Have you seen this?! This is the coolest thing ever, by the coolest GUY ever, and I have the COOLEST ACCENT EVAR!

Check it out here! Teh Awesome is PURE — don’t go blind!

-JDT out-

Copyright 2011 DarcKnyt, all rights reserved


8 thoughts on “I’ve been INTERVIEWED!

  1. I admit to not watching the video because I’m a quiet place, Dane, and I can’t be disturbing others with robot you. Anyway, from the transcript it sounded like fun! Got to know about you a little more (you secretive person you) and about your inspirations. Always good.

    It turned out really well. I wish I knew how he did it. Amazing.

    How’d this interview come into existence exactly?

    He asked me if I’d do one. He wanted to Skype and record. I said no because I hate my voice; so the phone is out too. So we finally settled on emailed questions and responses and he got to test out his new blog promo tool to boot. Win-win. πŸ™‚

    • He certainly tapped into the sarcastic-funny aspect of interviews. Wasn’t stiff at all.

      No, he did a nice job with this. Somehow. I wish I knew how.

      Haha, why do you hate your voice? Win-wins are always good. =)

      My voice is nasally, sissy and LAME. L.A.M.E.

  2. I admit to stopping the video halfway through because once the amusement had worn off the voice started to irritate me 8D The interview was awesome though! The part about the spiders band made me laugh.

    Rectum Spiders IS a great band name, ain’t it?

    I was going to ask you something, but I’ve now forgotten what it was. Too early in the morning, better mosey my way on to getting ready for work.

    Have a good day, sweetie. It was nice to see you again. Stop back if you remember what you wanted to ask. πŸ™‚

  3. This was great! It was both informative and hilarious. Rectum Spiders! HAHAHAHAHA!

    I did a Google search a few days later to see if such a band was around. No luck yet. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

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