I Dream of …

… many things. And now, I have a record of some of them.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this up, but I’ve started an experiment which has proven to be very useful, fruitful, and interesting. I’ve started keeping a dream journal.

Here’s how it works:

When I wake from a dream, I have a pen and composition notebook beside the bed on the night table. I turn on the light and even though I can’t see worth a darn I start writing down anything I can remember. Usually, if there’s enough significant impact for me to remember the dream, I can recall quite a bit. There are details, and images, but also my impressions and any thoughts or interpretations I may have. My dreams most easily remembered, of course, are those immediately before waking, but I’ve done some good recall of others as well. It’s been really interesting.

And the more I do it, the easier the recall is becoming. I heard this was the case when I first found out about dream journals. Practice remembering the dream’s details will make it easier to capture them. Working out for the dream recall, I suppose.

There’s nothing in there I can use as a story yet, but I have a feeling eventually there will be. And I suspect later I’ll find things which seem obvious to me that aren’t now. I know the subconscious speaks to the conscious mind in dreams, so I’ll be watching for repeated symbols and things like that. I’ve found one (it was blatant, but still, I found it; that’s progress for me). So now, I just have to figure out a shorthand method of recording them. If I don’t I’m spending anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour writing them down.

But at least I can do that from bed. With my computer I’d have to get up.

How ‘bout you? Anyone out there kept a dream diary or journal before? What’d you learn? How long did you keep it up?


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6 thoughts on “I Dream of …

  1. I love that you are keeping a dream journal. I have a pad of paper with pen and light attached that I keep on my night stand for this purpose. Some of my poems are straight from the pad, no revisions. Amazing insights can be had and it does get much easier with time. If you want to check out some of the symbolism often attached to images, check out the dream dictionary at dreammoods.com. It is a running joke for me and my youngest sister to call each other, way too early, if we have a vivid dream and have the other interpret. I use dreammoods.com and then throw in something crazy for fun. I think my sister just makes things up! 😆

    HA! I don’t know if I’d deal well with someone calling me too early to ask me to interpret a dream. My brain doesn’t get going until at least 11 a.m. and a couple cups of coffee. 😉 We’ll see how this goes; it’s been fun so far.

  2. I kept a dream journal for just over one year when I was 33-34. I didn’t plan to do it, but I entered into an amazing period of dreaming like I’d never had before or have since. I had at least one, sometimes three, vivid, detailed, archetypal dreams almost every night and could remember them perfectly in the morning to record. This was a rebirth period in my life and my subconscious had a lot to work through. I still have this journal and pull it out from time to time and read in amazement. Some of them I still recall clearly.

    I’ve had a few so vivid and strong I can remember them for decades. One I had when I was a child of less than six frightened me so much I can recall the most powerful image to this day. Another I had back in 2000 and I still carry the strongest image of that one with me too. But I can’t say I can recall the entire dream. This is why I thought it might be important to start doing this. Last several nights, though…nothing. 🙂

    I hope you get some good stuff out of your dreams, Darc.

    Thank you Linda.

  3. Hey Jaymie, I use dreammoods.com too! It’s a good resource.

    I used to keep a dream journal as you describe, but now I just write whatever I remember when I sit down to my regular journal. I enjoy interpreting dreams, so if you want to email me something, I’ll take a crack at ’em. You can compare my interpretation with Fal’s. Might be fun.

    If I find something of seeming import, I may just take you up on that. I like trying to figure them out too. Especially the recurring imagery. 🙂

  4. I’ve never kept a dream for longer than a weekend. Can’t manage the discipline. But it is a great idea. My dreams are vivid and I wish I’d write them down…

    It’s a lot of fun to see how they look after a couple of days of stewing on them. You might like trying it some time.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Will do. 🙂

  5. I don’t usually get direct messages from my dreams, but if I have a particularly vivid one I write it down and take it to my naturopath. He has the perspective to help me interpret dreams better than I can do it on my own. For myself, I usually wake up, remember the dream, and go: WTF?

    I do too. That’s why writing them down and thinking about them has helped so much.

    For example, last night I dreamed that Dr. Mark Sloan from Grey’s Anatomy was saying “Sticks and stones; and stones are bones!”.

    My wife says this one’s easy and obvious. I bet you’ll figure it out too. 😀

  6. Dreams are a funny thing, and a journal may be helpful. I dream quite frequently, and there are always dreams I wake up to and think “that’s absolutely ridiculous!” But then there are some, occasionally, which are totally plausible, but there are people in them, whom I’ve never met, and in places I’ve never been, but yet, in my dream, they were friends/colleagues, and often times, places that didn’t look familiar, but in my dream, again, it was familiar to me, in a number of cases, it’s been my home. I tell Matt about the majority of my dreams, particularly the ones that aren’t so outlandish, just feel misplaced. The ones that are familiar, but I had no idea where I actually was, or who I actually was with.

    I have had dreams about every home I’ve ever lived in, and every job I’ve ever been at, before they occurred. Before we moved here, or had any idea that we would be moving here, I had a dream I was working, and speaking with a tall, long haired man, who was about my age, and we were carrying on, as if friends, and I was selling video games. I woke up thinking that it was entirely strange, and that what are the odds that *I* would EVER sell video games. I’ve been selling video games for over a year now, and that long haired fellow is my coworker, and a very good friend.

    Like wise, before college, I had a dream that I was out for my birthday, celebrating with all of these people that I didn’t recognize. We were in a restaurant I’d never been to, a guy to my left, who in the dream I was with him, a girl across the table from me, a couple to her left, and someone to my right, who I couldn’t see. My birthday, as well as another friends rolls around, and a bunch of us from class decide to take a trip into the city for the weekend, then on the way home, which is my actual birthday, someone suggests we go to a Jungle Jim’s for supper… they’re all sitting there around me, just as they were in the dream, I was involved with the guy to my left at the time, and the girl I couldn’t see in the dream was a girl I’d went to high school with.

    Matt and I were out one time, and I told him I had dreamed what was happening, but couldn’t remember what happened next, just that it wasn’t good. He thought I was being ridiculous, and to chill out… then something bad happened. And he’s looking at me with this “wtf” look on his face.

    Very interesting. My wife has many dreams which are premonitions. She’s dreamed of stuff before it happens. I think we’ve all experienced déjà vu at one time or another. Most of my experiences with déjà vu are from dreams I had which seemed to come true. The instances you’ve got here are very strong and a little creepy though.

    It’s always a short segment, never the whole thing, just feels like I’m watching a short clip of a movie. And it always seems to be an interruption to whatever I may have been dreaming before. Like watching a movie on TV and there’s an intermission. I never seem to recognize these people, or the location, until the situation plays out though. And I can never remember what is being said, just the overall vibe, if I’m feeling happy, sad, comfortable, nervous, et cetera.

    I think a journal may be a brilliant idea. Maybe it will all make sense… or when I go to point it out to someone, I can go back months into my journal and show them “I wrote about this happening months ago”, I’m not being ridiculous.

    Sounds like a great idea! Give it a shot. 🙂

    We went to visit Matt’s family in the fall, and his mother took me to a meditation group with her, and it was so wonderful. I wish I could find one here, I think I could get a lot out of it.

    I hope you find something fantastic hidden amongst your dream file.

    Thanks sweetie! I appreciate your spending so much time on my blog, too. I always enjoy your comments so much.

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