Round Two, Readers! Ready?

I had a pretty busy weekend. That sounds crazy, I know, but mostly I was busy with things which involve lots of a$$-sitting.

I managed to get my new WIP updated with several things. For one, all the awesome, awesome feedback I got from the readers who stepped in and said they’d give that feedback proved more helpful than I can express. It was so awesome to have the feedback of readers rather than writers for this particular application. I still have a lot of work to do as a writer, but knowing how readers view my work is a good thing, IMO. I can more properly target how I work my stories so the readers get the fulfillment they want from the story, to leave them satisfied.

My precious and first reader, however, provided the best feedback so far, because she’s intimately involved with the writing process as it unfolds. She’s given me some real pointers which I feel make the story stronger. So, I’ll be ready to have other folks read Chapter Two by the end of the week. Any takers? (I’m hoping the same readers will come ‘round again, so I can get consistent views of the piece.)

I’m working with a new software package too. It’s called Power Writer, and I have to say it’s pretty amazing. While it has the ability to break things down into Acts, Chapters, and then scenes, it’s also able to add the plot point milestones I love so much. Then, all I have to do is write to those milestones. I never get lost in my story, but I don’t need a big detailed outline to plan the life of my projects, either. Win-win! Maybe I’ll give a full review soon, if anyone’s interested. But it’s pricey, so maybe not.

I added another chapter to the WIP; that’s the important thing. So today’s post is all about my call for my readers to again volunteer for another look.

How was your weekend?


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15 thoughts on “Round Two, Readers! Ready?

  1. OH, OH…sign me up please! Joined a gym this weekend and spent time with the kids. Fun times.

    Glad to have you along, Jaymie! A gym, huh? Gosh, that word sounds so familiar. And it always brings a shiver to my gelatinous spine. 😉 But fun’s fun, so I’ll take it. 😀

  2. I missed the first round, but would happy to get involved at this point if you’ll have me. 🙂

    You’re always welcome! I’ll send it over to you along with any other takers. 🙂 Thank you! Would you like to have Ch. 01 too, just for context? Might make it easier to see what’s happening…

  3. You go boy!! Count me in as a reader.

    Thanks, V.R.! I’m happy to have you!

    My weekend was good. Hung out with the fam and yesterday did some cleaning. Always more to do, but it was a good start.

    Cleaning! Boy, it’s been so long since I had to do any I’ve gotten fat and spoiled. Okay, I was already fat, but now I’m spoiled too! My lovely wife does ALL the cleaning and refuses my help most times. She’s too awesome for words. 🙂

  4. Send me chapter two! I’m very curious about what happens next. I’m also very happy you’re writing fiction! =)

    You’re in! …and thank you. What a sweet thing to say. 🙂 But the real question is — are YOU writing fiction? 😉

    • Ah, guilty. Haven’t written much of anything in a week or two. Seems you sapped my creative strength! How dare you. ;P

      Pff. Don’t blame ME, sister. I blame YOU, not the other way ’round. 😉

      In all seriousness? All I did was sit down and start. I had rough ideas for five or six stories. I picked one, and no kidding, started typing. Make it be 500 words — not 500 good words. Don’t even edit. Just type. It works. Tomorrow, make it 1000. It will happen.

  5. Hmm, long weekend coming up… OK, hit me! 🙂

    Really, a long weekend for you in Canada too? It’s our Memorial Day here in the States. 🙂

    I’m happy you’re in! Do you want both chapters, or just the current one?

  6. Sorry I didn’t get time to read your chapter for you. You will find out soon why… when I blog next.

    It’s no problem Bob, I completely understand. All our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  7. LOVING the suspense! I was already a little freaked out by fog since we don’t get that much of it around here, now I’m wondering if my fears will be confirmed. I got so involved following along and imagining the scenery that I forgot I was reading out of my normal genre. Great job reeling me in…is the next installment coming up soon? Please tell me I get to follow along to the end. The way that you have knit western and fantasy together really works. It’s familiar, strange, and unsettling all at once. Keep it coming!

    Wow, what a RAVE review! Thank you, Jaymie! You’re so wonderful…I’m touched you enjoyed it so much. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll keep you on my list for beta reading upcoming chapters. My goal is to be able to get this kind of feedback on most if not all of them. Take care! And thanks again!

  8. I’m probably way too late, but I want to read!!!

    Not at all! I can send you chapter two, no problem — you already had chapter one, right? I just forgot to include you in chapter two’s distribution is all. No worries! You’re never too late for me. 🙂

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