MPG Finally Moving

“MPG” means “Massive Publishing Giant”, btw.

Okay, so after a couple of nasty-grams and the mention of intellectual property and payments, the MPG has decided it’s in their interest to cut me a check for the contract execution portion of their payments to me. That’s half what they owe me.

One of the people working on this from my agency sent the EIC a note asking if he could do anything to expedite the other payment. It’s been, he was reminded, PRINTED and PUBLISHED after all, which means they are NOW in breach of contract. I was supposed to be paid upon full acceptance of the manuscript and edits in the proof stage.

Wow, what a surprise. They don’t want to pay. And now the claim is there are a lot of “bank holidays” over the next week or so which make paying me before the end of the week and maybe late next week for the next payment portion. I find it hard to believe there are several “bank holidays” between now and when they promise to pay me. The banks here in the US don’t function all that differently from UK banks, and they keep similar hours of operation. It’s just another stall tactic.

I’ve been struggling with writing an email to my agent telling him I can’t work on this book now. I have to wait until after July and they won’t want to let it keep that long so he should find someone else. I don’t know, though. I feel bad and don’t want to leave him stuck in a lurch. I love my agent and my agency, as I’ve said many times. And I’ll work with them for another publisher if I get the chance. I’m just not sure I want to work with THIS publisher right now.

The funny part is, working with another publisher won’t solve the issue. ALL of them, the whole INDUSTRY, operates this way. It’s the norm. I’ve heard that from everyone I’ve spoken to about it. I don’t know if delaying MY payments was a special, personal touch just for me, but I do know the slow payment, the stalling, the pressure for the finished manuscript on or before deadline – those are all standard. No big deal, really, it’s just part of the publishing game. They want to screw the authors as much and as long as they can, and are sometimes willing to be in breach of contract to do it.

It does leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, though.

I’ll keep those who care updated.


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3 thoughts on “MPG Finally Moving

  1. At least there is some progress in the right direction and some money should be forthcoming.We take what we can get sometimes.

    Too true. It’s just annoying that I have to take what I can get when I SHOULD be getting all they OWE, you know?

  2. Urg. That’s not right. They shouldn’t be taking advantage of their authors. Anyway, I’m sure your agent will understand about the news you need to tell him. It sounds like the two of you have a good relationship. Life just doesn’t go according to plan sometimes, and it’s nobody’s fault.

    The problem is, I feel I CAN’T tell him know, a month into this thing. 😦 I’m just not sure he’s able to find someone else to do it now. I feel very bad about this.

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