Late to the Game

Sorry to be late with the post today, but I’ve been… um… busy. Yeah, busy. That’s it.

I’m actually taking time I shouldn’t take to do this. I have a few weeks to get my non-fic done on deadline and it doesn’t look good. Not to me, anyway. But my beloved says she’s got a good feeling about it, so I trust her. All I can do is knuckle down and get hoppin’. And I’m trying to do that. So, you may not see me much here for a bit. I really can’t blog at work (this is a no-no and I have a ton of stuff to do), and I have so much work at home to do I don’t know if there’s time. Still, I miss y’all when I’m gone so I thought I’d toss one out just to say “hey.”

Loads of stuff to do, so I’ll have to run now. But maybe I’ll see you on Wednesday, y’all.

Hope you had a good weekend. I saw a surprisingly entertaining movie and want to give a review, but… eh. Who cares?

God bless, see you soon, wish you were here (instead of me). J/K. I love my job. Really.



3 thoughts on “Late to the Game

  1. Ok, I know you’re busy, but what was the entertaining movie?

    OH! Right! I forgot about the movie! Well, maybe next post. You’ve got to see what I have for you tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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