Decisions, Decisions…Again.

Well, we’ve started the process of looking for a new place to live.

It’s not that we want to move. There are a lot of really terrific things about where we live. Easy to get to, easy to get groceries to and from the car, easy to get to shopping, fast food, expressways, gas stations… heck, even an amusement park should that be something you’re interested in (I’m not).

But the new neighbors upstairs, and the ones who vacated that apartment, have sort of got us re-thinking our situation and what we can do about it. I think we want to try and get something with AT LEAST one more bedroom, if we can, and if God is willing, maybe even a yard for the kids to play in.

But moving’s not easy, and it’s not inexpensive. It’s not fun, either, and it took a while for us to get settled here. Moving out will be a challenge. The expense is only part of the game, but while I’m working erratic hours it’s tough for me to be able to help my wife pack and get things organized. We’ve accumulated and hung onto a lot of crap, and that will have to be gone through and the junk tossed out. The traffic situation would be different. From here, it’s easy, and never really horrible unless the power goes out.

But moving is always a gamble, right? I should know, in the time I’ve been living in the Midwest I’ve never lived any place longer than I’ve lived here, in this apartment. I’d love to just stay and let my credit woes heal themselves, but that’s probably not the best idea for the adults or the children in our family. So we’re shopping around, trying to figure out what the heck we should do.

And praying. We’re praying a lot, for guidance, for patience, for help.

We’ll see, I suppose.



7 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions…Again.

  1. Oh sweetie I’m sorry the new neighbors are so awful. Moving is a pain no matter how smoothly it sails. I will keep my fingers crossed that y’all find something even better. Love you!

    Thanks, Dolly, we love you too! Love to the kids too! *hug*

  2. Sorry your new neighbors are so bad that you feel you need to move before you are really ready to. Hope the finances work out soon so you can move and that you find a good place to move to. Moving is a pain though.

    Sure is, Courtney. Thank you for the support, though. We really appreciate that. And we know you know from experience how moving stinks. 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear it is bad enough to have to move, but really, it isn’t worth the headaches that can come, and by the sounds of it, these ones sound special.

    They are. Them, and their little dog, too. *eyeroll*

    However, on a positive note – moving *CAN* be a great experience! It’s a pain in the ass, yes, but it’s something new. It’s a chance to assess the junk you have collected over the years, clean out your lives, and start fresh. Moving on into a better direction.

    I can’t wait for that. My wife, however much she claims she wants organization, is a bit of packrat and won’t part with anything without really needing to. I still have stuff from before my son was born, and the pillow my dog slept on before she died … in 2005. So…yeah, getting rid of stuff would be nice.

    I have to admit, as much as I look forward to the day I never have to move again, I secretly get excited at the thought of moving at the same time, and also, when I hear friends or family are moving. It’s an organizers dream. Labels, colour codes, systems. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to re-situate all of your things and make it even better. I’m getting excited just thinking about it 🙂 lol. I’d pack your home for you!

    And, we would love to have you do that. 🙂 I don’t even want most of my furniture at this point. It’s junk. 😀

    At the age of 25, I have moved eleven times – oh yes, ELEVEN times – in the last eight years, and I am the Queen of moving. When it comes to moving, and sorting, we like to take the “2 Second Toss” approach. When you’re looking through a drawer, or a closet, or whatever to sort to pack, you need to make a quick decision. Have a box to keep, a box to come back to, and a toss pile, and as soon as you place your hand on something, make a quick decision. Don’t sit and waste time trying to figure out if you’ll use it in six months or not, and if you can’t make a quick decision, throw it in the maybe pile, and when you’re done, come back to it, and really ask if it’s worth keeping.

    This may sound like an inconvenience, and I know I was stressed finding out we had to move suddenly a few months ago, but it really was a silver lining. We have a beautiful new apartment. It’s newer, it’s bigger (we could have a second baby later on and stay here), it’s nicer, it’s ground level, I can park outside my door, I’m walking distance to a pharmacy, grocery store, post office, convenience store, liquor store, Chinese restaurant, and post office (before I had NONE of those within a 5 minute walk), it offers more (w/d, and dishwasher), it’s a quieter neighborhood, plus, there’s a playground across the road so next spring my Sugar can play outside (and I don’t have to maintain a lawn). The last place was old, small, and inconvenient. Maybe their moving in is a sign for you guys to find something new, to move to a place that better suits your family. You mentioned another bedroom would be nice, and a bit of a yard, too. Maybe now you can look around for those things.

    It’s price that causes the issues for us; things are terribly expensive in this state, and in this area. 😦

    We stayed in the last place for nine months, and complained about it the entire time. We took it because we needed a place to live, and it was all we could find. It was nothing that we wanted, and we were miserable with it, and it took being forced into a move to realize we should have been looking before. It sucked, and it was rough, but it’s better for all of us.

    Moving can be a very positive and enlightening experience. Perhaps this is your sign for something bright and shiny. I’ll be thinking of you guys 🙂

    Thanks, hon, and we’re thinking of you also. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh – 9 times in 12 years here, and about 2 dozen times throughout my whole lifetime! LOL You get a system down, don’t you? 😀 I had movers once praise my organizing skills during a move, haha. We should swap notes one of these days sweetie! *hugs*

      • Ohhh I’ve never had movers before. That would be amazing! We always just do it ourselves, rent a U-haul, or borrow a truck, and get a couple friends, or family members to come by to help with the heavy lifting.

        As for the number of moves in my lifetime – that’s 18. Our friends make fun of us for moving so often.

        This last move was the best, with the added bonus of the landlords allowing us to have the keys a week early to move all the boxes in so we could take car loads every day, and then move the furniture at the end.

    • Matt finally threw away the first chew toy we had for our dog a couple of weeks ago. It was hard for him to do, but he finally came around.

      My wife’s not asked me to get rid of it yet, and I have her ashes in an urn in our room. I guess I should get over it. She’s been gone a long time — almost seven years — and I don’t need junk. I have several toys I got for my son too. And I’ve only recently started dumping clothes. So it’s an uphill battle. I think it’s actually harder for my wife though.

      Pack ratting is a hard habit to break though! You should see my Mama’s house! She’s a borderline hoarder. We had a house fire when I was 15, and for me, I found it helped me feel less attached to items, but the junk still piles up, and people give you crap and you feel compelled to keep it, because it’s as though you think they’ll know the second you toss it in the garbage or something. So we have been making a very conscious effort the last few years to down-size and not keep items that collect dust, and we have no real use for.

      It’s easier to say than do, for sure. But we’re doing our best.

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