More Beauteous, Glorious Proof

Ah, my friends! The vindication is oh-so-sweet!

Kristine Katheryn  Rusch has laid out some more wisdom for us.

Sayonara, Gatekeepers!

If you’re trying to become a writer and aren’t following her blog, you’re doing it wrong. Full-stop. You’re doing it wrong. This woman has BEEN a writer, and is still a writer, and is also a former small business owner — a publisher, actually. She’s layin’ the smack down on the traditional gatekeeper system and talking to you about why you have to know more than you think, and what we all learned about traditional publishing is wrong. Full-stop again.

But don’t take my word for it. Not when hers are OH so much better.

As usual, she’s a little long-winded, but worth it.

If I could, I put that old horse out of its misery with extreme prejudice. We don’t need gatekeepers any longer. No. Longer.

Have a great weekend.



6 thoughts on “More Beauteous, Glorious Proof

  1. Cool post. Even better picture. 🙂

    Thanks, V. R. 🙂 Glad you liked both. I love — and I mean LOVE — seeing the gatekeeper system collapse under its own arrogance.

  2. I do not know of this woman KKR, however I believe in you, so whatever she did that you don’t like, phooey on her!

    No no! I mean, yes, thank you so much for your support, but NO, she’s not doing anything wrong. She’s like me, kinda. She’s sort of anti-gatekeepers.

    Am having a very mixed reaction to the casket photo. At first glance it creeped me out. Then I thought: Heeeeeey, that looks real comfy! I’d like to snuggle up in there and have a nap. Then we were back to creepy again…

    Say, you know what? It DOES look comfy in there! I’d like a nap in there myself. 🙂

  3. I just read that last night and was going to post my glee about it. She’s not the only one who thinks the system’s broken. The agents at my writers conference also agreed they system was broken, and they’ve been in the business at least 18 years.

    Really? That’s not what I’m getting out of your posts. They seem to be saying things are in fact changing, but it’s okay, agents are still good guys “protecting” and “helping” writers! KKR says otherwise. I believe her more, honestly. But that’s me, sweetie. I’m a jaded old guy. 😉

  4. Oh Liked her post. I guess you sound so angry about this issue, I have a hard time with that. And on other people’s blogs I have felt even insulted for my choices. She on the other sounds like she’s talking to me instead of yelling at me. I prefer that. What can I say?

    Au contraire, I’m not angry at all. I’m gleefully jubilant to watch this train wreck as it derails. It’s fun to see this long-established, over-ballyhooed, ridiculously capricious and self-aggrandized monolith collapse beneath the weight of its arrogance and lies.

    But I’m still going my own way. I don’t know what that will be in a year. Or five years. Or what. I’ve not said I would never self-publish. It just isn’t for me at this time. And yes, you’ve got many valid reasons why the traditional route is not a wonderful option. But that doesn’t mean I think self-publishing is the best option. It is for you. It is for several other friends of mine.

    What I don’t always understand, is why it is so important to certain self-published authors to convince other people to see the world their way. Why care what other writers choose to do with their work?

    Because those self-published authors are trying to help writers get their fair share of the money, readers and shelf space they deserve. The gatekeepers aren’t doing it. So they’re doing it for themselves. What I don’t get is, why wouldn’t you care about seeing someone else get where they want to go? show them the way if you see one? Why is it wrong to show writers a better way?

    It feels like there are battle lines being drawn between writers, and that bothers me. I don’t see the purpose in it.

    Just as I don’t see the purpose in resisting what is the new normal, the new way things are.

    But I did like reading her article. But I may stop reading some self-pub vs traditional pub articles for a while. My nerves need the break. (Hence the post.)

    Well, good luck. I’ll miss seeing you around, but I intend to do plenty of those posts as the future unfolds.

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