So much… So little

Well, I have a nice new computer. I like it. Really, I do. But a new computer brings with it the loss of so much. For one thing, I’ve lost some of my software. Some of it I’m not interested in recovering. Some of it, even though I paid for it, I won’t be reinstalling again.

But some of it, I miss. I can’t replace it. Some of it is just… well, you know. It’s stuff I can’t… um… do again. You know. I can’t get it again.

But I really want it. I mean, I want to make my banners for my blog again. I have a blog theme in place which is capable of using custom headers, backgrounds, images… and I can’t make any. I lost Photoshop in the transaction. I could get it again, but… well. It’s a risk.

Since I don’t really know what went wrong with my old computer, I’m much less willing to risk my NEW computer. It’s better by a long stretch. But it’s not bulletproof, and I don’t know what I might be introducing to the environment. So I figure it’s better to stay clean than risk infection again.

If it was an infection.

I honestly don’t think it was, and I know it had nothing to do with Photoshop, but I’ve lost my nerve to go and do it again. You just can’t trust things you can get for free. It’s like buying a really high-end television from the back of a truck. With the engine running. All the time.

So, what do I do? Do I take a chance, or stay with what’s safe (not to mention legal or right)?

So far, I’m too chicken to decide.



7 thoughts on “So much… So little

  1. I’m also the cautious sort. Find some open-source alternative until you can afford Photoshop. I’ve heard Gimp is a good substitute.

    I’ve heard those who support GIMP say that. I’ve heard Photoshop users say it sucks donkey scrote. I have no clue, but it’s worth a shot, I guess. 🙂

  2. See, this the risk you take when you download pornography. It may be just as infected as the performers.

    One can only hope. 😉 Seriously, I had no porn on it. It was all software from those eye-patch wearing, three-cornered hat guys.

  3. I say play it safe. It’s not worth the aggravation that a virus would cause.

    You’re probably right. *Sigh*

    Too bad Photoshop is so freaking expensive.

    No kidding. I’ll check out GIMP and see.

  4. Hard call to make… but it’s such a headache to go through the bullshit that can come with it, I’ve opted not to bother with anything like that anymore.

    My motto this year: less stress is best.

    We’ve learned a few lessons the last 12 months too, and among them is trusting. I don’t trust the source, so I shouldn’t take the chance. Just sayin’. 🙂

  5. So…you’re saying I shouldn’t have bought that 1500 inch flat screen in the dark alley?

    If I had someone offer me a TV in the back alley I’d take it. There’s no viruses for TVs. 😉

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