I Dudditz!

Well! What a weekend!

First, we discovered Sony made a remote for the PS3 so you DON’T have to use the stupid little game controllers to try and work the DVD player. We found it and bought one. Nice. VERY nice. Much better. Now I’m wondering if the kids could use it to play games.

Then, I actually started my workout routine! Woo! Two days in a row! Go me! And while I was out shopping, I found a set of cheap dumb bells I picked up so I don’t have to use the resistance bands for everything. The bands are fine, and awesome, but MAN they take a long time to get set up. With the weights, I just use ‘em as they are. Now I want to go to Ace Hardware and find some foam tape to put around them, add a little bit of PVC piping to it, and make ‘em Fat Grip dumb bells. Or maybe I’ll cough up the $39 plus shipping for these things.

Finally, I put together the TOC to combine  my two latest non-fic pitches into a single book. I fired it off the to the editor over the weekend so he’d have it Monday when he got in.

This week’s going to be crazy. Had to back the alarm up half an hour today; some visitors from corporate are coming in and I have to be there to help them get hooked up with printers and stuff like that. We’ll be testing a new order management system this week, and I’ll be full-time in the training room helping them and learning and testing and whatnot. Should be interesting. Like being a professional beta tester. We have several phases yet to go through but I’m looking forward to becoming an expert on the new system.

If I don’t talk to you the rest of the week, that’s why.

Have a good one, y’all!



5 thoughts on “I Dudditz!

  1. Busy, busy! Good stuff 🙂 Glad to hear your work out has started out so well!

    It’s going all right, I think. You’d have to find out from my boss if it’s going well though. 😉

    As for the controller – some do, some don’t. Depends on the brand you picked up. Some are a single function (remote) and some are a triple function (remote/controller/chatpad).

    I got the Sony PS3 brand remote. I think the kids COULD use it to play games. But we only use it for watching BDs. 🙂

    • Good luck with work. I know what it’s like to have corporate visitors in town. 🙂

      Thanks Abbe! They’re really nice, but it IS a bit of pressure to do what they’re asking AND keep up my normal duties.

  2. The PS3 remote is a little bit awkward at times. I don’t like where they put the O button. Feels like it’s in the wrong place to me.

    I’d have to see. I thought they were laid out pretty similar to where they are on the PS3 controllers. Hm.

  3. Love the title of your post, we just watched the movie this last weekend.

    Me too! Friday night! … well, at least until I got sick of seeing “Retrieving” all the time. 😦

    We buy some of the movies we really liked and want to keep a copy of the rest we watch through Netflix.

    I like to see ’em once before I buy, just in case it stinks. 🙂

  4. I Dudditz…hahahahaha. I might have to start using that one, not that anyone I know would get it.

    I know, most people won’t get it. I sometimes tell my boss, “Good night, Wesley, sleep well; I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.” He just grins, but doesn’t get it.

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