Rip Van Winkle

wallpaper-time-passing-t2I woke up the other day. I yawned, stretched, rubbed my eyes and looked around. I noticed something very strange. Very strange.

Somehow, a great deal of time of had passed. Right out from under me. It passed almost without my noticing, except in the peculiar way you have of knowing time passes even as you slumber. When I arose I’d missed almost all of my life and the world was so, so different.

Now I’m out of place. I’m a dinosaur. I stand on the verge of extinction, with no way back and no way to recover the lost years. I enter the autumnal portion of my life with only the vaguest memories, the vaguest recollection, of so many things, like the dream which dissipates, smoke on a dying summer’s breeze, slipping almost without notice into the thin air of twilight, lost on the zephyr forever. Summer clouds seem to change shape and dance on the breeze but soon are gone, forever, and no one ever even noticed their passing.

My life slipped so effortlessly behind me, a placid, glassy water’s surface which slid so unresistingly past the ship of my life, and so many of my days are behind me now. I spend time looking back and longing but I dare not look too much or the water ahead slips by unseen. The boat is forever moving, gliding swan-quiet away to the dusk.

My children are growing up and I’m growing old. They must increase, and I decrease, until finally into the dust I will slip. It used to seem so distant, that time, when I will cease. But it’s nearer than ever, looming and large and I feel the thrum it makes. Vibrations stir the ground beneath me and I know I am near the end of the journey. Nearer the end than the beginning, and during the times when I stood awake all those years ago I did much to shorten my voyage.

Now my boat grows near the shore and I feel I’ve missed so much. So very much. Like tears in rain they passed unseen, and ran in rivulets to be lost forever.


Copyright 2011 Darcknyt. All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “Rip Van Winkle

  1. Please tell me this is a fiction piece because, sir, you really are not that old yet!

    Nope, all true Spark. I feel even older and I’ve lost 20 years somewhere along the way. With my health issues, I’ll be lucky if I have 20 of ’em left. And so, this is non-fiction and far too real for me to communicate. πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe this sounds pretentious since I’m young and (hopefully) have quite a few years ahead of me, but you didn’t “lose” 20 years. You lived, loved and enjoyed those 20 years. Sure, they passed by faster than you could have anticipated, but when you think about the memories, aren’t they full of happiness? Camping trips, baby kisses, bad haircuts and laughter?

    Indeed it does sound pretentious, Zoogie2, and condescending as well. Of course I lived those 20 years of which I spoke; I existed in a sleep-like — oh, forget it. If I have to explain, it’s not worth the trouble. You’d have to know our history more to understand.,

    On a side note, I hate hourglasses. Have you ever considered that we’re comparing time – one of our less abundant and more precious resources – to sand which is coarse and painful in large amounts? In one of my more emo poems, I wrote about an hourglass filled with tears. Not a fun example, but more accurate since time isn’t discrete units like sand, it’s flimsy and slippery and runs together all at once.

    Hope this introspective period wears off or gets put to good use in your writing!

    I wouldn’t want those sorts of things in writing I’m trying to sell, but thanks.

  3. This is beautiful.

    Time is becoming a scary thing.

    You have much more of it than I do, sweetie. Make the most of it, and being a new mommie will help. πŸ™‚

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