Behind the 8-Ball

Yep, that’s me. I’m behind the deadline on my Slurp even though I’ve worked on it most everyday. I’m simply not doing enough each time I get butt-in-chair time. On top of that, I’ve had to pitch in more with household things since Fal went down Thursday (I’m not doing great on that either, if you’re wondering).

Today, for example, I had to do a systematic job search (documentation is required for those of us who’ve been bums as long as I have), then get to the library to return our movies (a dollar a day for overdue ones starts adding up), and then go to Mart, comma Wal for groceries for the week.

This is the first time I’ve had to go grocery shopping alone for quite some time. My loving wife was concerned my back would limit how much I could get into and out of the cart and the car, since she can’t assist. I scoffed, because my back has been stronger and less painful over the last few days. And it takes less time to recover, so I figured I could do it.

She gave me a list with a handful of items. I mean, c’mon. Five or six items? For the week? For a family of four? Right.

So I went about my method of going through the inventory of the house in my head, and stocking up where we needed to. In all, I did about a week or more of shopping, rather than the usual 2-3 weeks’ worth the two of us do, but it should get us to a point where LOML can help again. Take THAT wife-who-didn’t-think-I-could-do-this. HA!

The kids helped me unload the booty, and it was great … what they couldn’t lift I carried myself. Between the three of us we managed just fine. Who needs her anyway?

Seriously, the hardest part is getting the groceries out of the cart onto the conveyor belt at the store. There’s no staging area at the back of the belt like in other grocery stores around here, because the cashiers are putting the items directly into the bags on their stupid carousel of plastic bags. Six bags and they’re sitting there with their arms folded across their chests tapping their foot waiting for you to hurry up and get the bags. STUPID set up, to be sure, but hey, no one asked me.

This time it wasn’t really a problem though. I had enough room for everything and I got to the end of the belt just as the sixth bag filled up.

So that’s been my day; how was your weekend?

Off to Slurp now. See ya.


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12 thoughts on “Behind the 8-Ball

  1. Its funny how I thought most of this entry was going to be about the SLURP but you went on the shopping tangent.

    I know. I should’ve changed the title. I couldn’t think of one though. I’m pretty boring.

  2. My weekend was alternately wonderful and disappointing, but I’m glad you guys are managing. Love to Fal.

    Disappointing? Why? And did you see that Edittorrent is pimping Ian’s new site? He’s BIG TIME now! When are they going to sell his book to a publisher? Or is that already done?

    So why disappointing? Huh? Fess up!

  3. My weekend was summed up nicely in Falcon’s comments section today. Shorter summary, good.

    Guess I’ll amble over and check it out. 🙂

  4. Oh man…well, at least you got home alive, right? Awesome.

    Pff. Where’d you read THAT in my post? 😉 (J/K)

    Weekend was ok, went to Downtown Disney w/ the little one where we tried not to die of awe in the Lego store. Pretty cool stuff.

    I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not … *Sigh* Who’m I kidding?

  5. Sounds like it worked out fine and maybe you and the kiddos could do it more often, sort of a family outing with Dad.

    Oh, no … kids stayed home with mom. I was alone at the store. I couldn’t herd cats and do the shopping a the same time. No. 😉

    Best thing about the weekend was it was gorgeous and cool!

    Yeah! Lovin’ the sudden autumn we have!

  6. If I had someone calling from headquarters, I might get a little down and drag. It was amazing how you perked right up being in an area where you could open us a big.

    I’m sorry, sweetie, but you lost me here. Who’s calling from headquarters? Can you clarify when you have time? Thanks for coming ’round, and we love ya.

    • This was one of my fabulous 4:00 AM writings. I can fall asleep in the middle of a sentence or come into one in the middle of it thinking I had started at the beginning. “Headquarters” would be the people who gave you this assignment. I find calls from headquarters, however nice,” can get me down.

      Ah, I see. No, I don’t get calls from headquarters. I got one or two emails from them, but no calls. 🙂

      I am not sure what the hell I meant in that second sentence. I think I meant to say that you seemed to pick up and perk up when you were in your own area with your friends where you could be yourself.

      LOL! Well, when I’m comfortable with the company I’m certainly more fun. 😉 Thanks, SH!

  7. Good to hear that your back is feeling stronger. I’m glad shopping went well 🙂 nice the kids were able to help out, too!

    The kids are awesome and it was fun. More on shopping Monday. 😉

  8. NaNoWriMo starts soon… going to give it a shot? 🙂

    No time this year. AGAIN. Plus, I just don’t know if I like the whole idea. I’d have to see.

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