What is it…?

…About Sunday that induces sleep? I could drop off into the embrace of Morpheus right now and not regret it until I can’t make it to work tomorrow because I stayed up all night after a three hour nap.

Sundays. I have to find something to do to be more alert. Guess I’ll work on my new book (non-fic) now. 😦


2 thoughts on “What is it…?

  1. Every afternoon induces sleep. Good luck working on non-fic through your afternoon. I’d fall over my computer in a coma.

    Oh, the money’s pretty motivating. And it’s sort of challenging, not boring at all. Writing it isn’t like reading it at all.

  2. Beats me. Yesterday, I slept in, took a nap in the afternoon then went to bed early. Still feel like I need more sleep.

    There’s no such thing as “enough” sleep.

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