Slurpy News

I got the green light for a deadline of mid-November on the new RLP, which isn’t all that secret since I announced it a week ago. So technically it’s not a SSRLP like the last one but we love this one enough to call it SLRP or Slurp. Henceforth it shall be called. 🙂

Some of the conditions for this are different: Shared author credit for one; shared royalties for another. (The advance is all mine, though.)  I don’t mind though. I wouldn’t be able to write it without this guy’s book in the first place. So it’s all good and no one’s cheated.

So I got it, now I have to write it. I know nothing, whatever, about half the book. I have to learn it post haste.

So, the rules remain basically the same as they did for the first one. X-number of pages, X-number of pictures, send in the first chapter for review and style check. Then run.

I’ll need to find out how many pages, how many pictures, things like that. Once I know I’ll be free to fire away. And with a mid-November deadline I guess it won’t be published this year after all. Oh well.

Between now and Monday, I need to finish the e-book I’m self-publishing. That means finishing the edits and the proofing, and sending it off to my beta Kindler. Heh. This is going to be fun, because it’s wanton abandon to a self-serving project for a while. Once it’s finished or on Monday morning, whichever comes first, I abandon everything but job hunting for the Slurp.

So, now I’ll be busy. Here’s hoping I can finish this thing on time and in a timely fashion.

Wish me luck.


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3 thoughts on “Slurpy News

  1. That doesn’t seem like very much time, November. Is that for the whole book, or just the first chapter?

    Oh no, that’s the whole first pass. I have to do editing and revisions after that, then I have to proof the galleys when they’re ready, then they’re off to be a book. With the last Slurp, I had from early November to the end of Jan. so this is only a little shorter. That’s because it’s a revision, technically, not a new book. I guess. Fal and I both think we can do it though. 🙂

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