Monday Updates

Sorry, y’all. I meant to get to your awesomely supportive comments, meant to thank you all for being such great friends, and didn’t get a chance to get online at ALL this week. I’ve been checking feeds and clearing them through my phone, getting my emails and such, but there’s been a lot going on and most of it’s… not great, but not bad either.

Work is… work. More work than any job I’ve ever had. I’m doing my best but only God knows if my best is good enough.

We got a new TV . Wife loves it; I can’t decide. It should be HDTV and seems… less HD, more like regular TV, but big. We don’t have an HDMI cable for it yet. Anyone know if that’s the problem? It’s a Sanyo, which I thought made a pretty decent product, but I dunno. I think the picture should be sharper. Crisper. Like they are in the stores, y’know? And I don’t feel I’m seeing that. My loving wife says I’m crazy, it’s fine, and by a far cry it’s the best TV we’ve ever had. But for what I paid for this thing, I want my socks blown off. They’re not; they’re still firmly on my grimy feet, being unblown.

Just to see if I’d bought a lemon, or if I got myself a POS, I asked Fal; to Google the set with me and look for consumer reviews. Most people gave the set high marks, and I had to scratch my head in wonder. Then, on a review site, some guy tells another commenter how to make the set brighter. I decided to try it too, and you know what? HOLY COW. What a difference. Now I have to see if that solves my problem with the crisp-picture going through the hi-def thing.

*Sigh* I also found out there’s no zoom feature in Windows Live Writer 2011. I hoped it would be more like Office 2010 that way, but it’s not. Not while you’re using your blog’s theme to edit, at least. Wouldn’t be WYSIWYG if it did, I guess. But still… come on.

The car had a problem on Thursday and Friday, too. Died on me in the middle of my commute to work, on a two-lane road. Greeaaaat. But it corrected itself and seems to be… um… okay. It will cost about $100 to fix should I need that, but it’s honestly not worth putting a lot of effort into it right now. I used electrical tape – I kid you not – to fix the problem. It worked fine Friday night. I have to test it some more, but we’ll see. It’d be great if that could be the final fix, but I’m seldom lucky.

Really need to learn this programming crap and not take DAYS to fix things they ask me to fix. Excel macros, mostly. I have one that’s a buggery bear to resolve. Anyone out there know how to change a While/Wend construct to a Do While construct and have it work? I’m sort of at a loss at this point.

I hope to be back, but I didn’t make as much progress on the proofs as I wanted. I’ll let you know how that goes. And I sent off a graf for each of the new books to my agent; he said the publisher wanted them in addition to our ToCs. I didn’t even know what a “graf” was until I figured out he meant “paragraph” – just now, while I’m writing this. We’re still waiting to hear on those new projects.

My workouts haven’t been going. I stopped after last Monday. I’m just too busy right now. I don’t have even the less-than-an-hour it takes to do this right now. I hope to soon, though. Maybe by the time you read this, I’ll have started again.

Hang loose y’all. I am. See ya soon as I can.


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8 thoughts on “Monday Updates

  1. Did you buy a 720? Or 1080?

    We went full 1080p. 🙂

    Yes, HDTVs are the same as SDTVs if you don’t have the cable to go with it, and take HD options.

    Boy howdy. With the Wii on it, not much difference.

    Yes, you will need to eventually purchase an HDMI cable. No, you do not need to spend a lot of money on one – do NOT listen to the kid at the local electronics store who says you need to spend $50+ on one – the kid is probably commission based and wants you to buy the expensive one. The $15/20 cables will do EXACTLY the same thing. If you set up two TVs side by side, and use the $20 cables on one, and $50 on another… I assure you, the difference won’t be enough to justify.

    I got one tonight. And I have a bunch of questions about that, too.

    Now, bear in mind, just because you purchase an HDTV, and an HDMI cable, does not mean everything will be in HD…

    Hm. I’m listening…

    You then would have to pay for HD cable/satellite, or the HD packages for specific channels to be in HD (this will usually include movie channels and sporting channels, national geographic, stuff like that – check with your provider for what they offer).

    Nope, we’re doin’ the Netflix thing right now; we don’t have and aren’t getting any TV service for the time being.

    Or eventually when you purchase your PS3 (just a feeling you won’t go the 360 route) your games will play at their best capacity (which is 720 or 1080) – the Wii has no HD capabilities yet.

    Already have one… 😉 And yes, there is a HUGE difference, BUT, when we plugged the HDMI cable into the PS3 and the TV, Little Big Planet STOPPED playing music. When in the game, the options say the music player is disabled. WTH?

    Fal found out about the non-HD Wii thing on the forums.

    When you download/rent movies you’ll need to rent in HD if you want the best picture (Matt and I only get movies in HD when they are big action, CGI, lots going on types of films… comedies and stuff, we just go SD), and if you go with PS3 you’ll get BluRay and HD capability.

    I wanted to try HD before, but now I HAVE to try it. I don’t know how to select HD on Netflix right now though. I’ll have to figure that out.

    As for how sharp and crisp the picture looked in the store. That’s a marketing trick. Our local Futureshop actually shows two TVs – one on top, and one on the bottom – and they ask “which has the better picture?”. Your eye is drawn to the one with the bright and sharp images that are showcased on the screen, so you select that one. However, it’s not the case, unless you like bright images. When you look closely and compare them, you’ll see more unnatural tones in the brighter one. Stores who showcase TVs always set them on a brighter, sharper, crisper setting… more than what they should be set to, typically, unless that’s your preference. For exactly that reason – it’s eye catching. So it’s your settings.

    You know, the quick setup guide that came with our TV explained how the retail setting sets the picture on “Vivid” and you don’t realize the energy savings the TV’s EnergyStar thing does. But you know what? I don’t watch TV to save power, I watch it see a movie or show. So when we’re not using it, the TV’s off.

    • What questions do you have about the cables?

      I don’t have any questions now, sweetie. I wondered if changing to an HDMI cable would kill the music in Little Big Planet somehow, but it turns out the on/off switch for it in the game is an opposite button and it was toggled off. Probably by my son, who likes to mess with stuff.

      As far as I know, Netflix does not offer an HD option. I’ve not come across it yet.

      Bummer. 😦 I’m STILL downloading Bolt from TUESDAY for Pete’s sake! But Netflix fires right up; the download from the Playstation store sucks. 😦

      When you rent movies, you’ll need to rent in HD or BluRay to get their best quality. Or if you decide to hook your PS3 up to the Internet (which is free), you can log onto their PlayStation Network, and they have a store, which you can purchase movies, and TV shows on to download, or little extras for games, expansion packs, even some old school games from the PlayStation One, and they have lots of mini games. You can use a credit card to purchase (I don’t recommend this), instead you can purchase PSN cards in $20 and $50 increments to spend like money. You aren’t taxed in store, you’re taxed online (just a heads up because some people don’t notice this and put up a fuss thinking they’re taxed on both ends). The best thing about their movie network, is that the day the new movies are released at Blockbuster – they’re released on the PSNetwork, too! So the selection is ALWAYS great.

      My major issue with the PSN store right now is the downloads take forEVER! I can’t download it any faster, and I can’t find a way to make it happen any faster. Any tips? what am I doing wrong?

      I’m not sure about the sound thing. I’m headed to a doctor’s appointment in a few, so I’ll take a peak on mine when I get home and see what I can figure out. Probably a settings thing.

      No worries, Fal figured it out while I was at work.

      lol I don’t think anyone watches TV with the intent of doing their part to save the planet. 🙂

      Not me, that’s for sure. I couldn’t care less about saving the planet any time, never mind TV time. 😉

      • Could be a settings issue… check your settings on the PS3 and on your TV, just to make sure it’s all set for HD.

        It is. And when I plugged in the HDMI cable, WOW! What a difference!

        • Hehe, glad you figured out the sound issue… it’s pretty cool when you see the difference in HD, too.

          HOLY cow is it ever. MAN.

          As for the download speed on the Network, are you trying to do anything else while you’re downloading? Sometimes ours goes slow, and sometimes it goes fast. I think it may depend on peak/low internet usage times, or if we’re using the laptop and computer for anything, too, and our router is a pain in the butt sometimes.

          Well, our router is BRAND-SPANKING new, as of last night. I don’t think that’s the issue, because replacing the old with the new didn’t seem to have much impact. AT. ALL. 🙂

          We like to download a movie while we’re out of the house, so when we get back, it’s usually done.

          It shouldn’t be that way, though. Sony’s doing something wrong. Fal read on a forum if you turn OFF the media server connection it will go faster. I couldn’t tell really.

          I like Netflix because it’s instant, and it’s so cheap for how much we’d like to watch. The Network is nice for newer releases we’d like to see, or things we really want to watch, but aren’t on Netflix yet.

          Yeah, that was my hope, too. But LORD! That’s too slow. I don’t know if I’ll EVER use it again. 😦

  2. I haven’t moved up to the HDTVs yet. I’ll wait until my kids are older and not in such a careless stage. Good luck on wrapping up your proofs.

    Thanks, CV! I’ve been waiting about seven years for a new TV. And my boss has had his 32″ tube set since 1995 and it won’t die. 🙂

  3. Congrats on the new TV and yeah, you need HD programing to see the difference as well as the cable. Enjoy.

    I got the cable. HOLY CRAP. What a difference!

  4. I still have the large TV I bought at a yard sale for $100 about 10 years ago. I don’t know what I’d do if I got one of those new high falootin’ TVs. 🙂

    Oh, the falootin’ ain’t high ’round these parts, hon. But we likes our TVs BIG and KEWL!

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