Three Movies I Liked Part 2

Okay, so last Friday I mentioned I found three movies I liked. I’ve told you about one of them. Now I’ll mention another one, a really good one. It’s called The Broken.

The Broken isn’t a new movie. By that, I don’t mean that it’s not recent (2008). But I do mean it’s not a new idea, at all. (How many of them are?) In reality, you’ve probably already seen this movie in some form or other, but this one is a strange combination of a lot of movies. I like all of them, and the writing and action were well done in this version.

The Broken is essentially what would happen if Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Prince of Darkness and the movie Mirrors (which I’ve told you about in another post) all got together for a huge, writhing, lubricant-slathered orgy and had a baby.

A happy, well-to-do family living in Britain has a surprise party to celebrate their father’s birthday at his home. We learn – through dialog, the proper way to do this – that the father and his deceased wife are Americans, and the dad functions as embassy something-or-other helping US visitors in England with everything from lost passports to kidnapping. While the conversation goes on, a huge mirror behind the table falls from the wall, startling everyone into stunned silence for a moment.

The next day, the daughter goes to the hospital, where she’s a radiologist, and is examining X-rays of a patient. The pictures are unusual because the organs are positioned in a mirror image to most people. She notes that – and this is the first of a few errors I found – it’s not uncommon but it’s rare. (Wtf?) She probably meant it’s not unheard of, but is rare. Anyway, back to the point. While we see her, we also see a mirror break and a pair of sexy legs in high heels come down from atop the sink. There’s a series of flashes where the radiologist is going to the bathroom, finds the broken mirror, is leaving her office, and back and forth in a confusing (deliberately) montage of shots until she gets back to her office. There, a colleague asks what she’s forgotten. Confused, she tries to get him to explain, but all he can say is he saw her leave the hospital and head home, so did she forget something to come back to the office?

A spilled cup of coffee on the floor, wafting to and fro on the currents of displaced air, is the only clue we have that something’s afoot.

The next day, she’s going to her boyfriend’s place, but she sees some disturbing things. None of them more disturbing than the site of herself driving her Jeep down the road and turning into a garage. She follows on foot, racing to catch up when the mysterious woman vanishes up the stairs. Our protagonist follows her up, and notes the door has been left ajar on the apartment. She sneaks in and someone is rattling about in the kitchen. Glancing down, she sees this person has a picture on a side table in the hall. It’s a photograph of her with her father.

And then the scene cuts. We find our protag in the Jeep, staring at the picture she’s taken from the apartment, and she’s so focused on it, she doesn’t realize she’s on the wrong side of the road (which is the RIGHT side of the road) and has a head-on collision with a taxi.

And after that, things get really interesting.

The Broken is a wonderful movie full of atmospheric tension and creep. Not a lot of gore, but plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments. It’s on Netflix right now and is definitely worth seeing.

Check it out. I recommend it.


Copyright 2011 DarcKnyt, All rights reserved


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