Another Terrific Movie

Ree Dolly is raising two kids, keeping up with laundry, cooking, cleaning and chopping firewood for the coming winter. She’s also going to school and is thinking about joining the army. And she’s only 17.

Ree’s mother is a mental invalid, so the responsibility for her 12 year-old brother and 6 year-old sister have fallen to her. She gets them fed, gets them to school and gets them in bed. She had to give up her horse because she can’t afford to feed it anymore, and the homestead her family lives in is more than enough to keep her busy.

Until one day when the sheriff comes knocking at her door, and says her father has a court date set for the following week and he appears to be a “runner”. Oh, and did the sheriff mention he used the house and property as collateral for his bond payment to get out of jail? If Ree’s father doesn’t show up for his court date the bond company will be the owners of the house and land, and Ree and her family will be evicted.

Ree sets off on a search through the backwoods area she lives in trying to find her father and save her home. But she meets with some very strange opposition along the way, and soon learns that blood isn’t actually thicker than mud no matter what anyone tells you.

imageThe movie is called Winter’s Bone, and it’s fantastic. It stars Jennifer Lawrence (watch for her in the future, she’s amazing!) and the movie gives the impression of simply being a camera crew following a group of what can only be called hillbillies as they go about their treacherous lives.

The acting in this is so authentic, the tension palpable, the bleakness and chill so well-displayed and visually captured, I wanted to call this a horror movie. Not only did I want to, I did. The creep-factor alone was higher than most of the “horror” movies I see anymore, and with such excellent suspense in some places, I actually relaxed when the movie ended. The writing is stellar, the acting brilliant, and the story gripping and compelling. There’s nothing I didn’t like about this movie, and the length was perfect. It had everything it needed and nothing it didn’t.

This is classified on NetFlix as “noir drama”, but you should decide for yourself. I gave it five stars. It was great, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to someone looking for a good Saturday night movie to watch.


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4 thoughts on “Another Terrific Movie

  1. Didn’t she just get picked for the lead in the Hunger Games?

    I don’t know B. You know how crappy I am at following pop culture. She’s an amazing actress, I can say that.

  2. I have been seriously wanting to see this! But it’s not on Netflix in Canada yet! Netflix should just get over *themselves* and make it all the same.

    I’m lovin’ it. Why don’t you check Amazon or to see if they have it? It would be cheap, and I thought it was well worth a couple of bucks. But then, I’d feel bad if you don’t like it.

    • I’d forever be upset with you if I didn’t like it. I’d never forget it, and I would always rub it in your face at inappropriate times.

      Christmas party in ten years… “yeah, well, remember that time you suggested that crap movie? Oh no? I do!” … *storms off in a tizzy*

      AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I can’t wait for that party!

      • Oh, I forgot, I’d also have to throw my drink in your face, I’ve never done that before, and I think that would be the perfect opportunity to try that out 😉

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