Itching Again

I’m itchin’ to write again. I can’t tell you how bad.

This, however, is nothing new. The instant I take on a non-fic project the interest in fiction writing spikes. I have to turn out more of it, eventually. I have a WIP I need to finish up, I have another stuck around halfway which needs a bit of an overhaul, and I have a third I began at the end of last year which I haven’t touch and sort of lost part of when my PC died. But all that aside, I have a non-fiction project to write. And that pressing deadline looms.

Now I’m afraid I won’t make deadline, and I don’t even know when that is. I haven’t been paid for the last one I did yet, either, because that’s how this industry is. They’re always pounding the authors for the product (this one likes it in less than 90 days if possible) and they don’t pay on time for any reason. Scream too loud and you’re a troublemaker, sure not to be chosen for future work. Don’t scream loud enough and they “forget” to pay the author in an “oversight”. The excuse I’m getting now is, they never received the contract. And if they did they can’t find it. Sorry. It’s your problem.

But hey, it’s the traditional publishing way, right?

To appease my desire to do something creative, I worked on a couple of covers for my next release. I have a couple of covers for my original one, but I think I lost them with the computer crash. I thought I’d saved everything but the place I thought I saved them didn’t exist anymore when I tried to recover them with my new computer. So…all gone. Which hurts, because they were cool. I’m not a graphic artist by any stretch, and no guru with Photoshop and its ilk, but I’ve found some fun tutorials online I think will help.

But that’s the nature of the game, I guess. Or at least, that’s how things have gone for me.

This weekend’s been about trying to relax, trying to catch up on sleep, trying to make sure I’m at least breaking ground on this new project and cover a lot of ground on it. I haven’t done squat so far, but I know the material and can probably get this one done a little faster than the last one, but I’m still playing with fire. And I wonder what it will feel like to return to fiction writing after so long away. I wonder if I even can return after so long away.

But that’s something I’ll find out when I start writing fiction again, isn’t it?

Work is hard right now. I hope it’s going to improve soon, but for now, it’s a bear. I can barely keep up never mind get ahead, but it feels to me like I’m blowing a chance to shine. *Sigh* Oh well. I can only do what I can do, and I’ll keep trying no matter how hard I fall on my face. That’s what I do.

KindleOh, and I got darn close to buying a Kindle this weekend. Did you know you can buy Kindle at Target stores? My wife told you that a while back, I think, but I figured I’d mention it to you again just in case. If you’re on the market for a Kindle, check out Target. If nothing else you can handle the device and see if it’s right for you before you actually buy it. Fall in love with it and you can take one home. But if you’d rather have a better price, you can get on it Amazon instead. FYI.

How’s it by you all? What’s new with you?



7 thoughts on “Itching Again

  1. Is it strange that I’m itching for you to write again too? 🙂

    RAGA! How are you hon! *HUG* How wonderful to see you again!

  2. You have great perseverance. It takes a lot of guts to keep trying even if you’ve tripped so many times.

    Thanks! Perseverance or stupidity, I haven’t been able to tell which. 😉

    Looks like you need to be inspired.

    Aw, well, inspiration comes cheap. What I need is more time. 🙂

    I haven’t seen a Kindle up close but I’m not really a fan of reading books electronically. I prefer turning a real live page.

    Many feel that way. I’m less interested in medium than in content. Good to see you again! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ooo. Dangerous to mention the word ‘Kindle’ anywhere around me, because I turn into a raging fangirl and start dribbling all over my shoes. My kids will all have e-readers by the time they are three. Supposing I have time to have kids… after all I have a lot of reading to get through.

    Fortunately, all those books will likely fit on the Kindle. Here, have a napkin. 🙂

    As for writing fiction, I can only say do eeeet. Who needs sleep when there’s fiction to be written?

    If only! 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement though.

    Sorry to hear about the lost covers. That’s depressing. You’re a pretty lucky guy, though, to have the ability to do the covers as well as the writing. Do you have any examples anywhere?

    My covers generally stink. I need to work on getting them better. As for samples… How’s this? Or this? Is that gonna work? 🙂

    Thanks for asking, Charlotte. You’re a joy.

  4. Good luck on the writing endeavors, hope it goes well. Hang in there with the work, I have faith in you!

    Thank you Delaney, and I hope you’re doing well too. 🙂

  5. Ooh, I love my Kindle. Love it.

    We just weren’t impressed. Maybe because it’s the demo and was over-handled? I dunno. Felt cheap and plastic-y to us.

  6. Sorry to hear the people are being douches about the contract. That’s rough.

    Well, thanks, hon, but it’s more than rough. If they don’t get that contract they can’t publish the book, period. I think the transfer of copyright is in it.

    It seems like everyone has a Kindle of sorts now, or are in the process of looking around to buy one. I can’t see us making the purchase. I am clumsy by nature, and that’s a bit pricey to have in my purse. I’d break it. Thank goodness I opted for an old style Nintendo DS… I drop it on the floor every time I touch it, it’s built like a hockey puck.

    Ha, I think we’re still going to get one but it will be a bit before we jump.

  7. I like the new look!

    Thank you. 🙂

    I’m a bit underwhelmed by Kindle & ereaders in general. I still like my old fashioned books. Maybe some day, but when I can check out books from the library for free, it makes it hard to justify paying for a reader and the book.

    I guess you’re the first I’ve heard with something negative to say, but it sounds like maybe you haven’t taken the plunge? And by the way, don’t dismiss the idea of your library lending eBooks. For free. It’s happening more and more now. 🙂

    Oh, and see what you can find for FREE on Kindle or other places in Kindle format before you decide the cost is prohibitive. Lots of ’em are free! Heck, I’ll even give ya a copy of mine. 😉

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