Feast for a slob

Sunday being Father’s Day, I got a little spoilin’ by the familial unit. It was nice. 🙂

I got a wild hair across my butt though. And that meant a sudden trip to the store for something we didn’t expect to have to go get.

Of course, after rushing the kids to get their shoes on, and my wife waddling about the house getting ready, and my lard-laden butt heaving around looking for a way to tie my shoes without inducing a stroke, it takes longer to get ready than most trips would justify. Nevertheless, I was on a mission and determined to have a special meal of my choosing.

The pizza from earlier that day doesn’t count.

When we arrived at the store, found a parking place within reasonable walking distance to the store (don’t you people have family gatherings to attend?!), unloading the children from the car, getting them inside and getting a cart, I found the entire reason I’d gone in the first place was … out.

I wanted that fried chicken from our local Walmart (whose name continues to change over the course of my life – used to be Wal-Mart, now it’s Walmart). They make the best fried chicken I’ve tasted since I lived in Georgia in 1978. Amazingly good.

And sold out. Nothing left. I asked if anymore was under preparation in back and got a sneer and a head shake.  *Sigh* Okay, time to wander the store and find something suitable as a replacement.

That’s right, I don’t leave the store empty-handed. Don’t got what I want? Then what DO you have? Hmmm?

Okay, I ended up with about half a ton of frozen Chinese tidbits. A couple of stir-fry dishes, a bunch of flavors of pot stickers, and some egg rolls.

I have one word to describe them all: YYYYYYYUCK.

Okay, not entirely. The stir-fry dishes were … meh. The pot stickers? Um … meh. But the egg rolls and the won tons were NAS-STAY with a capital NAS, which you can see I have provided.

So, Chinese carry-out would have been a LOT more expensive, but it would also have been a LOT more tasty. *Sigh*

You’d think I’d know by now.



8 thoughts on “Feast for a slob

  1. I just found this new frozen chicken at one of my local grocery stores. It’s a breaded boneless chicken tender but the breading has cayenne pepper in it. It has the flavour but without the heat. I am quite enjoying it.

    Sounds AWESOME. I wish we had something like that here. Here, we have TWO choices — store brand, or TYSON. *Sigh*

      • At Longos. Western Family Buffalo Crunch, I think. I don’t have the box in front of me.

        Also, PC changed all the boxes around. Took me way too long to find a box of Southern Crunch.

        • I will have to remember about Southern crunch, depending when I look for it again. I have heard of Western Family but never tried their Buffalo Chicken. I will check it out thanks!

  2. When you have a craving for something and can’t get it, whatever you buy to replace it is going to be nasty. You would have been better off to buy a deep fryer and make your own fried chicken.

    I’m sure you’re right. Big difference between $6 for 8 pieces of chicken and $60 for a fryer, though. 🙂

  3. I love Chinese food and I love fried chicken. But if I’m craving one, it would never occur to me to replace it with the other.

    Well, I had a yen for both. Pun intended. Chicken was first choice, and Chinese a distant second.

    Now our grocery store is awesome. Friends who move away call and tell me how much they miss our grocery store and when they come back to visit, they make a point of going to said grocery store. But even they have terrible frozen Chinese food. Certain foods must be fresh.

    Lesson learned. For sure.

    Sorry for your disappointment but hope the rest of the day went well.

    I did! Thank you! Hope the same for your house too! 🙂

  4. Happy (late) Daddy Day! 🙂

    Thank you! It WAS happy.

    Very few things I’ll purchase from Walmart, I’m rarely happy with their products, and the customer service is horrific.

    I’m okay with their CS. They do a decent job here in the US. Not GREAT, but okay. No worse than anywhere else.

    I’m sorry your Chinese didn’t work out the way that you’d hoped it would.

    UGH. Disaster. 😉

    Is Chinese food super expensive in the US? It’s crazy cheap here.

    Well … I don’t know. EVERYTHING’s expensive right here where we live. And EVERYTHING is MORE expensive when you’ve been out of work for more than 18 months. 😦

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