Ghost of a Chance

This last weekend, I sat through a really good movie. I always balk at saying “great movie” because I don’t know if I’d know a great movie if I saw it. I mean, what makes it “great” instead of good? This one, however, was entertaining. The acting was stellar, the writing subtle and well done, the tone and atmosphere a great match, the mood perfect. It was…well, great I guess.

And it was sort of a story which strikes near and dear to my heart because it’s a good old-fashioned ghost story.

The movie’s called The Disappeared, starring Harry Treadaway, Greg Wise, Alex Jennings and Tom Felton. It was directed by Johnny Kevorkian (who I assume is of no relation to the late doctor, but wouldn’t that be sort of weird?).

You can’t bury the past, the catch line says.

The movie opens with a young man being released from a psychiatric hospital. We learn over time he’s a troubled teen with a guilty conscience who hears voices from his past. His brother’s voice, actually. Eight year old Tom went missing one night while Matthew (Treadaway) partied on his birthday. The little boy went to pass time at a playground and when an inebriated Matthew went to pick him up, Tom was gone, and hasn’t been seen since.

When Matthew takes a trip down memory lane, going through old newspaper clippings and video recordings of newscasts about Tom’s disappearance, he hears his Tom’s voice calling to him. He tries to tell his father, but his dad only believes Matthew’s had a relapse. Matt overhears his father on the phone to the psychiatrist.

There are a few people reaching out to Matthew offering him a hand to get through this trying period. Some of his friends have welcomed him home too. But it’s not really until he meets Amy, the girl next door, that Matthew feels he’s found someone who’s different, who believes him. He finds her a kindred spirit of sorts, because Amy’s in trouble too. Matt hears through the tissue-thin walls as Amy and her father have a fight and Amy’s screams tell Matt she’s being abused.

Amy gives Matt the name of a medium who seems frightened and nervous about something outside her door, but she only tells Matthew perhaps Tom has something to say to him. Ghosts, she explains, are all about the unresolved and getting that business finished. Simon, Matthew’s best friend, tells him his sister is missing, and when Simon tells him the medium he saw has been dead for years and her flat is burned to the ground, Matthew realizes something strange is going on. Something very strange indeed. Or is his dad right – has he cracked again?

The Disappeared is one of the best movies and stories I’ve seen in a long, long time. It’s amazing how much I enjoyed the movie. I recommend it highly, and if you’re on Netflix it’s there for you to enjoy.

I sure did.


Copyright 2011 DarcKnyt, All rights reserved


3 thoughts on “Ghost of a Chance

  1. Oooh!! That sounds very entertaining. I’ll definitely check it out.

    I really liked it. It’s always tough to recommend something because tastes are so subjective. I really enjoyed this one though.

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