Being Prompt

I went to to pick out some potential prompts for today. There were a couple of possibilities, but some of the suggestions are clearly for the MySpace generation.

  • Fictionalize a real argument you’ve had; write only in dialog. Nah. Boring. I can’t remember the last argument I had anyway. It was probably lame and odds are, I lost.
  • Write a story in dialog; your characters: Two cops in Alaska. Okay, this one tempted me like a giant hot dog suspended from a Voot cruiser tempts Pipi the gargantuan hamster of doom. But no. If I wanted to publish fiction on my blog, I would (as opposed to my fiction blog where I DO post fiction). When I did post fiction here, no one liked it (hit counts don’t lie, people).
  • Something about comfort food. Yeah, right. I don’t get comfort from food, I get fatter. And I don’t need to carry on about something I love to eat that I can’t afford anymore. Pass.
  • Defend your vice; how did you start? Last time I did this, commentator Bob got his feelings a little hurt and it took a while to get things worked out. No thanks. I’m not here to ruffle feathers, I’m here to have a little joy. Besides, I gave that vice up and haven’t decided what I’ll replace it with yet.
  • Describe what you looked like in high school for your memoir. Eh? What I looked like in high school? Why would that make it to my memoir? Jeezum crow, I don’t know if I can remember what I looked like in high school My wife’s behind me going, “I was hot! I was hot!” I rolled my eyes.

Plinky’s prompts stank, frankly. I got bored after these (but that Alaskan cop one kept coming back to me), so I quit. I bitched to my wife, who told me to use the Creativity some-crap-or-other.

So I get the URL and hop over there. I have to dig a little, but I finally found the writing prompts.

  • High school… That’s it. Nothing more. I’m like, “WTF?” Nah.
  • I remember… That’s it. Nothing more. I’m like, “WTF?” I remember lots of things. C’mon. Seriously, c’mon.

Okay, that’s far enough, I can’t take it. So I sit back, sigh heavy and wonder what the hell I’m going to blog about today.



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9 thoughts on “Being Prompt

  1. Comfort food is great. Last night, my mother approached me and said “Have you had dinner yet? No, good. Take me out for dinner. I want something fattening.”
    We had a wonderful dinner.

    That’s AWESOME, and I agree fully. 🙂

  2. Those are all lame prompts.

    I couldn’t have been more disappointed. 😦

    Even with my buffet of stupidity to choose from, I have trouble finding topics. Some days I’m so fed up I don’t want to relive the shit. That’s when I write about my dogs.

    Heh! The fallback topic — DOGS. Good to have ’em.

  3. EGAD – we are going through the same hell. I couldn’t even laugh at the Friday funnies – how bad is that. I can’t do a blog post of note this week and so I will visit every one else’s site and leave dark remarks. So there. Is creating misery creating?

    Think about it: Misery loves company, right? So you’re actually a party planner, aren’t you?

    I will give you a key to me: I go on from these dire droppings and get out of the dark and into the light and am happy. Meanwhile, I have infected a blog and all who visit with my weary dreary.

    Must dash to continue singing and dancing. 🙂

    Keep the beat, it never stops, and the world’s a brighter place for me today!

    Have a good weekend good friend.

    You too!

  4. I decided to check this out, and I felt inspired by the prompt when the page loaded.

    “Write a 10 line poem about your neighbor”

    10 lines are too much, she doesn’t deserve that, so we’ll keep it Haiku style:

    Loud, and obnoxious
    Little baby you ignore
    Too young to be Mom

    Oy! Child Protective Services, anyone?

  5. Most of those prompts wouldn’t tempt me much either, but the “I remember” one is common. It is probably the most popular one from “Bird by Bird”, a hugely successful writing book. And, to be honest, I’ve used it in my classes lots for 15 minute free writes and usually get interesting and compelling tiny stories out of it.

    I’ve never heard of Bird by Bird. I guess I’ll have to look for it. 🙂

    But none of that matters if it doesn’t speak to you. There are different uses for writing prompts after all depending on your goal. I ended up with a novel from the very plain writing prompt, “marbles.”

    Hahaha! That’s an interesting one. As in, “I lost my…” (for me). 🙂

    See if your library has “The Writer’s Idea Book” by Jack Heffron. I think I have the info right. Loads of interesting prompts in there.

    Sweet, thanks!

    • I loved “Bird by Bird” and you might like it. From what I know of you in these little blog windows into your soul (!), I’m going to guess you wouldn’t really care for the book. But, I’ve been plenty wrong about plenty of people including my best friends, so… Anyway, the book is used in tons of writing classes and on recommended lists. The author, Anne Lamott, just about always has packed book signings. It is more on the writing life. The Heffron book has the prompts.

      Hm. I’ll see if I can find anything by these authors and check them out at the library. Thanks. 🙂

      As for the marble prompt, when that was pulled out of the box (I was in a writing group at the time and we did these freewrites), I didn’t know anything about the game of marbles, so I imagined the sound of marbles falling down wood stairs. Then I asked myself why would marbles be clattering down stairs. Why, a girl dumped them down the stairs. Then I wondered why she would do that. Well, because they belong to her brother and she is mad at him. And from that–a novel! Ta-da!

      I don’t know squat about marbles either, but that’s a pretty good series of “why” pushes. I recently read if you do that FIVE TIMES — answer the why questions — you’ll get to a TRUE motivation for your characters. I have to try that sometime and see. 🙂

      Have you thought of switching back and forth between projects? Why choose one? Couldn’t you designate a certain amount of time for one and then go to the other?

      Oh, Lord knows I’d LOVE to be able to swap projects and keep moving, but He also knows I’m not able to do that, right now at least. One thing at a time is my wiring. Which is very frustrating. *Sigh* 😉

  6. Find something decent then let me know as I am stuck for a topic to blog about. Just too darn hot to think right now.

    That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! ;-}

    Hahaha! Well then! You’re allowed to have your excuses, Delaney!

  7. DK – this came like balm from heaven today. There is an article at CNN on the author Ray Bradbury and he says about his writing:

    Bradbury, who turns 90 this month, says he will sometimes open one of his books late at night and cry out thanks to God.

    “I sit there and cry because I haven’t done any of this,” he told Sam Weller, his biographer and friend. “It’s a God-given thing, and I’m so grateful, so, so grateful. The best description of my career as a writer is, ‘At play in the fields of the Lord.’ ”

    So he and Woody Allen and I all agree. I’m a genius and am changing my first name from Jean to Genius.

    Alzo – go to the comments under my post about Anne Rice and see what Roxi had to say about us. I was mentioned in the same sentence with you, a real writer. I’m in heaven….

    Wow! So am I! I would NEVER have pegged ol’ Ray as a believer! This is incredible and it IS a nice soul-balm! Thank you for sharing, SamHenry!

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