Freaky Friday

Well, we had some freakish events around here the last couple days.

  • I might, MIGHT, have figured out what’s wrong with my back, completely by accident, without spending a nickel. That, if true, would, as the kids say nowadays, rock. I’ll let you know as time goes on whether my theory pans out or not.
  • My loving wife took a horrible and frightening fall in the kitchen on a wet floor on Thursday. Panic, screams, lots of heart palpitations. She’s sore. No indication yet whether she needs to be looked at or not, but we don’t have any health insurance regardless, so … yeah. If you pray, pray for her. She’s sore but not in agony. Broke a couple of toe nails in the spill somehow too.
  • Summer reared its ugly head for what will hopefully be the last time here on Thursday too. We sat tight in the air conditioning while the heat and humidity flamed outside. Ugh. Nearly ninety with high humidity. On the upside, there was a lot of wind during the day and last night, a lot of rain too. Today is supposed to be about twenty degrees cooler. (That’s Fahrenheit; for my friends using the metric system it was about 31 here yesterday and will be about ten degrees cooler today.)
  • I watched a movie called “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” with my wife over dinner last night. It’s based on a title of the same name by James Patterson, who also acted as executive producer. I’ve never read any of Patterson’s novels, and if it’s the SAME Patterson (who does crime thrillers, I thought), he ought NOT to venture outside his genre again. Ever. What a stinker.
  • I didn’t get much Slurpin’ done needless to say. I decided to get all my procrastinating done and out of the way early, but it ended up taking up most of my day. Ah well. That’s what tomorrows are for.

So, any big plans for the weekend with you?



13 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. Ah, darn wet kitchen floors does seem to attack many a person. Do hope that your wife feels better soon!

    Me too! Thank you. 🙂

    Today is last day of revolting summer weather and I can’t wait. So weary of the heat/humidity. It’s been 66 days of temps over 90 degrees!

    UGH! I couldn’t take that! When I grew up in Northern California we lived on the edge of a valley. The temperature routinely climbed over a hundred about 10 days every year, just not all consecutively. And temps in the 90s were normal for June, July and August. I know from heat!

    That James Patterson never stops, does he… Won’t be viewing that movie, though. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

    Sure wish I knew if it’s the same Patterson or not, but yeah — not a great movie.

    And waiting to hear your theory about back pain….

    I’ll share when I think I have it figured. 😉

  2. Yeah, what’s the theory?

    Well, things aren’t going so well today, so I don’t know now. I’ll need a few weeks to figure it out.

    It was good talking to you yesterday. It’s been a while. Sorry I used all your minutes. 😉

    My minutes were happy to be used. 🙂 Glad you had a happy birthday, too.

    Oh, and Fal downplayed her injury to me. It sounds worse when you tell it.

    She does that all the time. I call her a martyr for doing it. I don’t think it was too bad when she talked to you though. It got worse later.

  3. I am just sick at heart about DF. No one that kind and good should have to suffer; no one that kind and good should have to watch her suffer.

    Aw, SamHenry — you’re so sweet, hon. Thank you. Others might tell you we DO deserve to suffer, and much more, if you could find them. We’re glad you don’t feel that way.

    Does your state have ANY coverage available to you?

    Probably, but we have a lot of investigating, paperwork and waiting to do for it and by then, it might not be necessary. Our state’s bankrupt, and we are of the wrong ethnic persuasion to get any help; because I don’t have — and can’t get — a copy of my birth certificate and our marriage license, we’re not able to meet some of their documentation requirements. Meanwhile, undocumented immigrants get ALL benefits… don’t get me started. But DF’s of the “wait and see” jib anyway. We’ll find out how she is over the next few days.

    Weekend? A time to recover from new car purchase and brother’s ire that unemployed, I depleted savings. He’s right but my old car was dead. I just could not go the used car route even if certified.

    Ugh, goodness. When you have to have it, you have to have it. It’s a major ouch, but what’re you gonna do? I’m sort of on your side in this, SH; if I have to fork over the cash, what’s a few more dollars for a new one vs. certified used anyway? I’ll pray for you. I know how tough financial times are right now. Almost two years out of work now. 😦

    You have really had a time of it out there in the wild and windy west. The goodness in your little family will be richly rewarded someday. The cream floats to the top. Love

    Love back and thank you. That sort of kindness means a lot. 🙂

  4. On Sunday, I’m going to this thing called The Word on the Street. It’s a festival in downtown Toronto. (Lord give me strength, I will be surrounded by elitist nouveau hippies.) It’s a book festival. Lots of authors will be giving readings and stuff like that. You know something, I think this might be the sort of thing you’d do with your family (minus the walk around like your shit don’t stink like all those stupid elitist nouveau hippies that run (into the ground) Toronto.) (Yes, I’m aware that I’ve inbedded brackets inside brackets. This is me caring.) But I think a big street fair on what’s supposed to be a nice Sunday afternoon weather-wise with all kinds of authors and authorly things going on with a whole section devoted to children’s literature might be something the Darc brood just might enjoy. This specific festival is an annual in a series of festivals that tours Canada. If you’ve got some free time (and internet access), you should take a look to see if your town ever does something like this. I imagine the local librarians would know whether or not your town has such an event.

    You’re right, bud, that IS the kind of thing a Darc brood might enjoy! I’ll have a look and see, but most of the time those things happen in the city proper (like Toronto, only fatter and farther away). Still, it’s worth a look, though the world is getting ready to stop everything and sleep for the next six or seven months for winter. Anyway, have a GREAT time on Sunday and be sure and let us know about it. Somehow. (Your blog…?)

    • There was a presentation by the guy who wrote The Book of Awesome. He apparently started by writing a blog and it blew up and now he’s got a book deal.

      I know of no fewer than three blogs now where this has happened. *Grumblecomplainbitchpissmoan*

  5. Sorry to hear about DF but good to hear that you have a theory about your back. I like Patterson’s crime stuff.

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about his crime genre thrillers. I just don’t know if it’s the same guy.

  6. As a frequent victim of gravity, I completely sympathize with your wife. Falls suck. I hope she recovers quickly. Ugh…

    AHAHAH! Nice — “frequent victim of gravity”! Love it, V. R.! Thanks for the well-wishes too. 🙂

    Good to know about the Patterson movie. The title intrigued me, but oh well. LOL

    I’m still not sure if it’s THE James Patterson, though. Really, REALLY different material if it is; but I’ve seen movies based on Grisham novels that weren’t about lawyers, but farmers. So who knows?

    This weekend, no major plans. Hopefully more unpacking and then some exploring of our surroundings. Should be fun.

    Unpacking’s SOOOO much fun, ain’t it? Best o’ luck! 🙂

  7. Oh no! Please tell your DarcNess that I hope she feels all better soon! Slip and falls are scary – they happen so fast and the consequences can be serious. Thank goodness she seems alright so far.

    We won’t know for sure for a day or two I suspect, with the swelling and all. She was hobbling pretty bad late last night. We’ve got our fingers crossed. If you can spare a prayer or two, we’d appreciate it. Thank you.

  8. Oh, no! I sure hope Fal is OK… that really stinks. Funny, it almost seems like lesser falls sometimes do more damage. If she’d fallen off the roof she’d have been fine. 🙂

    Ha! No, no falling off rooftops, please. Even if she IS fine, I’ll have a coronary episode.

    It probably is the same James Patterson. I heard an interview with him on NPR the other day and he writes tons of stuff over different genres, sometimes with partners. I’m not convinced all his stuff is the same caliber.

    If it is him, then it can’t be the same caliber. Can’t be. He can’t rise to his level on the strength of writing I saw in THAT steamer.

  9. I’m very sorry to hear about Vanessa falling. Jeez, I surely hope she’ll be okay. I’ll pray for her as well; not sure if God will hear much from me … but perhaps.

    I used to feel that way too, Steve. Then on July 30, He told me otherwise. Don’t give up, brother. He won’t.

    I appreciate your visit the other day. You guys are the best.

    Well, if not the best we’re at least hoping for something in the top ten. 😉 Thanks, Steve, and God bless.

  10. This is days later, but I hope Falcon is okay. I fall so often I’ve got it down to a science, but not everyone is as clumsy as I am.

    She’s not prone to it, thankfully. She’s supposedly getting better, but still pretty hobbled.

  11. 😦 I hope Falcon is recovering well! Sucks to be in pain.

    Oh, she’s tryin’. You know. 🙂 Thank you for being concerned sweetheart.

    How is the theory on your back going? What do you think is wrong with it? Backs are a touchy thing, and it sucks there is often little that can truly be done, except learning to cope and manage the pain, because more often than not, in more serious cases (read: chronic) a lot of what can be done, can result in further injury.

    My theory appears to be bearing fruit. More on that when I have it. 🙂

    My brother has some long-ass condition for his back, which basically says he’s screwed. He has an “S” curvature of the spine, and his bottom couple of vertebrae jut out to the left. He’s in chronic pain, and it sucks. He can’t work, because sitting, standing, or even laying down for prolong periods of time is too much. The doctors “could” operate, but they worded it to him like this “you have a better chance of coming out of surgery in a wheel chair, than you do of having a proper recovery” It’s too risky. He’s 22, and he’s been dealing with this since he was about 18.

    UGH! Oh, man! I can’t imagine being so debilitated at so young an age. 😦

    I hope your back pain eases up for you, or goes away/corrects itself soon. I truly do. Having watched my brother go through serious back pain over the last four years… my heart goes out to you.

    Thank you doll. It’s getting better every day. Well, most days anyway. 🙂

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