Friday Free-for-all

Ah, Friday at last! Huzzah, huzzah!

The New Books

I heard from the editor about my two new books. Seems he took a look at the competition and realized NO ONE is publishing introductory books on HTML5 and CSS3 separately… just like I said. So now he wants to combine the two into a single baby-steps book. Good. NOW you’re talking. Of course, that’s going to HALVE my money. Dagnabit.

Still, it’s something. I want to pitch him a OneNote book, too, and see if I can get Fal to work on it with me. She’s fallen madly in love with OneNote, and I have to tell you, I knew it would happen. I tried to get her to use it back when I wrote the first of my technical books, and I tried to pitch it to the publisher then. But she’s way better with it than I am and I bet we can make it look exciting to the publisher now.

Whattaya think, babe?

The Job

Something amazing happened with my job and the programming side of things. I don’t know why other than the Lord just blessed me, but I looked at some code I’d looked at a thousand times before and it not only made sense, I’m about 80% finished with something I’ve been banging my head against fruitlessly for the last two and half months. I’m so excited I could just puke.

I also got to set up a new SharePoint site for our business group, develop a template for collecting data (I actually had a form designed but it wasn’t flexible enough for our needs and I don’t have time to research it), and maybe, just maybe, things are starting to fall into place. Maybe.

Thanks, Lord. The prayers of my wife and children seem to be having a positive affect.


Yeah, not so much. I still haven’t started. I want to pick it up on a Friday when I can sleep in the next day and recover, then keep on my progress and develop a head of steam going into Monday.

Someone at work suggested maybe it’s like a lot of other things. When we think about it, it’s easy to make a big, scary dragon out of it when really it’s not much at all. We psych ourselves into being sedentary this way. I know I do, for sure.

But this ends this weekend. I have nowhere to go, nowhere to be. I’m going to do this.


Since I’m not exercising, I figured I’d better be extra diligent in my diet. So far, so good. My loving spouse and I have been on it for about two months now, and I’m starting to see – and feel – the difference. My clothes aren’t so constrictive, I’m wearing shirts I haven’t worn in a couple of years, and maybe more like three or four.  They’re not stretched taut over my gut either. So that’s something.

Yeah, it’s working. And you know what? I don’t miss the things I’m giving up to do this. I really don’t. Whether or not it’s realistic remains to be seen, but my goal is to get myself from where I am to under 10% body fat. I’ve never been that lean before, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be now.

I hope.


I’m way happier with our TV. We took the one with the bright spots in it back and bought another one somewhere else. It’s a couple inches smaller, but I think it’s a better size for our room. And the picture is MUCH better because I got the HDMI cable to go with it. We got a PS3 for a Blu-Ray player and the kids absolutely adore Little Big Planet. Thanks to Onyx Nightingale for that recommendation! Great call sweetie. Now… any others? ‘Cause Little Big Planet 2 is way too expensive. 😉

The Wii has been relegated to what it actually is – a basic game machine. My son loves his Mario, so those games see action. Who says you don’t need more than one game system? XBox 360 Kinnect, here we come. 😉

I don’t know whether to buy the kids a new computer for their little games and stuff or get myself a really nice one and give them this one. There’s nothing wrong with the one I have, but it’s not the best thing out there either. I saw a triple core machine I liked, and I think I saw a quad-core too, but I don’t know if I want to drop a grand on a PC. At the same time, I do want a bigger HDD and more RAM, and having higher processor speeds wouldn’t be a bad thing. I haven’t decided, but then, I don’t have my mad money yet either. When I get it I guess I can decide.

What’s up with all of you? Any plans for the weekend? Sound off and let me know, y’all.

Have a good one whatever you do.

God bless!


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5 thoughts on “Friday Free-for-all

  1. Okay, no PS3 is complete without Resistance: Fall of Man.
    Sure, not suitable for DarcLyte (or whatever you call your son) but mommy doesn’t need to know. Hint hint.

    Ha! Okay, as long as it’s not $60 (or I can pick it up used), I’ll get a copy and check it out. He’s had a hard time with The Bourne Conspiracy though, so it might still be a bit mature for him.

  2. It’s excellent to hear everything is falling into place with work, and the diet, and the work out plan, and life. What are you going to be doing for the workout plan?

    I’ll be doing Power 90, starting tomorrow! I can’t wait. 🙂

    Personally, in regards to the computer, I would recommend giving them the older one, and getting a newer updated one for yourself. Why? If they just use it for gaming, and internet research for their school work, the older one would suffice – plus – the old one should be fine to run all their old games on, new games are a pain in the ass when it comes to system requirements (I wish we’d stop selling PC games and strictly sell Blizzard product), so anything new and exciting that comes out on PC, unless you keep your PC very up to date, most won’t play. And with the PS3, there is ample supply of games to pick up, and download. Get yourself a new shiny toy 🙂

    You won’t have to twist my arm! 😉

    I just finished LBP2 the other night, it’s excellent, it really is, but if it weren’t for pre-ordering, I wouldn’t have just walked into work and bought it, either. Whenever Matt and I see new games coming out we’re interested in, we pre-order, so every pay we can throw $5 or so on the game, and by the time it’s ready for release, our game is paid off. It’s much easier for us to drop a bit here and there than dropping $70-80 all at once. The nice thing with LBP though, there’s a million things to keep doing once you beat the story mode. Do you guys have a second controller yet? If you don’t, there are controller bundles available to buy which cost an extra $5 than you would normally pay, but they come with a game! There is a blue controller bundle that has Ratchet and Clank in it, which would be a fun one the kids would enjoy. Stay away from God of War bundle… unless you are interested in it for yourself and Fal to play, lol, it’s rated Mature for a reason! And we just finished Angry Birds the other night, it’s a mini game on the PS Network, it’s like $4 and hilarious! Other network games I would highly recommend – Peggle & Peggle Nights expansion, Castle Crashers, and Puzzle Quest (Bejeweled with an RPG base mode). The next couple I would love to pick up (if they drop in price, they’re around $30 each right now, and I don’t want them enough to justify that much, I want to see them at $20 before I buy them) are 3D Dot Heroes, and Mini Ninjas. There are some great Sonic titles available, too. Sonic & Sega’s All-Star Racing is popular (basically a spin-off of Mario Kart), and Sonic’s Ultimate Sega Genesis Collection is pretty popular. There are a lot of old school games on there, depending on how comfortable you are with some of the shooting and beat ’em up types that are in there, too.

    Um… Ben 10 is popular with the kids, Kung Fu Panda, and anything from the Lego series is popular. If they like racing games, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is the newest, very popular, or anything from the Need for Speed series sells well… Burnout Paradise… DiRT 2… Oh and for the football fanatics – there are a MILLION Madden and NFL titles. Prince of Persia is a good adventure game… Spyro is always popular, and sometimes difficult to find… and there are 3-4 different Spiderman titles, too for the little man… oh and if they get into RPGs (or if you guys do!) Eternal Sonata is very nice… there are TONS of games, really. And the Network has a great selection, too.

    The bonus being, if you’re concerned about ratings, is that all games have a rating posted on the front, and then on the back, it will list why they have given in such a rating. That being said, games rated M for Mature… it’s vague. Some are FAR worse than others. Some parents are cool with killing aliens, but not people, some are cool with shooting guns, but any mention of sexual content and it’s a no-go. In Canada, it’s illegal to sell M-rated games to a minor without the parent being present to do the transaction, and in our store “are you aware that the game you are purchasing is rated M for Mature and is intended for ages 17 and older? And just to let you know it is rated M for the following reasons”… I LOVE seeing the jaws drop on some parents faces when we start listing all of the reasons. The kid is just glaring at us, because we know they lied and told their Mom “no, no, it’s not bad, it’s just a bit of swearing, but I’ll turn the volume down!” And Google-ing game play is helpful, too, before you make a decision.

    And I would recommend staying away from games based on movies… they always sell, but they’re always traded in later saying how really lame it was. Movie based games are aimed at children who see a movie, and are hooked, loved it, then see the game and think “OMG THIS WILL BE SO COOL!” an talk their parents into dropping $50 on it, to find out it was really just another item they’ve plastered the name on to get more revenue. Don’t get me wrong, some kids like ’em, but the average on feedback – not so hot.

    Wow! As usual, doll, you’re a WEALTH of information! Fantastic! Thank you SOOOO much, and I’ll be able to come to you with questions about games and such! Nice to know an insider! Heh. 🙂

  3. Fitness and dieting is such a constant battle. My hubby joined a rock climbing gym and went down a whole belt notch and everything was going so great… until he pushed himself to do a hard move and injured his hand. He’s gaining that belt notch back now. *sigh* Oh well, three steps forward and two steps back is still progress. If you’re losing weight with diet only, just think of how well you’ll do when you have time for some exercise!

    Oh, I’m not losing anywhere near enough, but I am excited about the prospect of being skinny again. I have such deliberate and high-placed goals, though, I hope I don’t set myself up for failure. That’d stink.

    And congratulations on your programming breakthroughs! You must feel so relieved. I’m happy for you. 🙂

    I do! Thank you so much. And I had a few more breakthroughs today. Thank the LORD!

  4. The other game we got free with our PS3 system is Infamous. It has a little bad language, but knowing your mouth I’m sure it’s nothing the kids haven’t heard before. 😉 I don’t think they use F-word. Anyway, it’s a pretty cool game, with parkour-style moves and electricity as a weapon. Here’s the Infamous Wikipedia entry. It’s dark, but since it’s fantasy violence with no blood I find it more palatable than, say, Grand Theft Auto.

    Nothing they haven’t heard before?! F**K YOU, B!TCH! 😉

    And yay for more non-fic work. 🙂

    I like the dough, not so much the style of work. *Sigh* But hey, I’ll have three books published in about two years. No one else I know can say that without having to name CreateSpace or AuthorHouse as their publisher. 😀

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