Back on Track

Back to Normal...sorta

Well, I’m back in action! I knew you’d be glad to hear that. *eyeroll*

Seriously, my migraine abated sometime around 7:00PM last night, and left me swimmingly nauseous from all the medicine I had to pound down over the course of the day. My stomach has flu-like symptoms but I dare not miss another day at work. I’ve come back to a load of crap and only some of it hasn’t hit the fan today. I’m working hard to make sure the rest of it doesn’t.

But, despite being queasy and having that I-just-got-rid-of-that-damned-headache feeling, and not getting great sleep because of all the other stuff happening with my body, I did manage to add a few words to my WIP. I don’t increase word count every day, but I have managed to add to it more often than not. Not huge amounts, but a little. So I’m chipping away at Chapter 3, and hope to have it done before the long weekend’s over. Next week will probably bring long days for me at the day job, since I’ll have to cover some ground for a short week and month end aligning like the galactic plane.

But until then I’m going to be burnin’ my keyboard down trying to get this thing moving. I feel like I lost a little momentum with the story, but not much. I have a point — I need to write to that plot point and get things going there and get it all nice and set up. And my nifty new software package called Power Writer (which can totally kick YOUR writing software’s A$$) makes that so easy. I set the points in place where I want them and then write to them. It also allows me to establish a must-accomplish checklist which I can use to measure how I’ve done. The things I have to accomplish with that piece — be it a scene, chapter, act or plot point — I can tick off as they happen and it helps me stay on track. I can also embed notes in the story as I go so I don’t forget the basics. I can add other notes to the chapter or scene I’m working on and never lose details. “What’s that ancillary character’s name again?” “What was the name of that town?” “When did that occur again?” No more. I’ve got ’em all there, in place, available whenever I want them.

Or, they would be there whenever I want them. If I put them in, that is. Heh.

So, I’ll be doing that. Or maybe I’ll hop over to my other WIP, which is in a different software package (hey, I like software, okay? What’s it to you?). I haven’t been working on that one near as much. It’s difficult because that one has a couple of different PsOV from which the story is viewed. For one, I start out in third person. Then I move to first person from one character, but will shift to first person of a different character later in the narrative. Why? Because I’m self-epublishing, and I can if I want. Besides, it works best for the story.

Still, I want feedback from my AWESOME readers before I get too far down the road with that. And seriously, you guys are CHUGGING awesome sauce then reading my stuff and giving me some of that awesomeness back. Incredible feedback from brilliant people. Now I expect nothing less. You readers have set a high bar. Hope you’re up to maintaining it.

And nothing, whatsoever, would be happening if my first- and most awesome faithful reader hadn’t been ready and quick with comfort food, medicines and patience and love. I would not have come so far as I have without you, babe. Thank you.

So that’s on tap for me this weekend. Maybe I’ll treat her to something nice, like dinner and doing the dishes so she doesn’t have to. What are you guys doing? Any special weekend (long!) plans?


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3 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. We’re going to Ouray, Colorado for the weekend. End of summer camping. I’m planning to take chapter 2 on the road unless I can hide out long enough to read while hubby thinks I’m packing for the weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad your headache is gone!

    Sounds like a good time, Jaymie. No pressure on the reading; whenever you have a chance is just fine. Don’t let my foolishness interfere with your family time. Have a blast and God bless!

  2. I’m pretty much spending the entire weekend with Carmine. So… Migraine eh?

    Well… as close to one as I’m willing to get, yeah. Missed threshold by *that* much.

  3. I’m sorry that you were feeling bad, but glad that you’re past it now. This has been a very stormy summer. I have a friend at work who gets migraines, so she’s kept me alert to the dangers of changing pressure etc.

    It’s a bear, especially around here where the weather changes so often and so quickly. It’s nice to know someone besides me has sinus-related migraines, though; even people with traditional migraines don’t seem to “get” me when I can’t fight them with caffeine.

    I didn’t have specific weekend plans, which is good because I went and got myself a dose of heat exhaustion down by the lake today. Ended up taking a $60 cab ride home to ensure that I didn’t pass out on public transit. :-p Oh well. So I’ll probably be taking it easy the rest of the weekend… which means that I’ll definitely find time to read that chapter of yours! I’m looking forward to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll be looking forward to your feedback. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’re back on the horse again soon.

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