Monday, Monday…

It’s 1 p.m. CDT; do you know where YOUR blog post is? I don’t.

*Sigh* I didn’t have  a lot to say this morning, so I didn’t say it.The afternoon didn’t bring any major changes or revelations, so I should probably not say anything now either. But I didn’t post anything Friday (no one cared) and I feel irresponsible not posting something today.

I’ve been Slurpin’ all weekend. I figured I could know out a chapter of that thing a day, no problem. Well, live and learn. Not gonna happen. So now what? I have to move forward as best I can, but it’s going a lot slower than I wanted. Shh, that’s our secret. Don’t tell my agent. Damn sure don’t tell the publisher.

Please, don’t be offended if I”m not around your blog as much as I used to be. I have a lot going on now. I don’t mean to shirk my friends and people I care about, but it’s time-consuming to slurp and try to do the ‘Net thing. So I’m reading, I promise I am, and I’m there with you in spirit if not in word. I’ll be back when I can.

Anyway, I have so job related things I have to do before I return to slurping, but thought I’d drop a note and say “hi”. So, hi.

How was your weekend?


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8 thoughts on “Monday, Monday…

  1. I had the time of my life. I wish you coulda come to St. Louis to share it with me. I would have had an even better time.

    …and I mean that in a non-gay way.


    Aw, sorry bud. Maybe next year. But I am glad you had an awesome time at the con. I just can’t quit you, dude.

  2. I understand how it is when you are too busy to blog. I also understand how if I skip a couple of days, suddenly I feel like I might be letting people down and making people wonder where I have gone. Good luck with your work!

    Thanks for both the support AND the understanding, Bob! Great to know you guys are still there.

  3. I don’t know, man, I might be gone when you decide to stop being selfish and visit my blog again…:) Of course I’m kidding. You write, go Dane go! In fact, stop reading this comment… You don’t have time!

    I had a great weekend, wherein I attended my step-son’s WEDDING SHOWER, for chrissake. This has been a big year, and it seems the year’s top priority was to remind me how old I am.


    Ha! Yeah, that aging crap is for the birds, ain’t it? Wait until you can see the f**king HALF-CENTURY mark from where you are, like we can. VERY f**king fun. 🙂

  4. You are working! The SLRP is work. And you’ve got family. So ignore us. Besides, I’ve felt so overwhelmed lately, I’m reading very, very few blogs–even though there are many I like. I can’t read them all, much less comment. So if you see less of me, it isn’t payback!


    Not at all. I might be tempted to give up blogging for a while if I’d been through all you’ve faced in the last couple of weeks; let it all settle out and come back when my head’s right. Which’d be never for me. 😉

    Anyway, keep plugging away, or we’ll pull the plug!

    🙂 Thanks for being there, Marta.

  5. Slurp away, my brother, it is gonna pay, and that’s important.

    Amen to THAT, sister. I need the money big-time. 😉

    I give my blog as much priority as I can, but sometimes it is not much. And since I disappear for weeks together from my blog (s), I understand your situation right now only too well.

    It’s tough. But you’ve been doing your blog tour and that’s awesome; your notoriety is growing so much pretty soon I’ll only be saying “I knew her when she was just a struggling freelancer in KL who only spoke four languages…” 😉

    Hugs from across the seas to you and your family…and it feels nice to know I have a friend who has an agent and editor. What more can you want, I ask you? *winks and runs away*

    Hugs back to you sweetie. Thank you for your support and being a great friend. 😉

  6. It’s all good. You know me – it’s not like I’m around every single day online! It’s not an obligation. It’s a labour of love, and it’s OK to take some time away from it.

    I know, I just hate missing it. 🙂

  7. I feel bad when I don’t respond to the blogs I follow, so I’ve been sitting here for over an hour going through your’s and Falcon’s blogs to catch up 🙂 Can’t just pretend the last month didn’t happen, now can I?

    Life is busy, it happens to all of us! I didn’t email anyone for over three weeks. I finally sat down yesterday and responded to everyone yesterday, the emails were piling up, and when I write to people, I like to take my time. I like to write them a real message, I don’t like short, I can’t do it. It’s not in my nature, I have to type lots. So yeah, two hours to catch up on emails, that could have been dealt with in 5-10 minute increments if I had responded when I received them, but right now, my life is nuts.

    Your life is probably nuts, too! There’s a lot going on, and that’s cool. I will miss your posts if you’re MIA, and wonder if everything is okay (because, well, let’s face it, you and Falcon do an awful lot of blogging) but as long as there’s an update every once in awhile so we know that you and the familial unit are great… that’s great, you need to make sure that you, and the familial unit come first.

    We’ll be waiting anxiously for when you get back 🙂

    Thanks sweetie. Congrats on your move, too, and if you think you’re busy NOW, wait until BABY arrives… 🙂

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