Silver Lining

imageThe silver lining I found in my cloud of “BOY do I hate this part of my job” has tarnished a little.

It’s not always fun being the grown up and trying to act mature. I mean, I’m part of a management team now, and I have to act like it. I’m surrounded, however, by people with the mentality of grade school children. And sometimes they’re unbelievably petty.

But the fact is, right now I’m one person trying to do the work of TWO people and I’m not doing a stellar job of it. I have to find a way to execute and manage time better, and above all else, I can’t let the cracks show to the team.

The hope was that next week I’d be able to dump one aspect of the job I’m doing onto the person who was supposed to start doing it on MAY 1. HELLO?! It’s May 20!

But no. Due to things like the new guy taking a vacation all next week, and the one who backs him up being the person who should be doing the work I’M doing now on May 1, it means I get to continue doing this fun, lovely thing for another week. At least. Then, that person who should have started doing this crap on May 1 is going on vacation for some stupid sh!t and I’ll be stuck holding this sack of $hit until June 6. JUNE.SIXTH. Yo.

Okay, I don’t mind pitching in. I don’t mind that the structure and customers and all that changed and I got STUCK, literally DUMPED ON, with this responsibility. I wasn’t hired for this, I wasn’t supposed to do much with it but support it technically. Now it’s my steaming pile of monkey crap. MINE. And it will be until at least June 6 – and only if nothing else comes up will I be able to slide this off.

The frustration my boss and I feel with this is, she hasn’t made any motions at all, of any kind, to start doing her new work. She was happy enough to take the money and the promotion but now doesn’t want to the do the work. So for me it’s more of the same.

That’s okay. I keep saying that. They own me from the time I get up until I leave the building (which, last night, was around 6:25PM). I signed on to do whatever they ask me, and I’m going to do it without complaint, dammit. But…man, it ain’t easy.

But the weekend’s coming and I can relax. Oh, wait – no I can’t. I have to get that non-fiction project going and going good.



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4 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. It seems there are lazy and petty people in every office, like total junior-highers. How can there be so many adults walking around with that level of immaturity? How do they even function?

    I don’t know. I mean, most of these people have families of their own, and are the parents. How can you be so immature and still raise a child? Isn’t that a recipe for disaster in the future? Boggles the mind.

  2. The one person that acts like an adult and tries to get all the work done on time is usually the person that gets dumped on. I feel your pain.

    It makes sense, in a sick sort of way. I mean, who else do you go to? I “lucked” into this responsibility, though; because I do the support for the system, ti became mine when there wasn’t anyone else to do it.

  3. I’ve learned from experience that people who work hard don’t necessarily get rewarded. Unless you count more responsibility as a reward. The more you do the more people dump on you. The less you do or the more slowly and stupidly you work, the less responsibility people will trust you with. Ergo, incompetence is rewarded in the average workplace. It sucks.

    Truly, it does. And this person’s not “incompetent” really, she’s just bilking the excuses. My boss and I laughed yesterday about how she’s literally running out of excuses one by one as she presents them and he can find solutions to the “problems” she’s offering up as reasons for not doing her work. Eventually (June 6th), she will be doing this full time, period.

  4. I feel for you. I hate it when people dump crap on you. I’ve learned, the more I act like I don’t know how to do something, the less people ask of me and I can give what I want…more some days, less others. It keeps me sane.

    Nice. 🙂 It’s good to have a system, y’know?

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