Another Winner!

No, not the kind of winner involving things like prize money. Unfortunately.

I mean, I found another winner movie! I really enjoyed it. As a matter of disconcerting fact, I’ve enjoyed several foreign films of late. I never thought I’d be a foreign film sort of person. I’m certainly not a cinematic snob, and the idea of bringing literary fiction to the big screen excites me about as much as watching beige paint dry on aluminum siding.

Ne’ertheless, I’ve found the commitment to making good, non-clichéd movies doesn’t seem to thrive in Hollywood, so going Indy and foreign has filled the bill nicely for me.

This one’s another atmospheric British affair, but stars Callista Flockhart, who still weighs less than my left thigh.

It’s called Fragile, and is yet another classic ghost tale done well.

clip_image002Flockhart is a nurse with a past who gets a call when a children’s hospital, closing down and moving its patients to other healthcare facilities, needs a night shift nurse. The former one seems to have resigned in something of a scandal. A little boy’s legs are badly broken while she’s on duty and the attending pediatrician can’t offer any explanation. The hospital administrator needs someone to fill in until the children are moved and Amy (Flockhart) is available on short notice to ferry to the Isle of Wight.

She quickly identifies with one of the little sick girls, but there’s something strange about her. Maggie, a dark-hair shrinking girl sitting apart from the other children, seems to have an affinity for alphabet blocks. When Amy asks her about them, Maggie tells her the blocks aren’t for playing. They’re for talking. Talking to Charlotte.

Slowly, Amy pieces together that Charlotte is what Maggie calls “a mechanical girl”, but most of the hospital’s remaining staff chalk Charlotte up to being a figment of Maggie’s hyperactive imagination. Amy starts to doubt their conclusions, however, after spending a few nights in the hospital and witnessing things which can’t be explained by an imaginary girl or urban legend.

Fragile seemed to be a nicely executed, if sometimes brutal, ghost story, and I highly recommend it. I got a nice little bit of entertainment from it, but I’m willing to be you’re not as hard to please as I am. Either that, or I’m starting to slip and let movies get in there beyond my inability to suspend disbelief.

Whichever the case, I recommend Fragile, available now on Netflix for your entertainment.


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4 thoughts on “Another Winner!

  1. I have to keep an eye out for this one.

    I liked it. Very atmospheric and not typical “gorror”, as my wife likes to call it.

    BTW have you seen LAKE MUNGO yet?

    No, sure haven’t. I’ll see if it’s on NetFlix.

    Also if you get a chance check out DR. HORRIBLE’S SING ALONG BLOG

    Heh. Interesting name. Thanks, Al, I’ll see what I can see when I finish that STUPID non-fiction project. (It’s not stupid, I’m just tired of it.)

  2. I like foreign or old films, even when I’m not super-keen on the content, because I love being transported to another place or time for the duration of the movie. I found out that YouTube has a whole bunch of feature films available for free, in their entirety, although most of them are around 50 years old. It’s the perfect thing to pass the time while I’m stuck inside on the couch.

    I wish movies could transport me. I’d enjoy them more, I’m sure. I guess that’s part of why I love animated movies so much — I go with disbelief suspended just because it’s animated. I wish my brain would do that for all films.

    I am definitely not a gorror fan, but I’m happy for you that you enjoyed Fragile.

    It wasn’t gorror at all. Nicely done. 🙂

  3. I’ll make note of it… but I don’t know if we’ll get to it. We really steer away from the “scary” movie category, just not our cup of tea anymore. We recently saw Red Riding Hood and Unknown, both quite good.

    I’ve got my eye out for those two! I’ll grab ’em soon as they come to Netflix! 🙂

    • Both are excellent in the point that we couldn’t figure them out. The entire time you keep guessing, and you think you may have it worked out, but then something happens, and you second guess yourself again. They’re excellent, and Red Riding Hood is such an great, dark, romantic take on the traditional story. There are very few movies I’ll watch twice, but those two, I would.

      I’m looking forward to them now. 🙂

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