The Party’s Over

“Dandy” Don Meredith, former star with the Dallas Cowboys and commentator for ABC’s Monday Night Football for many years, passed away today. He was a part of my childhood for a long time. I grew up watching “Dandy” Don, and I’ll miss him.

Turn out the lights, the party’s over.


In other news, I did NOT start my new job today. The company contracted to do the background checks hasn’t finished their work yet, and apparently, I’m not the trust-worthy type by looks. So they’re waiting for that to complete before I start. My boss, or the man I think will be my boss, anticipates Wednesday or Thursday, but it could be next week.

Or never.

Stay tuned. I’m nervous as all get-out, frankly, but couldn’t tell you why. I guess it’s because anything, ANYTHING, can be used as an excuse to retract the offer. What will they find? I have no idea. None. But it doesn’t matter. It’s how the company decided to ACT on what they find that counts.

Like I said, stay tuned.


With only 19 shopping days until Christmas, have you finished yours? If you’re buying for someone who doesn’t read my blog, what’re you getting them? Do you know what the latest craze is out there?

Hope you had a great weekend, all!


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9 thoughts on “The Party’s Over

  1. How nerve-wracking! Don’t they know what they’re doing to you with this delay??

    I know, right? I feel like calling the guy and asking if I need to continue looking. Maybe I should do that tomorrow. I’m a little nervous they found something and that’s the delay; they’re verifying. 😦

  2. I hate those muddled sort-of-on/sort-of-off situations. The Stepson is dealing with exactly the same thing (except in his case, he’s waiting for the background check to clear even though he’s already been working there for two weeks, oy veh). Hope it gets resolved soon!

    I’m wondering now if I have to hedge my bets and keep up the job search. I haven’t done that since they made the offer, but I’m worried I’m going to be stiffed here. At least your stepson’s working and has a foot in the door! 🙂

    “Working” at home today on a Christmas project for my mom and sibs. I’ll probably (but not necessarily) buy something else for the sibs, definitely for Mom.

    Ha! Love it! 🙂

    As for The Missus, nope, not yet finished. Or started. I’ve got a couple ideas in the pipeline. What makes it interesting shopping for her is that her birthday is Jan. 1, so if I get too MUCH I just let it spill over. 🙂

    Nice. 🙂

  3. Ugh…don’t you love the worrying times? When you know there’s nothing you can do about it anyway, but sit and worry? Sucks.

    Yep, sure does. And let me tell ya, I’m GOOD at worrying. 😦

    Almost done w/ the shopping. Just my husband and daughter left. Not sure about any trends. Fortunately my daughter doesn’t tend to go with them anyway. Good luck on your quest!!

    No? Nothing you’ve heard about what the “hot” gift is this year? I’d hoped it’d be my books for Kindle, but … 😉 Happy shopping! 😀

  4. Hope you get your job soon. I have not gotten my Christmas shopping done. I usually do the bulk of it on Christmas Eve.

    HA! Awesome! Nothing like last-minute-ness to make it exciting! I hope my job comes through too. 😦

  5. Good thoughts and wishes coming your way on the job and I sincerely hope it works out.

    Thanks, Delaney. Us too. This is a horrible experience after being out of work for two years and being this close.

    Almost done with my shopping and I see a kitchen theme running for the kids, they never pick up the little things that you miss when you really need them.

    Kitchen stuff, eh? Like pots, pans, utensils, etc.? Interesting.

  6. I’m buying a fat lot of nothing. Everyone’s getting hand made gifts.

    Depending on what they are, those can be SO cool. The personal touch is beyond awesome. If I had the time and the wherewithal, I’d draw people presents every year.
    Who’m I kidding? No I wouldn’t. I admire your skill and determination to do something personal for everyone. Good for you AND them.

  7. Unless they can use “Being Too Nice” as a reason to retract their offer, I think you’re all good, my dear.

    Thanks. 🙂 There is one thing, but I’m not sure how it will be interpreted or if it will even come up. Time will show, I guess. All prayers appreciated. 🙂

    I’ve finished my December holiday and birthday shopping. My husband has a birthday in December, so he’s getting a flat iron so that he can make his blue-streaked hairstyle stand up. For Christmas he’s getting Old Navy boxers with fancy patterns on them. Seriously, it’s a wife’s duty to keep her husband clothed in decent underwear.

    Finished, eh? Nice work. 🙂

  8. I hope you hear back soon, they can take some time. We’ve had a lot of changes in my company, and my friends in other stores have been sitting anxiously on the edges of their seats waiting for their checks to come back. It’s lame, but unfortunately, it is a slow process. Hopefully soon *fingers crossed*

    No shopping has begun yet. Luckily, our families are so large, we finally all decided that drawing names made a lot more sense. So we buy for the respective parents, our names drawn, and our nephew. Now we shop for 9 people rather than 26 people.

    Matt’s Mom is difficult though. She likes “stuff”, not gift cards, so we’re stuck on what to do. Step-Dad and SIL *love* gift cards (Future Shop and Wal-Mart), and the cousins girlfriend is an avid drinker, so she’ll be getting an engraved beer glass, and I’m making her a set of coasters to go with it. For the nephew, we’re giving him money to go into his savings, a Mr./Mrs. book (you know, the emotion ones), and something else, we’re undecided. We want something… he can learn from. He has eleventy billion toys, one more won’t matter to him.

    Then with my family, I don’t know what to do about my folks, Matt has my cousin (gift card for my work, he loves video games), and I have my brother (totally undecided).

    What about you guys? What are you doing for the holidays?

    Hoping I’m starting work so there MAY, just MAY, be a Christmas for a change. 😉 Seriously. We don’t know what will happen at this point. We’re in holding patterns again. 😦

  9. That is nerve-rattling and rude. What is wrong with them? Well, I hope this waiting period is over soon and things go smoothly from here on out.

    It’s over. 🙂 Happy ending, too. 🙂

    As for the shopping…I never have a clue as to what is hot. And I’ve decided for the mom-in-law to do things for her instead of buying stuff she does not need. For her birthday, I refinished a rocking chair. For Christmas I am painting her bathroom. My dad is the most impossible person to buy for. I’ve got no ideas at all.


    GREAT stuff for the MIL. Nicely done! I hope the dad solution presents itself soon.

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