m glad you’re having some.

    Thanks. 🙂

    • I lose at Scrabble most of the time but like it anyway. As for Clue, I’ve no idea if there is a PC, Wii or anything other than the board version. Eventually, there ought to be, don’t you think?

      I do think so, and I can’t WAIT for it. That would be killah!

  10. My computer came with a trial version of Spore but I never really got it, now I’m intrigued.

    It’s lots of fun! I mean — if you’re into that sort of fun. Ha! 🙂

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