And the verdict is…

… still out.

Meaning, at the time of this writing, I haven’t heard anything back from either job interview. I did my duty and sent the interviewers thank you emails. I just have to wait now and see what, if anything, happens now. (Remember, I got a couple of interviews in August too. Nada from either.)

For those unaware, I had two job interviews scheduled. Getting a job would be good overall – God KNOWS how good overall – but the companies are offering different things. The first company, with which I interviewed on Wednesday, is offering a full-time, permanent job. That’s what I want. It’s also beyond my capabilities at this point. Getting one, I mean, not what they’re offering. It sounded interesting, pays within a range which I need, and is closer to home than I’ve been in a while. Not a lot, but some.

The second was a job until the end of the year with a possible extension for a few months. It pays all right. It’s a contract so no benefits or sick days or vacation or nothin’. I’m also disposable. And it means getting up at 4:30 a.m. to get to work by 8 a.m., including an hour and a half train ride. The train ride the day I interviewed was pretty interesting, too. For one thing, the train was almost 20 minutes late. I got into my interview about 15 minutes late, but only because the recruiter picked me up in a cab at the train station. That will NOT be happening every day. And for the first day, I won’t have the luxury of the shuttle. I’ll have to walk. I did that from the interview and I’d like to say, I’m in a lot of trouble if I have to do that every day. A LOT of trouble.

I won’t go into that now. But the cost of the train and stuff makes me want that one even less. Problem is, I think they want ME and I’ll need to decide soon. I don’t want to have to choose, but I’ll have to.

Wish me luck, say a prayer, whatever you like to do. And thanks for listening.

Have a GREAT weekend, you guys.


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9 thoughts on “And the verdict is…

  1. Well, “through the end of the year” doesn’t sound worth it, plus all the other things you listed. But I know in your situation almost anything is worth it at the moment. What would happen if you contracted with that one and then the other people offered you that permanent position? Could you jump ship and take it?

    Yes, I could, but that would be very unprofessional and the young guy who set this up for me would probably not want to work with me again. Since I never know, EVAR, what the future holds, I try NOT to burn any bridges. *Sigh* It would make me look bad to the client too, and I darn sure don’t want that. ‘Cause … you just never know. 😦

    Whatever happens, it’s an encouraging sign that your interviews have picked up lately. Good luck.

    Thanks. 🙂 They come in waves like this; nothing for a long time then I get a bunch and have to scramble.

  2. Through the end of the year? That’s a really short contract. By the way–short term contract positions typically pay well, not just ok. Keep that in mind and don’t sell yourself short. 🙂

    I hate the short-term, no-promises-on-extension stuff. The company doesn’t release new year budgets until the second week in December, so it would be that long before I could even begin to ask about it. May as well just consider it until the end of the year, I say. But it’s only paying what I made about three years ago, so it’s not great pay. I’m just being honest. 🙂 And it IS a buyer’s market right now.

  3. Hey man – I agree with Sherri and Calliope, especially factoring in the slurp and e-book commitments. I know firsthand what desperation feels like, but jeez… Maybe try a mental trick: “I had ONE interview this week, for a real job, and that’s one more than I have most weeks!” Don’t even count the other one.

    I try to look at it that way, but the likelihood of hearing back from the contract company is greater, so … eh. 😦

    All disclaimers apply, of course – especially “Easy for ME to say…”

    LOL! Ah, your opinion on these things always welcome here, JES. Always. 🙂

  4. Hmmm. Big decision. The first one sounds much more ideal. Hope you get it. I’m supposed to be getting an interview, but the guy has yet to get back to me.

    Don’t be shy about bugging him, CV. There’s a TON of people out of work right now and you’ve got to be the squeaky wheel, you know? Good luck!

  5. That’s a brutal commute. I worked a job like that for a while. It was teaching at a computer school which had 3 locations. The closest one was a 45 minute commute – no problem. They closed that location shortly after I started. The next closest location was 1 hr 15 minutes each way. Harsh, but do-able. The worst location was close to 2 hours each way. That one almost drove me crazy. In the end I resigned, although I suppose if there had been only one location and I really liked the job, I could have moved. Would you consider moving?

    Not to the city, no. No way. And this is only until the end of the year. For a permanent job that pays right, yes, but not for a contract, and NEVER for a short term one. But it may all be moot. I didn’t hear back today from them. 🙂 Time will show!

  6. I agree that the short term job is a bit too short term. If you were guaranteed at least 6 months or so then it might make the commute worth it.

    I know, that’s the hope. But with unemployment being what it is and HOW it is, I don’t have any choice. I have to take it if they offer it. 😦 Hope you’re doing okay Delaney!

  7. Bleah…tough stuff. Well, I hope whatever is supposed to happen, does. The first one does sound better. The commute alone of the second one will probably take years off of your life. Not worth it.

    I agree; but I don’t have any choice, really. If they offer me a job I have to take it. And it IS better than unemployment. Right? 🙂

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