Think I’ll let it in…

If you’ve read my movie reviews, you know I’m not easy to please. I have a jaundiced eye when it comes to films and expect a lot from them. The formulaic Hollywood churn doesn’t really do much for me anymore. My chosen genre is horror and I’ve almost given up because of what’s gone on out there.

Well, this past weekend I had the opportunity to enjoy a movie I’ve had a difficult time getting around to for whatever reason. I took some time to watch it on Friday afternoon and have to say, it was one of the best films of its type I’ve ever seen. It was atmospheric, moody, well-told and the music was so subtle and understated it really accentuated the whole thing. It wasn’t terribly formulaic and it was actually very traditional.

The movie is a Swedish affair called Let the Right One In. It’s the story of a 12 year-old boy in 1982 Sweden dealing with typical schoolboy issues: Bullies, self-esteem issues, and anger with his mom for being divorced and having custody. In its theatrical version, it was subtitled; the version I had was dubbed. Not as cool, but thank God because I miss a LOT of the visuals having to read the subtitles.

The story is, a little boy, a loner and outcast, meets a befriends a young girl who moves in next door. The catch is, the little girl isn’t. She’s a vampire (which is handled very, very interestingly in the movie). The vampire helps the young boy (Osker) deal wit his problems by giving him diversion. He wants to “go steady” with Eli (the new friend), but Eli isn’t interested. In the end, their friendship is stronger than the other broken relationships in Osker’s life and worth more to him.

I’m not going to tell you how this one turns out. Suffice it to say the vampire tropes are almost completely traditional, the gore is low-level (vampires; there’s gonna be blood, yo), and the movie is story-rich. A lot of good stuff, and some newer stuff I’d not thought about before. It was a good treatment of an old, abused favorite. It felt good to see it. It is, without reservation, the best vampire movie I’ve seen since Salem’s Lot and Dracula (the one with Frank Langella from 1979, not the Gary Oldman and Keanu Reeves version from the ‘90s). And God be praised, they don’t sparkle and they’re NOT silk-wearing sexpots.

It felt good to me. I liked it. If you’re into standards like werewolves and vampires, this one’s worth seeing. As soon as I can, I’m going to add it to my personal collection.

I recommend it highly. And that’s quite an endorsement coming from me.

So what’d you do over the weekend?


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10 thoughts on “Think I’ll let it in…

  1. No more vampire movies please. I’m so sick of vampires. How about some other undead creatures and monsters for a change.

    No, this is not the same thing, dude. This is different all the way down the line from the crap being pumped out for the last 25 years. No kidding, this is a good movie.

  2. Sounds interesting! I may have to make note of it in our movie notebook to pick up and watch some night. I’m glad you found another movie you enjoyed.

    Me too! Not many of those, I tell ya.

    This weekend, I worked, and wound up in outpatients. I found out I have TMJ disorder, which is the source of some horrible pain I’ve had for the last three weeks. So now I have to see the dentist *cringe* to look at getting a bite plate, and what they recommend (preferably NOT having my jaw broken), and take copious amounts of ibuprofen to try and curb the pain. The doctor told me I would probably have to deal with it for the rest of my life, and it’s really something you learn to manage (ie learn to stop grinding your teeth, ibuprofen, good posture, relaxing), but he sympathized with my pain, because he has it, too.

    That made me feel extra awesome. (:

    Nothing like TMJ (or as it used to be called, “Lockjaw”) to make you feel extra awesome, huh? Hope it’s manageable for you sweetie.

  3. Sounds interesting – we’ll have to watch for this one. Busy weekend of spring cleaning for us. Hope your weekend was good.

    It’s a good one worth watching if you’re okay with the genre, but it’s tough to find just anywhere. I had to really look for it. My weekend was nice; hope your was too, employed lady!

  4. Sounds neat! I’ve added it to my Zip list (Canadian version of Netflix). I lay around trying to get better all weekend. I saw a great film that’s available for free online, although I’m not sure if you have access to a fast enough internet connection to view it. It was called “65 Red Roses”: a documentary about a girl in her early 20’s with Cystic Fibrosis, waiting for a double lung transplant. It’s a beautiful film, very moving and inspiring. Here’s the link to the online version:

    Wow, thank you Sparky! I don’t have a fast enough access point to see it, but if I ever do I’ll be sure and find it. Thank you so much! I’m sorry you’re sick and hope you get better very soon. God bless hon.

  5. I’m not going to watch it, but I’m glad you found a movie you liked. Finally! Hurray.

    Oh, come on. It’s not that bad, really. Why not try it?

    As for my weekend, I watched snail races and made art. That’s it.

    There are snail races? Really? Wow. Interesting.

  6. You mentioned that movie before and I have it in my Netflix queue, but since it’s a foreign film I’ve been reluctant to watch it. I HATE reading movies. I might have to bite the bullet on this one since you are the second to say it was a good movie.

    See if Netflix has a dubbed version instead of the subtitled one. You miss the nuances of the acting, but you don’t miss the visuals of the film. I spend so much time reading subtitled movies I miss the movie. I always say if I wanted to READ I wouldn’t go see a MOVIE. 🙄

  7. How weird! I read this post earlier, and then in my web surfing I came across the title again in the shelfari forum. I’ve never heard of this movie, and now two in one day. Guess I better put it in the queue. Weird!

    Queue it up woman. It’s a good ‘un.


    It pretty much touches on everything I love in a story with monsters in it.

    I am glad you liked it too.

    Now check out MAYTRS and be completely destroyed.

    Never even heard of that one, Al. I’m adding this one to my permanent collection as soon as I can though.

  9. I watched the American version of this the other night and from what I gather it mirrored the Swedish version very well. As you said of the original, “It was atmospheric, moody, well-told and the music was so subtle and understated it really accentuated the whole thing.” I recommend it for people who don’t want to read or watch a dubbed version.

    See, I saw the “American” version and thought it stunk. It “mirrored” the Swedish one but never even came close to the things I described here. The kids are creepier, if that’s a plus. I really didn’t think of it.

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