Three Movies I Liked

Because I’ve had more free time to watch movies, I’ve been able to find a few more really good ones which I thought entertaining, and maybe you will too. Over the last few days since I finished the non-fic project, I’ve seen three which are stand-outs in my mind.

Of course, none of them were Hollywood-made, as is my wont lately. I’ve come to realize as long as they’re going to produce overly-formulaic and predictable movies, Hollywood has no appeal to me or my ilk.

So, movie number one.

It’s a Thai movie, subtitled, but that didn’t detract too much from the film. I mean, other than the obvious having to read the movie dialog as it’s put on the screen, that is. While that’s a major deterrent to some, I didn’t find it as annoying as it is most other films.

It’s called Dorm, and while I could list the actors in it, I don’t think I have any regular, returning readers from Thailand who’d know them so why bother?

The movie is set in an all-boys boarding school. The building seems nice from the outside, but inside it’s worse than a barracks. More like a disaster shelter thrown together in a gymnasium.

Ton (his name’s Chatree, so Ton is a nickname) is a seventh grader looking forward to going back to school for the term. But his father has other plans, and Ton is sent to a boarding school where the educational standards are higher. So the father says. Ton doesn’t appreciate the move, however, and he’s more than a little angry about it.

His new school is daunting. He’s bothered by his classmates and told frightening stories after lights-out. But it’s really not until he’s spooked in the middle of the night by a gathering of stray dogs outside the window of the bathroom (which results in him wetting the bed, another source of torment for the bullies) that he realizes something’s going on. Something out of the normal. Paranormal, in fact.

Ton can’t seem to make any friends until the strange kid Vichien approaches him. They start hanging out together, but… something’s not quite right. Vichien has a secret, and when Ton figures it out, things get really weird.

Dorm is a great little movie. I can’t tell you if the acting was any good or not, but I can tell you it’s a nice little ghost story, something I’ve not seen a lot of lately. It’s worth the viewing and it’s on Netflix right now. Check it out.


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6 thoughts on “Three Movies I Liked

  1. The recent batch of Thai action films to find their way into the North American mainstream are pretty wicked. Films like Ong-Bak. Crazy stunts and awesome butt-kicking fight scenes a-plenty.
    As for Thai horror, yeah. I heard of that. They eat bugs there. That alone is scary enough for me. No need for paranormal beings to scare me. Dude, they put red ants on their salad, for flavour.

    UGH. That’s…pretty horrifying, I’d agree. I’ll have to check out Ong-Bak now, heh!

  2. I can see why you like this movie just by your description. I’m reading A Fine Cast of Characters and am enjoying the way these vignettes entice me so that I have to finish a story at one sitting. Very disconcerting at night though! I might check out Dorm . . . during the day!

    LOL! I’m glad you’re enjoying the book, Berna. I’m very grateful for your support. Do see “Dorm” — very good. 🙂

  3. I also like foreign films. I prefer subtitles to voiceovers because I find I can pick up a few words here in there in the original language if it’s one I’m a little familiar with. As long as the subtitles are well-done and not too squint-inducing, that is.

    These seemed pretty good to me. Really, the only thing I could pick up from the original language were the names. By the end of the movie, I was able to pick out the name pronunciations. Pretty neat. 🙂

  4. And hey…what’s with the comments being closed on your Learning Curve post?! Oh, what, you can rant and rave and we can’t rant back?!

    Ok. That’s fine. I’ll do it here.

    1. You’re not rich and obnoxious, flaunting your wealth before the thronging unwashed masses? Just goes to show you can’t trust anybody on the internet.

    If I get rich and (more) obnoxious, you’ll be the first to whom I flaunt. 😉

    2. I hope you don’t give up fiction writing. I have your stories and I have no reason to tell you that they’re good other than the fact that they are. I hope you keep up with it. I understand needing a break from time to time, or an extended vacation, but I hope you won’t give it up entirely if you find it enjoyable.

    Thank you. I just don’t feel I’m any good right now. It’s hard to explain.

    So there. 😛

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