Okay, so I started that new novel, right? Great news. Then I got stuck right out of the gate.

I mean, I am RUSTY, people. I had NO idea I was so weak. I have to go back and revamp the first thousand words for Pete’s sake! Tweaks, I guess, but come ON! These are rank amateur mistakes I’ve made. These are the mistakes of someone who’s working on the first thing they’ve ever written, not someone who’s started at least three novels, finished one, and written hundreds of thousands of words. I really feel poorly about what I’ve done to this point and have to get back into it.

Also, having a structural plan didn’t help with motivation at all. And execution. Only with the path the story will take. So I need some motivation and inspiration and HOLY COW, practice practice practice! (Which I thought I was getting!)

Guess what my weekend plans are? G’head, guess.

What about you? What are your plans for the weekend, and if you’re a writer, how do you “find it” when you’ve seemed to “lose it” – the knack, the savvy, the suave?

Have a good time whatever you do. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Groundbroken

  1. You were rusty at writing. What’s that like? Did you forget how to spell common words? Did you forget to capitalize the first letter of sentences? Mistake commas for periods? What is rusty writing? I mean, you wrote this post and those errors aren’t here. But I guess you could have dictated this or had somebody proof-read it before you clicked “Publish.” Who knows?

    No no no … I start typing and everything comes out in CANADIAN. You know, spelled wrong, French accent, all that. Then I start over and it comes out in Italian. All hacked up and tomato-y. 😉

  2. You have a lot going on, maybe you’re mind is in another place… anxious awaiting your new job and such, so maybe it isn’t necessarily “rusty writing”, maybe it’s more “subconscious wandering mind”.

    Aw, you’re so sweet! Thank you hon. But honestly, there’s never been a time when I DIDN’T have a ton of worry on my mind. It’s what I do; I’m a worry-wart. So as much as I’d love for that to be true, I can’t use it as an excuse. I’m just out of practice putting prose on a page. 🙂

    Plans for my weekend? Working. Maaaaybe heading home Sunday for a quick visit to see my folks, and swing by our old place to see our old roommate.

    Take time to take care of yourself somehow, sweetie. 🙂 Hope you and baby are doing well.

    • Didn’t make it home… and baby won’t stop kicking me. It’s such a strange feeling. It’s fun, but so surreal.

      Yeah, that’s almost universal for first-time mommies. The little foreign being inside behaving independently is an odd sensation. 🙂

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