Things Happening

Oh, boy, are things EVER happening!

Okay, first of all, I got contacted by my agent for a slew of potential books to be written. Now, this is all non-fiction stuff, just like the PowerPoint book I wrote. The subjects are wide and varied. But man! I’m a little afraid they’re over my head.

The two major projects right now seem to be for CSS/HTML5 books. There’s one which is an update f an edition from last year, but it’s also a new book; then there’s another one which is more from scratch. The second one pays more but the first one is with the same publisher I did the PowerPoint book for, so I’m familiar with the staff and the style would be similar.

I thought for sure the first book – which pays a higher advance – wold reject me for not having any HTML/CSS coding experience. No web designer am I. The second book – hereto after called the Brilliant book because it’s part of a series of books called “Brilliant” by the publisher (as in “Brilliant HTML and CSS”) – will be (theoretically) easier to write because it’s about task steps and simplistic explanations. But the Brilliant book will be much harder than the PowerPoint book because of the references. I’ll need a list of the code used, “Jargon Buster” glossary entries, and of course I have to write and test all the code in the book. Top that off with the standards the publisher imposes on the author (which is more liberating than you’d think), and it can be a challenge, especially with an “ASAP” deadline because of sales interest.

The two books might be mutually exclusive, too. The contract for the Brilliant book might exclude writing the other one, but the other one pays more so I’m not eager to do that just yet unless I have to.

*Whew!* Lots of stuff happening, and I’m also trying to get some short stories ready for the Kindle store and Smashwords, too. The formatting is almost done; I have to compile the stories (after I finalize any editing, o’course) into a single document formatted the right way and with the proper title page and copyright stuff. Then I need a blurb for the book just like a print one. Then I need a cover. Then I need an account. *Sigh*

Bubble, bubble, bubble … the pot’s brewing. I only wish these were fiction projects being tossed my way. Oh well – I’m glad to have them. The LORD IS GOOD to us, y’all!

How’s it by you today?



15 thoughts on “Things Happening

  1. So, are you saying that you haven’t got rid of that growth on your ass? Dude, you really gotta do something about that thing. It’s getting big. When you sit down, you look like you’re sitting on a slant. Actually, kinda makes you look like you’re about to let one rip.

    Oh, that’s just the hemorrhoid. If you hold still long enough, I’ll lance it …

  2. Glad to hear that awesome things are happening for the right people! 😉

    Thanks, Jamie! How great to see you around again! I hope you’re having awesome things happen too!

  3. Well, that’s VERY exciting!!

    Thanks, V. R.! Nothing’s set yet. I have a lot of work to do still, but we’re coming along. I don’t know if any of these will come through, but it IS very exciting just the same!

  4. Is it okay to squee yet about the Kindle? I’m thinking about calling tonight or tomorrow night. Is that good for you guys? LOVE YA!!!

    Yeah, you can call! And if you want to squee about your Kindle, squee, hon, squee! We know you love it — no secret! Let us know how much and why!

  5. This whole post is made of awesome. Go, D, go!

    I owe a lot to you, JES. Your sound advice may have me passing on these projects, but there could well be others. As I investigate the books, I’m feeling more and more over my head. But not to worry, that won’t always be the case. Even if I miss on these at least there’s stuff happening, and the Kindle thing is very exciting for me. 🙂 Thanks for the support, bud!

  6. What great news! Keep me posted about the Kindle project because I’m interested in giving it a try as well.

    Will do hon! Thanks!

    Which part of the Kindle thing interests you — publishing or purchasing? Thinking of buying a Kindle? Most who own one swear by it, but the Sony Reader sounds awesome too. 🙂

  7. Hey, finally some awesome news– just what I was rooting for…and am also super-excited about the Kindle project…keep us posted.

    I will Damyanti! Thank you! 🙂

  8. That’s so cool! At least you are writing and getting paid for it and all these choices just make up for the long stretch of nothingness that looks like it is now behind you. Good luck with all these new endeavors.

    Thanks, Delaney! I just need luck with the Kindle sales. 😉 The others aren’t panning out as well as I hoped but there will be others. 🙂

  9. EXCELLENTness has happened. But where does one get an agent? I joke to people when the phone rings here: “Oh, have to get that – probably my press agent.”

    Well, I had the good fortune of having one of my awesome readers/commentators hook me up and introduce me to him. It was a blessing unlike any I’d ever received before. 🙂 And it keeps ON blessing me, even if these particular books don’t pan out. (I’m not a web design guru.)

    You can write a little fiction – you could say things like – It was a dark and stormy night and we were all sitting around discussing HTML when suddenly there was a knock at the door and in came accompanied by a symbol we didn’t immediately recognize. There was tension in the air. Should we hit “preview” before making up our minds or should we just go ahead and hit “publish” and get rid of them without a thought. We are supposed to be civilized but I can’t stand it when background symbols are out there walking around like Rich Text. It’s like wearing your “T” shirt inside out with all the seams showing. Suddenly there was a large clap of thunder followed by darkness. No further work on HTML tonight.

    Well, I could try to sneak a little fiction in there, I suppose. HTML with a horror twist? Would take some thought, but what’s NOT do-able?

  10. This is rare. In the piece above I added the symbol for italic print and it changed the print and did not show up as the operator. WAH

    Ha! Careful or Worpdress may decide to interpret you and close your tags for you. Best to use brackets instead of the real braces to comment on HTML tags, like so: [i] or [/i].

  11. Oh this is so exciting for you!

    It’s pretty fun! Thank you!

    You must be thrilled! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how it all plays out! It may actually be best for someone learning about HTML and CSS coding experience to be writing the book. I took some classes in college, and it was easier to learn from people who could explain it all out, then say “so what this means” in simpler terms than from those who couldn’t grasp the wordy explanations.

    Hehehe. I think CSS/HTML (nowadays at least) are sort of standard classes to have, but I’m out of touch. I wouldn’t try this by hand at all.

    Best wishes 🙂 Psyched!

    Thank you sweetie. 🙂

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