A little cheesecake…

…Goes a long way.

Well, it goes a long way on Mother’s Day. For my wife at least. 🙂

Oh, and not just any cheesecake, either; we’re talkin’ French cheesecake.

We can’t celebrate too much in our current circumstance, but we did manage to get a little treat for her for Mom’s Day. I was willing to go farther, do more, but she insisted on the low-key, low-cost celebration method. It’s been our MO for a number of years now.

Still, we, the family, are grateful for her and we love her. Anything we can do to show that appreciation is better than nothing, and we’re grateful God gave us a chance to do just that.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

In other news, I finished reading my buddy Sherri’s new(er) book. It’s been a long time coming, and she’s worked her tail off to get it ready. She honored me by choosing me as one of her beta readers, and I have to say, the book was so good I read it all in two sittings (and if it had been a book or if I had a better laptop, it may have happened in one night, though I don’t know if I read fast enough for that anymore).

I met a young writer (I don’t know if he’s a writer or not, but he oughta be if he ain’t) over on my deviantART page who wrote a bit of micro-fiction I found amazing. I mean, a lot of good stuff packed into just a tiny word count. Not as limiting as Twitter, of course, but still. He managed it beautifully, and it made me think … I love doing short pieces. I like to write. What about doing #FridayFlash again? (Or is that #FlashFriday? Doggone it, I can never remember.) I know my wife won’t like the idea. She says I get torpedoed so much when I do it because it’s just not my forte, my format. But … oh, so tempting. Like the chocolate I know will taste soooo goooooood, but give me heartburn and acne later. *Sigh*

On the back forty…

I didn’t say anything because it probably isn’t worth saying anything about, but I had a job interview last Thursday. I spent more than ninety minutes with a man expecting to spend less than forty-five minutes with me. Yes, I was slightly embarrassed, and said so at several points. He assured me, however, he was enjoying our conversation and was happy to have answers which weren’t two sentences. (Apparently, someone had answered most or all of his questions with two-sentence replies.) So, I suppose that’s good.

The drawback of this is, I don’t have his name or email address to forward a thank you note. I’ll have to send that message to the recruiter and hope she can properly channel it. I’ll have to remember to do that today.

I should find out later this week whether my long-winded responses earned me a second interview, a shot at the job, or just another trip to the round file for my resume.

Anyway, if you’re the praying type, you know the drill. If not, wish me luck anyway, okay? I need all the positivity I can get my hands on. 😉

That’s about it. How’s it by y’all? Have a good weekend?


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10 thoughts on “A little cheesecake…

  1. My mother is more a carrot cake person than a cheesecake. One year, for mother’s day (or maybe it was her birthday), she insisted that we (bro and me) get her a carrot cake from this one specific place.
    My brother and I took her out for dinner and we ate a lot. I mean a lot. When we all got home, my mother said “Where’s my carrot cake?”
    “What carrot cake?”
    She didn’t like that answer. She began to chase us around the house. I’ve never seen her that angry.
    Eventually, we took a carrot cake out of the basement kitchen and the violent goliath was appeased.

    That’s hysterical! Great gag! I think I remember you telling this story on your blog. This happened within the last few years, right? Or you blogged about it in the last couple years. GREAT story.

    You know, you could compile these and have a GREAT family memoir thing going on, WIGSF. I know it’s tough to get those published but you’d have a real shot with comedy gold there.

  2. WIGSF, I think you have told that story on the blog before.

    That last bit about bringing the carrot cake from the specific bakery out of the basement fridge is something I’ve read on his blog in the last couple of years. I know I did, but I can’t remember when. It’s a great story.

    Knyt, sounds like the job interview went well. I am sure you will get a call later this week. But I will throw a prayer out there for you since you asked us to.

    Thanks, Bob! I don’t know if it went well or not, but if you’d offer a prayer that would be MUCH appreciated. God bless.

  3. Sending up prayers that the perfect job comes along soon. Mmmmmm…cheesecake.

    AW, thanks Jaymie. We need something soon. The Lord has blessed us so far, but it can’t last forever. Any prayers our friends are willing to say for us are GREATLY and warmly appreciated. 🙂

  4. Mmmm cheesecake (: What makes it French though? I get cheesecake for my birthday each year.

    I have no idea, sweetie. That’s what it says on the box, so I’ll go with that. Maybe the batter mixture? Or is it the strawberry glop on the top? Good question, but I can’t answer. Off to the great oracle BING!

    Flash Friday’s would be fun to read again, it would be beneficial, the more you do it, the stronger at your short story writing you’ll become.

    Am I bad at it now? Do I need the practice? 😦

    Job interview – exciting! Where is the job for? What type of work? If you’re spending that much time in an interview, I think it’s a positive sign. Matt does interviews a lot, and he prefers people he can actually talk to, and who actually give solid answers, like in a conversation rather than the standard “line one blah blah, line two blah blah” or worse one to two word answers. I truly hope they give you a ring back for a second interview, I’ll be thinking of you! *positive thoughts*

    Thanks, hon. It’s a technical writer position working for a major product safety testing and verification laboratory here in the upper Midwest. The pay is finally what I need, and they didn’t even BLINK when I gave it to them, which hurt because it means I could’ve hit them for more and been okay. *Sigh* Ah, well.

    We had a great weekend! We went to visit the in-laws because it was our nephew’s 1st birthday. It was a riot, he is too precious, and just growing too darn fast! We got him a toy truck (he loves wheels), and sneakers that light up when he takes a step, he seemed pretty tickled by the lights and keeps stomping his feet. But a great weekend was had by all, and I even had my first lesson at driving stick with Matt’s brother (which was hilarious in itself). I didn’t do too terribly at it, either, shifting wasn’t a problem at all, and I only stalled it twice.

    Sounds like a fun, productive weekend! Once you’ve mastered the stick shift, you won’t want the automatic anymore. I learned to drive one in the hill country of California, and my first “trial by fire” involved rolling backward into a car waiting at the light behind me. THERE’s a story I’ll tell one day. 😉

    • mmmm strawberry on cheesecake… makin’ me hungry!

      I haven’t had any yet; but it’s store-bought so it’s probably not as yummy as it sounds.

      hehe I don’t think you’re bad at it your short stories, I enjoy them, but it’s good to be always learning!

      I know; I’m j/k. 😉

      That sounds interesting! Well, I am stoked to hear your interview went so well, I hope they call you to come in. They’d be silly not to, you’re super awesome, and who doesn’t want super awesome employees?! And about asking for the dollar figures… they sounded totally cool with what you proposed, but they could have been turned off if you’d of been too aggressive in what you wanted dollar wise. S’all good!

      Well, I could’ve gone for a little more without pinching myself out of the contention, I’d think. Too late now. 🙂

      Heh, it was a fun weekend… I know a lot of people who have learned to drive stick through “trial by fire” and frankly, that makes me want to vomit! I drove around in the backyard (Matt’s Mum has 18 acres, which used to be a sod farm, so it’s very flat)

      I look forward to your driving story (:

      I’ll get ’round to it eventually. It’s amusing, but I have to find the right time and tone. 🙂

      Oh, and I’m feelin’ the new layout, the last one was really nice, too, but so is this one. I’m torn over which I like more.

      I’m very excited about this one too. We’ll see, because I really liked the dual-column one.

  5. I think if you do the FF thing, you shouldn’t ask for feedback. When you ask, you open the door, and I don’t think that’s what Flash is about. It’s about writing a story and then offering it to whomever wants to read it. Or maybe you should give it to somebody to look over before you post it. Oh wait, Fal probably already does that. Nevermind. 🙂

    She does, but I don’t mind having more eyes on it. Problem is, when I do it I almost never do so before something like Wednesday, and it’s hard to find people I know who can write and crit to get back to me before Friday. I think if I do that, I’ll do it a week ahead of time so I have a lag period. But it’s not a bad idea.

    And thanks thanks thanks for saying my book is good. I had a dream the other night where I thought I was a terrible writer and then I caught my husband telling someone else so I knew it was true. Ack

    You are a hack, but I wasn’t going to say that publicly. 😉 (J/K — I enjoyed it.)

    Thanks also for reading it and for getting back so fast. I looked over the comments and I was happy to see most of it was just stuff that slipped under the radar. I’ll tackle those couple of troublesome parts when I get everyone else’s notes back. No sense in doing it twice.

    Wanted to make sure I had a chance to digest the whole story before I sent it back and didn’t want to get lost in minutae along the way; hence the allacrity. But it read easy and swift, so that’s a feather in your cap.

    I haven’t had a chance yet to look over your story again, but probably by tomorrow.

    That’s fine. Take your time, I know you were down with a migraine recently. I’m not in hurry. *taps foot*

  6. I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the job. I’m a few days behind on my comments so I hope all is well.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the time you had with your son! We’re all fine here, thanks. 🙂

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