Over the Moon

I recently saw a nice little movie called Moon.

It tells the story of a lone contractor at a lunar energy manufacturing plant. In the future some company has discovered how to make the far side of the moon into a plant where something called Helium 3 (H3) is collected and sent back to Earth. Each contract for the employee goes three years. It’s a long, lonely existence, especially since the satellite commlink to Earth has gone down and now only messages previously recorded are sent and received via a Jupiter commlink. (Much slower.)

The moon base has an HAL9000-esque robot called Gerty assigned to assist and protect the contractor.  But when things start to fall apart and trouble all over the base crops up only two weeks before his return home, things begin to unravel. Is the contractor (Sam) going crazy? After an accident in a rover vehicle leaves him injured and with only vague memories of what happened, Sam decides to find out what’s really happening on the base.

And what he finds is a little creepy and very well told.

I really enjoyed the movie. I know most of you have either seen it or passed on it already. It’s got some nice psychological touches to it, even if things get a little predictable at times. The ending, though, I thought was terrific and well done.

So, if you’ve got room on your NetFlix list, give Moon a try. Very cool, with elements of both Sci-Fi and character-driven story.



8 thoughts on “Over the Moon

  1. I saw a similar movie. But it was on Mars. A group of marines are sent to a Mars research facility to investigate some strange goings-on. The highlight of the film is this one scene where the audience sees what this one character sees as he makes his way through a series of corridors. The scene looks just like a FPS video game.

    Next time you’re renting some movies, rent Doom. It’s totally worth a watch. And it will make you search through all of your old CD-Rs looking for your copy of Doom, cuz you’re gonna wanna play it again.

    I have Doom, with Dwayne (Duane?) Johnson, sitting on stand-by right now, over by my DVD player. It won’t make me want to play Doom though … I never played Doom, and the only FPS game I ever DID play I stunk at (Battlefield 2).

    • First time I saw the movie Doom, I was so inspired to play Doom that I went over to my brother’s house and took his Xbox just so I could play Doom 3 again.

      Ha! Ah, addiction. Ain’t it grand?

      In the past month or so, I’ve played Final Doom (Doom 2 expansions) and right now I’m on the last level of Hexen (a Doom-based variant) and will probably play Heretic (prequel to Hexen) next.
      I’m one long lonely weekend away from making some of my own Doom levels again.
      I made a whole set of 32 levels for Doom 2 before but I lost them when my computer died on me. Never got the chance to copy the files off my PC. Oh how I mess them.
      The first generation of Dooms (Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Heretic, Hexen) are very easy games to play. I suggest on a windows machine lacking juice, using the free zdoom port. An original copy of the game is required to run the port, well, not the whole package, just the .WAD file. That’s where all the actual game data is stored.

      If I’m gonna blow my .WAD, it won’t be on a video game, pal. 😉 J/K — couldn’t resist. 🙂

      If you can get a stable connection going, I can upload some stuff for you. Damn the piracy laws. It’s Doom, baby, DOOM!

      AHAHAHA! Awesome! Well, I have a semi-stable connection, but it’s not a big pipeline. Does that matter? Believe it or not, I stabilized our connection with a pasta strainer. It’s a wire mesh basket with a plastic rim and metal net. Works AWESOME and makes the connection a LOT more stable. So let’s see what happens!

  2. There’s ALways room on the Netflix list. 🙂

    Hehehe! I think I recommended this to you on FB too, right? And “The Skeleton Key”? I had a post written about that one too but I guess I never got around to publishing it. Oh well. No one cares about my has-been movie reviews. This one’s relatively recent though. 🙂

  3. Sounds really wonderful – my kind of movie. I take it that it was not made in 2010. A good movie hasn’t emerged yet. If I were a critic my paper would fire me for negative bias. I love film. I pretend I’m in one every day just to get through it. I have background music and running commentary when needed. When you’re young, it’s called imagination. At my age it’s called dementia.

    Welcome, Samhenry. No, I don’t think the movie was made in 2010; perhaps ’09 or even ’08, since District 9 was one of the previews, but not this year. It is, however, a nice little movie, well-acted (just one actor through most of it) and written. Very clever, IMO. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to comment; I’m glad you did.

  4. I believe Moon came out last year and it was made by the son of David Bowie. If I’m thinking of the right movie. I haven’t seen it, so I’m not sure, but I hear it was good.

    Really? Bowie’s kid? HA! Move over Major Tom! It was, indeed, pretty good! 🙂

    Hope you are doing okay.

    We’re doing our best. Which isn’t great, but it’s our best. Thank you for thinking of us. 🙂

  5. Dammit. I thought you had good news to report and I got all excited.

    Aww, sweetie! I’m so sorry. To avoid this for you in the future, if there’s something good to report, I PROMISE to use the headline “GOOD NEWS” for the post title. Okay? I’m sorry, Holls, I didn’t mean to tease. And thank you for caring, hon. Really. *hug*

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