Win some, lose some

Writing and Publishing Updates

Well, we finally sent the scanned proofs off to the editor for my WIP, the project formerly known as SSRLP ‘round these parts. It’s in the can, and unless the editor comes back to me with a bunch of questions or fixes, I’m sitting back and waiting for the money now.

I have not, however, heard about the other two books the publisher considered me for writing. I hope to have that soon.

As for fiction, anything I write to tell you how I’m progressing would be just that. Nothing happening right now. Nothing. *Sigh*

Cars and Repairs and Money Down the Tubes

Last several weekends, we’ve blown big money. This one was no exception. We went out and got four new tires for the car on Saturday, and I also intended to get the battery/electrical problem fixed.

Background: The car’s battery indicator light comes on intermittently. It died on me last week, but a couple of strips of electrical tape seemed to do the trick. Alas, no so. Friday when I tried to start the car it wouldn’t. I gave it a tweak of the cable as I had before the tape was applied, and nothing happened. Harder tweaks were successful for a while. About halfway home, the light came on again and stayed on until I got to a gas station. I filled up the car and it wouldn’t start. The tweaks didn’t work. Re-tweaked; nothing. Got desperate and mucked with the cables hard. THAT did the trick. I get home and decide I’d better have some pros look at it.

Off to my local Midas. I called them last weekend and asked how much it would cost to have a new negative battery cable installed. He said $50 to $100, depending on how long it was. No more than that. So, I can’t make an appointment for Saturdays – it’s first come, first served – and then I did the tape and it seemed fine so last week I didn’t go. This week I show up and they tell me probably three or four hours total, since they need about an hour to get a bay free to do it, then about an hour for a tech to get to it, and then about an hour of work. I go and have breakfast with my family at the restaurant next door. We were nice to our server and tipped her nicely. Before I paid the bill, I got a call from the shop. Car didn’t need a new cable after all. It just needed a new battery terminal. They trimmed the wires, put on the new terminal and it’s fine. The rest of the cable was in outstanding shape. Great! How much do I owe for the good news?

Oh, about $33. Total. Out the door, with taxes and everything. I almost hit the floor.

A trip home and a quick debate had us at the local Sears to get some new tires. It took forEVer to do, but they were less money per tire than we thought they’d be too. Still almost $500, but not the $650-800 we’d been quoted in other places. It was an awesome day. And our car isn’t as much of a hazard anymore. (Brakes are next month.)

Adding Clutter

We blew another $150 or so doing other stuff while we waited for the car, and dinner was us scrounging around for something late. I picked up a game for my son, a Little Mermaid pillow for my daughter, and the wife, bless her heart, tried unsuccessfully to find a purse. I got a couple of new shirts for work. I tried on some old ones too, and I’ve lost enough weight I can wear them too. I have more than twice as many shirts as I had last week, all in a couple of days. Awesome. Awesome, I tells ya!

Exercise and Fitness

Unfortunately, all this running around left me exhausted and my exercise regimen, scheduled to begin on Saturday, didn’t. I’ll say no more than that. I’m sad to think I blew it, but blow it I did. There’s always another day, I guess. (Until there isn’t. But that’s another post.)

How was your weekend, y’all?


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4 thoughts on “Win some, lose some

  1. Glad to hear that the money spent on the car was less than expected as that is unusual since it normally goes the other way so – woo-hoo!

    Me too. Thanks, Delaney!

    Cut yourself some slack on the exercise. You said you lost some weight so way to go! You’ll get there with the exercise routine, just take it one step at a time.

    Aw, thanks. I’m doing my best, I promise, and soon, I will be doing it. 🙂

  2. Cars are so expensive. We shelled out way too much last month for ours, and we’re so broke it’s not even funny. Well, maybe it is to a sadist or someone rich.

    Ah, my dear, I have ALMOST all the qualifications of a rich bum. Almost.

    Anyway! Shirts are fun. I must follow in your steps and lose enough weight to get into the shirts I bought that suddenly stopped fitting because I gained like ten pounds. Damn Christmas cookies.

    It was like doubling my wardrobe in a day. Awesomeness. 🙂

    Still, I hope your fiction writing goes somewhere and that you have to spend less on random car stuff from now on. At least for a little while.

    Me too, and I hope the same for you. 🙂 Alas, the brakes are next up… sooner rather than later.

  3. That is a very productive weekend! I’m glad to hear that you’re fixing up your car. Safety first!

    Indeed! Productive, but EXHAUSTING! At my age, all I want to do is vegetate on weekends. 🙂

    My husband takes very good care of our car. It’s a Chevy Cavalier from 2001. Ten years old, but it doesn’t look it, and with proper repairs it drives very well. I’m just glad it’s all his responsibility because I wouldn’t know where to begin with oil changes and the like!

    I’m not a car guy, that’s for sure. All I can do is all i can do, and mostly that’s pay someone else for doing it. 🙂

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