Amazon Released!

The Kindle version of my new short story collection, A Moonlit Stroll, is now available for purchase. It’s LIVE, yo!

I have much to do to update the links in my signature here, and to link to books in my email sig too. I have to clean up the ol’ fiction blog, but LOML says she’s on that. I just feel the need to be doing something.

So, it’s live – just follow the link above and let me know if you need one for the UK. Got that too.

Thanks, all, and God bless!


PS – I have a job interview today. Say a prayer, willya?


8 thoughts on “Amazon Released!

  1. Good luck on your interview today, and tomorrow, looking forward to hearing how it goes! I’ll be thinking of you

    Congrats on the book launch! 🙂

    Thank you and thank you and thank you! 🙂

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