In the Final Days

Well, I’m in the last days of my extended vacation. That’s the term I’m going to use to describe my two-plus years out of work from now on. Sounds better, doesn’t it? Makes people jealous. “Oh, I’ve been on an extended vacation for the last two years.” That seems so much cooler than “Yeah, I’ve been an unemployed bum for the last two years.”

Anyway, in this last week of getting ready to take on my job at the new company, I’m only a tiny bit nervous because I’ve not heard back from them on my background check and drug screening. They usually want to send me to some chain of pee-in-a-cup outlets with disinterested and unsavory people handing urine all day where I’ll add mine to the whole mix and wait to be declared clean. But that takes time and I’ve not heard from the company. So with a start date of December 6 looming one week from today, I’m a touch on the edgy side.

But then, that’s me. I’ll ALWAYS find a reason to be worried, nervous, afraid. I’m built that way. It’s what I do.

I did, however, have a good weekend. I took a long, restful holiday. I stayed up WAY too late and did absolutely nothing. Today, I’ll probably start breaking ground on my new fiction pieces. I’ve got about five of them I can list off the top of my head and I’ve jotted their basic structures either onto an electronic form I designed for that purpose, or in a notebook. Either way I’ll have them at my fingertips and ready to go. I just have to decide who’s first. Heh.

Other than those few items, I’ve got nothin’. Hopefully having a job will provide stories I can share here, and the place will be less boring and contemplative and more practical in its content. (Don’t hold your breath.) We’ll see.

How was your holiday?

God bless, all!


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6 thoughts on “In the Final Days

  1. I find it funny that employers get drug tests for their new hires. I understand why. But I still think it’s funny.

    “Sure, we like you for this job, but only if your pee is good.”

    If somebody checked out my pee, it would probably come back positive for chicken feathers.

    “We checked out your pee Mr. WIGSF. You didn’t test positive for any illegal substances, but you do show an unusually high concentration of chicken. Normally, we don’t check for chicken, but there was a beak floating in your urine. That hadta hurt.”

    Being judged by the content of my pee doesn’t concern me. However, being not hired until my pee content is determined DOES bother me. 🙂

  2. Don’t sweat the drug test. I’ve actually had contract jobs where I worked a couple days before they got around to sending me to pee-on-command.

    I’ve never seen that. I guess I’ll try to stop worrying. But … you know. It’s me.

    With all the Doc-in-the-Box testing companies on every corner these days, they can have the results to your employer an hour after you leave the office.

    That’d be cool. They like to say “10 days” so they sound busy.

    The drug test is not “The Event” it once was. It’s just another piece of paperwork in your file.

    Amen to that. It’s been 20 years since I’ve had anything interesting in my system for them to find anyway.

  3. Good luck and enjoy your last week! How was your holiday?

    It was GREAT! Thanks for asking and nice to see you! 🙂

    The holiday has come and gone and I’m grateful for that. We did a meal for nine that wound up including last minute add-ons (i.e. people calling after we served appetizers that we thought were not going to be in attendance). All in all, it was wonderful. 🙂

    Sounds like a great time, honestly. My friends used to come over after they’d finished their meals at home. We all ate sparingly and did our “rounds” house to house. Ah, good times … good times. I’m glad it was a blessing for you! 🙂

  4. Glad you had a good holiday!! Congrats. We had a nice one too, drove back up to VA for a visit with friends and fam. Good times.

    Ah, VA — one of my favorite places. My wife’s absolute favorite, I think. We’d love to be there now. 🙂 Thank you and glad to know it was awesome for ya!

  5. It’s funny how one’s perception of time changes between “vacation” time and workdays. In a way, free time becomes more precious when it’s scarce. And I find it easier to relax once I’ve worked a long tiring day. I hope you find it satisfying!

    Thanks! I hope I do all right; this is a sort of change of venue I’m hoping won’t be too big a trial by fire.

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