Halloween Weekend

Well, we’re officially in the “holiday season” – at least, as far as I’m concerned we are. I’ve always discounted Halloween as a holiday, but it’s no less one than say Valentine’s Day. It’s just less sexual, which sucks, but it does have candy, which is good. So.

Thanksgiving is next here in the US, and in just two weeks from Halloween my boy will be nine. NINE. Cripes! What happened?! Where’d the years go?

My back could account for every minute. It’s been bitchin’ and moanin’ up a storm over the last few months and my “walk” – if you can call it that – from the job interview to the train station STILL has me sore. I knew Halloween would be no picnic for me. I can’t walk that far or that long and the kids end up being cheated out of their treats if I have to bail.

With that in mind, I considered buying a cane. Maybe a walker. The walker is the ideal solution. I can walk and still keep my gut’s enormity off my lower back. But I have no idea where I can get one and they don’t give ‘em away, so no-go on that one. Then I thought about a cane. Ideally, one of the metal ones with those four feet down at the bottom for stability. But again, they don’t give those away and I don’t have money for that. Plus I’m not sure a cane would’ve helped. If not, it’s money lost, wasted. Can’t chance it.

So, my wife and I developed a strategy. She can’t drive. I can’t walk. So, I’ll drive her to the location of choice and she’d walk the kids around.

Worked out fabulously. I darn-near finished a book I’ve been pecking at for a few weeks, and had my phone at the ready if she needed a lift. (She didn’t.) The kids ended up with a LOAD of goodies and everyone was happy.

I missed being with them though. I swore next year I’d be in physical condition to do it them, and so, as you read this, today is the day I begin an aggressive attack on my girth.

Wish me luck.

Other than that, I just slurped and struggled with THAT doggone thing. Most people think “revising” a book is easy. It’s not. And it’s REALLY not when the writer of the original writes so radically different from my voice. *Sigh*. Wish me luck THERE too.

How was your weekend?


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15 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend

  1. Wishing luck all the way around.

    Thanks. 🙂

    We had a pretty good Halloween, too, if you don’t count the hubs being in a crappy mood. The kids’ costumes were a hit, and we got plenty of candy. Great weather. Last year the walking almost killed me (bad hip, I’m so old), but this year I made it okay.

    Nope, sorry, bad moods count against. I know, I’m usually the one in a crappy mood, and I’m SOOO lousy at not taking it out on everyone else. (I’m learning here. Trying to, anyway.) Glad the costumes were a hit! What were they? And great news about the old-lady hip getting better. 🙂 Now, for my old-man back…

    I’m starting NaNoWriMo with trepidation. I’m not pressuring myself this year–just looking at it as a reason to focus on a new project. See? I’m not even calling it a novel or “my next book,” because I don’t want to put myself in a box. Wish me luck.

    I will and do as always. ‘Course, if you’d used my story-structure method as a map it’d be a no-brainer… 😉

  2. Good luck trying to lose the girth. I am trying to lose mine too. Hopefully I go to the gym three times this week.

    That’s WAY too aggressive for me right now. I’d be happy to be able to WALK. I’m shooting for one of those chin-up bars that affixes to the doorway so I can do a little something with sit-ups, push-ups, etc. But right now, I’m thinking I need a stationary bike. Oh well. Guess I’ll start with easy yoga or something Pilates and go from there. 😉 Good luck and THANKS!

  3. Over the weekend I had a wasp zoom in from out of nowhere and sting my neck, totally unprovoked. It was the most bizarre thing that has happened to me in a long time.

    Well, that sucks. I hope you’re all right, B. And for the record, when I get stung by a wasp (only happened once) I swelled like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float.

  4. Too right on revising…not easy at all!!

    It’s a bear, ESPECIALLY with someone else’s work!

    I’m glad your Halloween worked out well. Sounds like you guys reached a good compromise and best of luck on attacking your girth. It sounds so spirited! Much better than just trying to lose weight.

    LOL — yeah, I’m always attacking something! Hope this isn’t like tilting with windmills though. 🙂

    We made a whole weekend out of Halloween. Sock hop at my daughter’s school, Halloween festival at the local college, and then trick or treats yesterday. Too fun. Wish it could last longer.

    Excellent! Now that’s a holiday done RIGHT! 🙂

  5. No celebrations for me this weekend. I worked all weekend, read an entire novel on Friday, then wrote a book report that is due today in my spare time. Oh, joy! But I did go to a Halloween party last weekend, which was pretty fantastic and basically makes up for this one =P

    Well, at least you had one party. Glad it was a good one. 🙂

    Awesome that you came up with a good solution to the candy caper =] And if you’re interested, you should be able to find a cane/walker at some sort of drug store – I know the one I’m working at sells at least canes. The pharmacy I worked at while I was in high school had walkers. Might be different in the states, though?

    Not sure. I can get canes even at some grocery chains. But the walker is expensive and I can’t afford it anyway, so no big. 🙂

    Good luck on the girth-getting =P I was told last week that I’ve got one more year of thriving youth before I start the steady decline and deterioration XD It made me laugh. Guess I better get on my girth too 😉

    Oh, stay on it while you’re young, Jen! It’s a HUGE pain later. It seems so easy when you’re young and if you don’t form good habits now, you’ll be sorry later. Please take my word for it. 😦

  6. My weekend was pretty hectic. And frankly, I can’t wait for Bob to guess so I’m just going to spill the beans right here.

    Awesome! But I love Bob’s guesses too. So don’t stop doing that, Bob.

    Friday night. Well, I returned from my vacation in the afternoon to a house with very little food. So I went to the grocery store, bought some food. That was my Friday night. Yes, I know, very exciting.

    Hey, it’s all the excitement I get these days. Don’t knock it.

    Saturday. I worked in the morning a little bit. In the afternoon, I finished packing. In the evening, I went to my brother’s place and brought a hamburger from a nearby burger place. It wasn’t a very good burger, but I was just in the mood for a big non-fast food burger. We watched some movie starring Adrien Brody and Forrest Whitacker. I forget the title, but it’s about this social/psychological experiment where a bunch of people are placed in prison roles. Most are prisoners, the rest are guards. None are allowed to leave for 14 days. Suffice it to say, they didn’t last 14 days before the experiment was ended.

    I can bet. I’ll have to look out for it. Sounds amusing.

    Sunday. Very early Sunday, I mean like I just got home from my brother’s place at 12:03am, I turned right around after going inside my house and went out again. I picked up a friend of mine and went to Tim Horton’s for tea. My friend also had a donut. Then back to my friend’s house where we played Trouble (you know the one, the one with the popamatic bubble). I won.

    Trouble’s still around?! Wow!

    In the day time, I took my mother out for lunch.

    You’re such a good boy.

    For dinner, I went to another location of the same restaurant that I ate lunch at. I ordered the exact same thing in both meals. Chicken fried chicken. Mmmm!

    Mmm! Love it!

    After dinner, I went back to my friend’s house and when the door was answered, I yelled “Trick or treat!” Didn’t any candy though. I stayed for about half an hour to help give candy to the kids, but I guess I got there too late. No children came by while I was there. We watched some old Simpsons Hallowe’en episodes instead.

    They’re always good for a giggle.

    I had to get to the other end of town for Zan’s birthday party. It was at a karaoke bar. I sang a couple of tunes.

    Great! Which ones? Are you any good?

    That was my weekend.

    Sounds like a good ‘un!

    • Guess I no longer have to blog about my weekend. I think people like your part more than mine.

      No way you can stop! We LOVE that game you guys play, and even if you don’t do that anymore, you have to tell us about YOUR weekend!

  7. Boring weekend. Went to work with Hubby last week and we didn’t get home until Saturday and then there was just the boring catch up on things.

    You get to go to work with your husband? HOW COOL IS THAT?! What does he do for a living?

    We live out in the country with at least 10 acres between all the homes so we don’t get trick-or-treaters out in this neck of the woods. Just watched some movies from Netflix.

    Oh, sounds like heaven to me, Delaney. 🙂

    • Hubby is an oil/gas leasing agent or landman as they are referred to. He travels for his work and some weeks I will go with him.

      Aw, that’s AWESOME Delaney! How fun that must be for him. 🙂

  8. A very excellent goal and resolution for sure. Sounds like you and your wife are a good team, too! Alas, you are correct and the holiday season is upon us. Time to get on top of that holiday baking, planning the feast and, of course, the shopping (ugh!).

    We try to be a good team. I’m not going to relish the shopping but at least I’ll be able to do some this year for a change. It won’t be much but it’s not a hard candy Christmas for a change either.

  9. I do love trick-or-treating with my kiddo. We live in a great neighborhood for it too. Some folks set up a Trail of Frights. You could get a map of the neighborhood online for houses participating and they’d have extra special treats or frights (one house was grilling hot dogs for anyone who came by) another house had a mini bonfire and another house had a family friendly band. (We didn’t do the band house because my son hates loud music). We had a lot of fun, saw friends, met new folks… and then I left the husband and the kiddo and went to the midnight write for NaNoWriMo!

    Well, that sounds awesome. Just the sort of thing I’d love to do for a neighborhood. Put on a great haunted house, maybe.

    And I just have to say because of a comment you made in your post–have you SEEN most of the costumes for women these days? Seems Halloween is super sexy!

    Actually, any females I saw in costume were under 12 years old. So … no. And up here, in the wide tundra, it’s not exactly balmy on Halloween. 🙂

  10. October here is perfect for miniskirts and plunging necklines! Anyway, I thought I left another reply? Where did it go? I wrote that a couple here was arrested for “dressing” as Adam and Eve. Scary!

    Ah! Adam and Eve? Please tell me they at least included the obligatory maple leaves? Yikes.

  11. I’m glad you two were able to reach a compromise for taking the kids out trick or treating. What did the kiddies dress up as? Did you two dress up, too? When we were kids, my Mama always dressed up and stayed home to hand out the candy (she can’t drive, and loves dressing up), and Dad would always drive us around. Then when he’d get home with us, Mama and her friends would go out all dressed up.

    Kids were Ariel (the Little Mermaid from the Disney movie) and Spider-Man. I’ll let you sort out who’s who. They didn’t have any manatee costumes at the Wal-mart I go to, so we didn’t dress up. 😉

    You should look into your local pharmacy. They may rent them there, the ones I worked at rented a bit of everything for home health care needs, it doesn’t cost a lot, and it’s nice to choose a time-frame to use it in, and this way, you could see, for a much smaller fraction of the price, if it’s something you’d like to invest in. Or go for a hike in the woods and find a nice walkin’ stick. That could work, too.

    Well… I need to be able to put my weight on it BEFORE I can hike in the woods. 😉

    Good luck on getting fit! It’s such a challenge, it’s so much easier to be lazy. I know I need to work on that, too. Just not right now. I’m 19 weeks pregnant now(!!!) and I’ve only only gained a bit shy of 10lbs, which is good, apparently, the average woman gains 50lbs, which I can’t afford to have happen. Matt just signed up for jujitsu, and he’s loving it, it’s not that expensive, and when you work out what it costs for him to sign up for the gym here to use the equipment and junk for the year, it’s a LOT more expensive. Last time I saw my family doctor, I complained about not being able to “afford” a gym, or a weight loss method at home, or whatever… and he made a very good point, that I shouldn’t look at it as an expense, but as an investment in myself, and in my future. Which is very true. Really. And more true, now. I want to be able to run around with my kids, and not sit on the sidelines wishing I could. So for now, I’m just walking, and doing some yoga, but after the baby is born, I’ll be looking for something more aggressive. If not for myself, but for my child.

    Yoga’s good. You need to stay fit, even when pregnant. It will pay off later. 🙂

    Our weekend was quiet. We carved four pumpkins, a puking one, a spider one, a carnivorous one, and one full of mouse holes.


    I worked Hallowe’en (in a mall) and they had their big Hallowe’en party for the kids, so 500 kids all dressed up roaming store to store for candy. We didn’t see a single customer for an hour and a half, just kids on the hunt for Rockets and candy bars. It was a lot of fun, we all dressed up as video game characters, too. I was Mario, and the other guys were Sonic and Maxwell from Scribblenauts.

    Okay, 500 kids is too many. I get a headache IMAGINING the din. 😉

    We only had 14 kids show up at the door looking for candy though, which for our street, apparently that’s a food number. Very quiet strip. They were all very cute though, one of the girls gave Matt a hug out of no where, just ran across the deck, hugged him, and ran off to get more candy from me, and they all wanted us to let the cats out so they could play with them. It was fun, we just wish there had been more kids.

    Hugs can make it all worthwhile, can’t they?

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