Excuses, Excuses

Since I’ve gotten my new computer, I haven’t updated my self-epublishing software. No need to – I’ve been working on the non-fiction books and not really writing fiction for a long while now. So when I saw a Facebook friend asking questions about putting books up on Kindle and B&N, I remembered to go get my software.

Seems things have slightly changed since the last time I used the software, but maybe I’m cracked. It looks for all the world like either I missed something along the way, or didn’t really know what I was doing, if the software’s the same as it was when I last published something.

The software is pretty nifty. It asks for a file to convert. I give it a Word file.

It spits out an HTML version. Then it converts the HTML version to a PRC file, which Kindle supports and likes.

That’s. It. NOTHING. Else.

Holy crapola. Are you kiddin’ me?

I spent days writing about how to format an eBook for Kindle. (See this post, this post, and this post if you’re interested.) Now it can be done in a couple of steps? What the heck have I been doing?!

Well, no matter. It’s all good, because now I’m here to not only tell you about it but provide you a link to the software I use. If you’re interested in converting books to eBooks you can publish on Kindle, it’s the easiest way I know of to get the job done. Now it’s even easier.

imageThe software’s called Mobipocket Creator, and the link is right here. I gave it to you before, but just in case, now you have it again.

The software is about ten meg as a download, and installs easily and quickly. I installed the advanced option when presented with the choice, and maybe that’s the difference in how it worked this time from last time. Once installed, just run the software, tell it you want to input a document for conversion and it will transform said document into an HTML file. Then you do the build with the HTML file, your book cover and your table of contents if you’ve done one up separate. Put it all in, click the Build button on the toolbar and in a couple of really fast seconds, BANG! – eBook.

imageNow there’s no reason to fuss and worry about HOW you can possibly turn ALL those pages from your manuscript into workable eBook pages! It’s all so quick and simple, no more excuses!

imageIf you’re interested in making a good, quick eBook from your existing Word document (it can process other document types too), this is the easiest way I’ve seen.

I’ve got to spend more time looking into whether the HTML is clean or not, but once it’s a PRC file, I’m not sure it matters. Only one way I know of to find out – publish it on the Kindle store and see if Amazon accepts it.

No more excuses about formatting! Go publish! – or make other excuses why you can’t, ‘cause that one don’t hold water no mo’. Heh.


Copyright 2011 DarcKnyt, All rights reserved

6 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses

  1. How awesome! You just saved me an eternity’s worth of time and blunders! Can I do it from an Open Office Word document. Not a big deal if I have to copy and paste first, but just checking.

    Yes, you can… just save the OpenOffice document as a Word document. Make sure you have NO fancy formatting, because that might mess it up. But yeah, I don’t see why you can’t use OO.o for it, Courtney. Go for it! Tell me how you do! (The Mobipocket Creator software is ONLY for Windows, btw, just FYI. I didn’t know that when I wrote the post.)

    • OpenOffice does a pretty good job of saving as a word .doc. No cutting ans pasting necessary, just “Save As”.

      And I’ve actually broken down and started directly uploading the .doc to smashwords, kindle, and nook stores and letting them do the conversion.

      I thought they were pretty fussy about formatting, and it’s just easier to give ’em what they want (PRC files seem fine so far, unless something’s changed I don’t know about). Thanks, Bryce.

      • I’ve only ever had a title rejected by Smashwords, and that because I spaced and indented paragraphs. Maybe I’m just a formatting genius.

        They’re pretty fussy. Much TOO fussy IMO for something with that little traffic.

  2. Wow!

    Can this be done on a Mac? *Asks quickly and goes to hide under table *

    Sorry, Damyanti, no. They have an ebook reader for the Mac, but not the ebook creator. Sorry. 😦 (No need to hide, all are welcome here!)

  3. That’s what I used. The only thing they don’t tell you is that your interior image files, if you have any, will be duplicated at the end of the book, unless you delete them before you create the prc file.

    I only had a cover image on the first page, but never saw a duplicate image at the end. Thanks for the heads-up, Linda. 🙂

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