Earth-shattering? I don’t know. For me, it’s pretty big news.

I started a novel today. Words, on a page, written by me. I did it. I typed something.

How frickin’ lame do I have to be to find this exciting? But it IS the first fiction I’ve written since 2009. So yay me, right?

In all honesty, it’s been hard to sit and do nothing for so long. I write a lot of stories and do a lot of writing OFF the page, but now I have to make it happen ON the page. I have to confess, I need to scrape rust. BOY will I need volunteer readers. My first reader will need help on this one, I suspect.

I’ve got about 1100 words so far. Rock on me, right? But once the story’s started, I’ve always been of a mind that the words will come. Maybe not writing at 11:45 p.m. will help too. Who knows?

So it’s off and running. I have about a week to get it off the ground before switching to nights and weekends only. We’ll see what happens. I might start another one first. Tick-tock, job’s coming.

How’s it by all you?


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5 thoughts on “Groundbreaking

  1. Absolutely fantastic to hear, dear Knyt. Has it really been so long since your flash fridays? The year has gone by so fast.

    I guess not; Fal pointed out I’d done stuff over the summer I sort of forgot about. But it’s been at LEAST that long since I did anything of serious size.

    Anyway, I know what that feels like, coming out of a long dry spell. Like salve on a wound. I’m happy for you.


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