I Like Her

I don’t need to tell you all I like my wife.

But I’m going to anyway.

In a time in my life when I couldn’t get my head on straight, and when I tried sorting through damage to my memories for a lot of reasons (and all of them for another post), I want to tell you how much a beacon my wife has been for me.

A lighthouse stands on the rocky shore of a coast and shines out a bright light to both warn and guide ships at sea of impending danger. They help ships steer around the hazards unseen just ahead and sailors come to count on them. So it is, my wife has helped me navigate the dark, hazardous waters of my past and helped me pick my way safely through the hidden dangers of my past.

Very poetic, but in short, my beloved has kept me from believing I was crazy or dreamed something more times than I can count.

She’s more than once gazed into the middle distance and said, “You know, I remember that, too,” or said, “Do you remember …” and it turned out to be something I not only remembered, but recalled and was afraid to bring up because everyone else I know/knew said they didn’t remember that, and I must be wrong/mistaken/crazy/stupid.

She’s never said anything like that. I can’t remember when I said “Do you remember…?” and she didn’t. A few things, and obviously things particular to me she couldn’t know, but she’s helping me in ways I can’t explain (and wouldn’t if I could) to explore my yesteryears and find things long hidden. Things I thought were wrong, remembered through a glass darkly, or simply imagined.

But I’m not so bad after all, and she’s been my proof of it. More and more, as the years go on, she’s my touchstone on such things.

I like  her. I think I’ll keep her.


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6 thoughts on “I Like Her

  1. Looks like DarcKnyt forgot to log out and Falcon published a post under his account.

    HA! No such luck. This is PURE, UNADULTERATED schmaltz, big guy.

    • Oh dear. Don’t you know the first rule of marriage? Don’t put anything in writing because now she can hold this over your head.

      HA! You think this is the first thing she’s got on me? Or that I have nothing on her? Puh-LEEZ.

  2. It’s nice to know there are marriages that work where people are supportive of one another. Kudos to you guys!

    (But I kind of agree with WIGSF)

    Thanks, Holls! … but like I told WIGSF, it’s pure, 24 carat schmaltz; no self-adulation allowed here. 😉

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