Carriers of the Genre

I sat down with my wife to watch a movie on Saturday. You know what that means. I need to be enthralled, people. Enthralled, I says.

So it was with some trepidation I streamed a movie called Carriers to my boredom. The only actor whose name I recognized was Chris Pine, and I wouldn’t know his if not for Star Trek from 2009. So I took a chance. I mean, it can’t be any worse than The Book of Eli, right?

Wow, was I ever blown away.

This is, without doubt, the best post-apocalyptic movie I’ve ever seen. And thanks to my friend Bryce, I now know I’ve seen a lot more of them than I thought.

imageThe premise is pretty cliché. The world’s population has been decimated by some strange viral outbreak. A few survivors have banded together to reach a destination and along the way they have to avoid other survivors, who may be out to plunder pillage, or worse, since half of our cast of survivors are female.

There’s a lot of information conveyed in subtle lines along the way. They tell the story without giving the story outright in a talking-heads situation. There’s dialog which provides insight. Clever writing, stellar acting, and some moments of genuine starts and tension make this one a complete package.

Conspicuously absent from my review, of course are any kind of spoilers. I won’t be giving this one away, because I highly recommend you go stream this, tonight. Watch it. It’s a good movie. It lacks gore, it lacks an antagonist, and it presents a great story without beating the reader over the head with an origin story and biography of the characters. We get enough to form an image in our heads of who they are and why they do what they do, but it’s all communicated in dialog exchanges and sounds natural. For the most part. No movie’s perfect, of course.

It had a couple of issues. It’s a little challenging to figure out the timing. How long since the world ended? The reason for their journey is less than thought-provoking, but okay, whatever. And there are questions which I won’t go into wherein I sat, scratching my head, going “Huh? That didn’t happen before, why now?” And finally, duct tape and a sheet of plastic aren’t sufficient, period, full-stop, end of story. They’re not. And where’d you get that plastic sheet anyway?

Other than this, however, this is a really great movie, and worth the time. The techniques employed I thought were unique in many ways, and leave questions which no one can answer since the film didn’t, but I found myself wondering anyway.

It’s been a long time since a movie did that.

This one’s good.


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7 thoughts on “Carriers of the Genre

  1. Watched it couple of times, I didn’t like it but strangely I enjoyed it (and not Chris Pine).

    Interesting. Thank you for coming by, Allyn! Welcome!

  2. I thought that movie was way better than most of the post-apocalyptic junk out there, that’s for sure.

    Boy, no kidding. This one stood head and shoulders over the others as far as I can remember. Notable exception being 12 Monkeys. GREAT movie.

    • Oh! 12 Monkeys was unique. I watched it a long time ago, need to re-watch it sometime.

      Best post-apocalyptic movie EVER. EV.AR.

  3. I watched this awhile back and thought it was pretty good. I like Chris Pine so far in all the movies I’ve seen him in.

    He’s not bad. I’ve only seen him in two things so far, but he’s been good in both. 🙂

  4. Sounds promising! My husband has been watching The Colony, a kind of reality-TV show for the post-apocalyptically-minded. It sounds like the premise is much like that of the movie.

    Interesting! I’m not a reality-TV fan at all. And I’m not a post-apocalyptic fan either, but this one stood out. It’s nicely done. 🙂

  5. Will have to make a mental note.

    I think you’d enjoy it.

    And still, post-apocalyptic: Cyborg. Awesome movie. Lotsa killing, minimal talking.

    I think they HAVE to make JCVD movies minimal talking, don’t they? His accent’s pretty bad.

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