Love of my life, it’s your BIRTHDAY! HURRAY!

We’re so glad you’re with us. I love you so much.

The children and I decided it would be extra special if we baked you a cake.



Flaming Cake


Dangerous, all those candles…

There is one little, tiny, hardly-noticeable, irrelevant-in-its-minutiae, consequence.








Better get started…it’s gonna take a while…


Um…love you.


Copyright 2011 DarcKnyt, All rights reserved


9 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LOVE!

  1. Happy Birthday to the Mrs. I hope she gets some help in the kitchen!

    Thanks, Delaney. I’ll hire someone if I have to. 😉

  2. Thank you Love for the awesome cake!

    And it’s not that many candles. *poke*

    And thanks for hiring out for the dishwashing! 😉

    I hired out. I never said I was paying for it. Happy birthday. It’s enough candles to give an arsonist nightmares.

  3. HB HB HB!!!

    Are you sure that stack of dishes came from one little cake? It looks like there should be a ten-course banquet coming out of that kitchen.

    🙂 Thanks, Spark. 🙂

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