Ladies and Gentlemen…

As you read this:

I’m at work.

Have a great day. I’ll try to. More when I get  home.

God bless, all.



5 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen…

  1. Congratulations! You made it! Good luck with the computer situation. Get a few paychecks under your belt, and surely you’ll be able to get up and running again at home. Until then I won’t forget about you!

    Thank you so much! We’ll get the computer stuff taken care of. It’s just about time … and money. 😉

  2. This is going to sound ridiculous probably, and overwrought assuredly, but I actually got tears in my eyes reading that. I suspect that things have been harder than you’ve ever fully said, and it must mean more than many of us can appreciate for you to be at work. Hurray for you. Best wishes on this path.

    Thank you, Marta. You’re very sweet and I’m happy for you being here. 🙂

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