Be vewy vewy quiet…

I have nothing to say, so I’ll dump a bunch of random stuff all over you today.  Click away now if you don’t like that sort of thing, because here it comes:

  • I used to get a bunch of hits on my movie reviews, but lately, not much happens when I give ‘em. Which is weird, because it’s not like I ever talked about brand-new movies or reviewed current hits or anything. I’ve been able to see more recent movies since our library stepped up their game with DVDs, but I’m not a theater fan. Kids, cell phones, inconsiderate slobs…no thanks. Still, I wondered what might have changed in why my movie reviews have dropped in popularity. It’s sort of intriguing.
  • Since I’ve stopped blogging daily, it’s actually harder to come up with post ideas. I don’t have even the vaguest clue why that might be true. It’s weird.
  • Any post ideas I do managed to come up with seem to garner fewer and fewer views and comments. People are tired of whatever it is I’m talking  I about (or not talking about), and have gone on to other things. I think I’m also whiny and repetitious, and that’s a formula for blog obscurity. I thought about bringing back my marriage resume pages just to feel popular again. At least in India they liked me. *Sniff*
  • I don’t like deviantART anymore. I have no idea why. I just … don’t want to keep it up and stay there, even though I have friends I can’t contact anywhere else on the ‘Net. *Sigh*
  • I still haven’t started my new novel. Not word one. I’ve written a lot of Friday Flash pieces though. For some reason, I’m paralyzed on the new project and I’m completely out of excuses. Maybe I’m just burned out. Or talentless.
  • I liked what was happening when I had SEO stuff in my head and could write about things like jobs and poeple I saw on the train. I got nothin’ now.
  • I need a job. Big time. I just found out a lot of companies are bypassing resumes from people who are out of work. They’re only considering employed people who are looking for new positions. That seems stupid to me. If they dumped their last company, why won’t they dump you when a better offer comes along? Meanwhile, I’d be so grateful to get a job I’d cry and swear my allegiance in a blood oath or by killing someone. Or a chicken. But hey, what do I know?

Okay, enough’s enough. Maybe I’ll blog about bacon next week. That seemed like a big hit last time I did it.

God bless and have a great weekend, y’all.

11 thoughts on “Be vewy vewy quiet…

  1. Hang in there sir… I have found the summer always dries up blog visits in comparison to the winter.

    Oh, I know; I bellyache about this on a regular basis every time it happens. 😉

    And you could try to set a schedule for your blogging… I have committed myself to 3 original posts a week…

    I post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Been doin’ that for a long while now. Not helping, so it’s gotta be my content that’s the problem. 😉

    And best of luck with looking for work. The only thing worse than having a job is having to look for one…

    Yessir, it is. Thanks.

  2. What if you recycle some old blog posts on the days you don’t want to write something new? That would keep your frequency up, increasing your hitability. (It’s a word.) I think the blogging community ebbs and flows, and right now it’s ebbing. I just came out of a period where I was getting maybe ten hits a day, and sometimes only one or two. So don’t feel bad. Take this time to gather energy.

    I don’t know, I’ve actually been thinking about going the way of the Sherri and just posting when I have something to post about. My fear is, that will be never. I like having you guys in my life and would terribly miss you all. But like others in the past, I can let my blog languish and comment on others without much trouble, I guess. It just sort of bugs me … I’m a WRITER, dammit! (An AUTHOR, actually.) Why can’t I write something?! I think it’s as much a pride thing as anything else.

    The job thing, that’s stoopid. Do you think those companies are taking your long unemployment as a sign you’re not a good worker? Like, the ones who were important enough to keep their jobs this whole time are the only ones worth hiring? Seems like they could get adequate workers for cheap right about now.

    Well, I know I can’t be very flexible in my salary requirements, and the more time that elapses the more true that becomes. But maybe not for everyone. And YEAH, it’s stoopid. I don’t know if that’s the consensus or not (that people out of work aren’t worth employing or are bad workers), but it’s never been true in times of economic struggle where a lot of valuable people end up out of work. But to tell the truth, I FEEL like I have no self-worth right now. 😦

  3. Employers will only hire people who already have jobs? That is some kind of bullshit right there. As someone who might be out of work by the end of the summer, I will have to remember that one. Maybe I need to apply to places before I get canned.

    Well, I can’t say whether it’s true or not in Canada, Bob, but there are newspaper articles written about it here. I bet my wife can supply them. And YES, you absolutely SHOULD try to secure another position before you lose this one. If you don’t need it because this one goes permanent, that’s fine, but you need to be prepared. Please, take it from someone who’s been there WAY more than I’d like to admit. 😦

  4. Blogging is like sex…the more you do it, the more you want to do it.

    Yes indeed. Now please convince my wife of that fact. 😉 (She blogs everyday. You guess which I mean.)

    A decrease in hits is probably due to summer and people being out of the house. My hits are lower as well.

    I dunno … maybe. That seems probable, and it does happen every year. This one’s just more dramatic.

  5. Good thinking, Sherri. I recycle posts when they didn’t get much hits when they first went live and which I think are pretty good.

    You’ve established a definite tone, one of a position of authority for writers on the journey to publication. Re-publishing old articles which didn’t get high visibility would be a good thing to do, CV. Go for it! 🙂

    I totally run out of ideas too, which is why my blog has become a ghostland. When I first started, I came out like a flash, writing every day, even though I didn’t have followers, and many of those early articles never got read. There’s only so much I can think of to write about writing without sounding like a rehash. I need some other things to blog about besides writing to make my blog a much happier, busier place.

    I think more blogging about writing queries, how to personalize and tweak them, your successes and failures, and next steps is a logical path for your blog as it is. Mixing in personal shots will only make the public embrace it more. If you can find a way to include SEO keywords in your blog, you might drive even more traffic. Good luck!

  6. That’s the thing that sucks about SEO keywords are meaningless. You can’t really do a keyword analysis with Analytics or Statcounter, which would be most beneficial, because WP doesn’t read Javascript. And you don’t get to use META tags either.

    Well … I guess they figure if you want to do all that, you should buy your own domain and use *Sigh* I know Blogger’s more flexible in that regard, but I don’t like Google’s censorship practices and Blogger’s lame anyway. That’s me, though. 🙂

    When I move over to, I won’t have those problem. My computer just crashed, so I’m trying to data mine my important things. I bought Coffee Cup Visual Site Designer and created a website with it, but the newer version of VSD doesn’t read them. I need to get some tech support and see if I’m missing pieces.

    Is that a dort org website, or is the site actually (dot-dot-org)? I’ve never heard of the latter. And I’ve never used VSD either. Good luck getting your site up and running the way you want! Web design’s no easy feat. 🙂

  7. I know I’m reading less these days. And I’m blogging less. Yeah, I’ve got that rehash feeling and how much can one whine about writing and still standing to hear the sound of one’s own typing?

    I knew, right? Sometimes I piss myself off whining so much. I tell myself, WRITE ALREADY! Jeez!

    In my case, I think I’m burned out on the blogosphere. But as you know, there are many people I’ve met who I want to keep up with. So stay around, would ya?

    I’ll see what I can do . 😉 And right back atcha! I don’t know if I’m burned out, per se, but I’ve sort of run out of things to say. If I had them, I’d love to write them for you all. Which is why I don’t think I’m burned out. I just … don’t have anything to say.

    That whole company hiring nightmare. Sounds kind of like the you’ve got have pub credits to get pub credits. You would think a company would like to look at the unemployed because they’ve got a ton of incentive to work and work well.
    But just as someone out there gives an unknown writer a chance, someone has got to give an unemployed guy a chance too. Right?

    Well … been 18 months and counting … *gulp*

    Well, I’m pulling for you. Good luck. Keep going. You’ll get there.

    Thanks Marta. For all of it. And for sticking.

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