Saturday, October 9, 2010

9:42 p.m.

Me: [Pounding away at the keyboard, SLRPing my guts out, angry about having to write this, grumbling to myself; I see a shadow behind me and turn in the chair to see the back of Boy’s head at his school desk.] Hey buddy.

Boy: Hi Daddy.

Me; Whatcha doin’?

Boy: [Turns and grins] I”m writing with you.

Me: [BURSTING with pride, stupid grin sliding over my face] Yeah? Whatcha writin’?

Boy: A video game story.

Me. Wow. [Beat] Wow. Really?

Boy: Yep. [I hear the scrawl of his pencil on the paper.] It’s like Super Monkey Ball 2, only without the monkeys in the plastic ball thing. And there’s sharks and stuff.

Me: [Still smiling that proud grin.] Awesome, dude.

9:53 p.m.

Me: [Noticing the Girl sitting on the floor behind my chair, between me and Boy] Hey, Punkin.

Girl: Hi Daddy. [BIG smile.]

Me: Whatcha doin’? [Feels heart melting like chocolate on a s’more.]

Girl: I’m writing with you too.

Me: [Eyes tearing up] You are?

Girl: Yeah! See my pencil? [Holds up pencil and waves it.]

Me: Yes, I see it.

Girl: [Still waving pencil] And see my notebook? [Thumps notebook with her free hand]

Me: I do see it. Very cool.

Girl: I’m writing a video game story too. Like Boy is. [Returns her gaze to her work.]

Me: That’s nice.

Girl: [Doesn’t look up] Know what it’s about?

Me: [Stopped from turning back to MY work] Uh—no, I don’t. But I–

Girl: It’s about a unicorn. And a robot.

Me: Oh, yeah? [Trying to turn to my work] Great, hon, now I have to–

Girl: And the robot and unicorn are attacking.

Me: Oh, well that’s – wait, what?

Girl: They’re attacking, and everyone’s trying to stop them. And you have to find the right weapons and the right ammo to build up enough power to stop them, so you have to travel to different worlds and gather up the stuff you need and make friends with people so they’ll help you.

Me: [Jaw agape] You—really?

Girl: Yeah. And the unicorn and robot have bosses you have to defeat to get the stuff you need and the bosses keep getting bigger and harder to kill.

Me: [Sits there silent, staring at her.]

Girl: [Finally looks up] You’d better keep writing Daddy. You have to finish your book.

Me: Yeah… yeah.


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9 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Hahaha, better watch your back, Daddy. She’ll be published once she learns how to type.

    No kidding! 🙂

    Interesting coincidence: I just yesterday starting playing a game called Unicorn Robot Attack. It’s not as cool as what she described, though.

    AAAHAHAHA! How cool’s that?

  2. Classic dialogue there (including the stage directions :)). And that sounds like some story she’s cooking up… There’s gotta be a ‘real’ SF story out there you can share with her, at least in retold form — a story with the same general theme(s)!

    I wouldn’t even know how to Google something like that! HAHAA!

    I am SO much with you right now on the ‘how come only kids get to have fun writing?!?’ issue.

    I miss fiction SOOOO much. *Sigh* Non-fiction keeps me going, but I miss being able to blog and comment on friends’ blogs. 😦

  3. Your girl is writing a cool video game.

    LOL, it sounded cool to me too. But MAN! What a complex plot for someone who just turned five this summer! Thanks Bob!

  4. LOLOL–this is hilarious! I love how you wrote this, just too funny. My daughter just walked in when she heard me laughing and I let her read it–and she too appreciated it:) In fact she just said–in her very grown-up voice–“WOW, Mom, that little girl is smaaa–rrr—ttt!” 😀

    LOL! Yes, she keeps us on our toes for sure. The funny part is, she seems so smart but isn’t — selectively — when asked to do something! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Miss you terribly!

  5. When they make the movie of your girl’s story, I will be first in line to see it! I hope it comes out in 3-D. Giant attacking unicorn and robot team! In space! SHAZAM!!

    Ka-POW! 😀 I can’t wait for that either … and Daddy will never have to job hunt again. 😉

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